4 Reasons Why Alexa is Flashing Yellow

Being new to using Alexa is just like getting to know someone for the first time. In this case, you would have to know a little more about some of its basic features and functionalities. These basics help you find your way around your Alexa device until you have full control when operating it. 

Wondering why Alexa is flashing yellow? Well, it only does that when you receive a notification from your inbox. The yellow light is a signal for you to check for any incoming messages. Most messages that are received by your Alexa device are mostly from contacts you have connected to Alexa. 

 Reasons Why Alexa is Flashing Yellow

Why is My Alexa Blinking Yellow?

Several messages have been sent to you via your Alexa-enabled device. This is to send information to you since it can’t easily communicate as a human. 

As a result, every change in light is intended to convey specific information. Color changes are evident in a circular motion at the top part of your Alexa device. 

Anytime you see Alexa flashing yellow after waking her, it’s just notifying you of a pending message to be read. In fact, there are many colors Alexa changes into. 

How to Resolve Alexa’s Flashing Yellow Light 
To get your Alexa-enabled device to stop flashing yellow light, just command Alexa to read out your message or notifications. The good thing about the Alexa app is that you can reply to messages you receive through it with no disruptions.

Full Guidelines on How to Disable Alexa Flashing Yellow 
1. Click and open the Alexa app on your smartphone. 
2. Tap on a three-line icon seen at the top-left corner. 
3. Choose Settings
4. Select Device Settings
5. Pick your device and tap Communications
6. Click on the toggle next to Communications so it turns gray. 
7. Tap the toggle.

Basic Color Flashes on Alexa

Below are some common light changes that flash on your Alexa-enabled device as well as what they communicate to every user. 

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Blue Light

You see a deep blue light anytime you awaken Alexa. But when Alexa is processing or responding to a command or request, it changes to a blend of deep blue with cyan lights. 

Purple Light

A purple light is seen when you have any technical connection issues, like difficulties connecting your device with a Wi-Fi network. For a “Do Not Disturb” command, you are likely to see purple with blue lights.

Orange Light

This color is seen spinning when your device is finally connecting to your Wi-Fi network. 

Red Light

When you see a deep red light flashing on your Alexa device, it is to tell you that its microphone is currently off. 

See detailed article on why your Alexa is flashing Red light.

Green Light

As soon as you see Alexa turn to a color like green, then you should know there’s an incoming call. The green light that’s flashing immediately begins to spin once you answer the call. It finally goes off as soon as you end your call by commanding Alexa to “Hang Up.”  

How to Resolve Alexa’s Flashing Green

There are three ways to stop Alexa from flashing green. You must answer the incoming call by commanding Alexa “Answer Call.” 

The other option is to command Alexa with the phrase “Decline call.” Finally, you can overlook incoming call until it drops. 


Is Alexa recording during an accidental wake?

It is very normal for a tech device to mistakenly boot up without being commanded. This can happen due to sounds and signals that are sent to it. These signals might be similar to the wake-up or auto-boot phrase.

Alexa waking up accidentally could be due to similar factors explained above. In this case, your Alexa-enabled device picks some words and phrases and forwards them as a wake-up for “Alexa.” Though it was an error, Alexa is awake anyway and processing the information it’s receiving. 

Due to unexpected happenings, which can infringe on privacy, manufacturers are doing more to improve the word detection technology for waking Alexa. In order to be sure Alexa is not recording any audio discussions, you can do the following. 

  • Navigate to the Alexa App’s settings. 
  • Select “Alexa Privacy” 
  • Click on “Review Voice History” on the Alexa App. 
  • Scroll through the data Alexa has saved and view or delete what you don’t need to be saved on it. 

How can I manage my voice recordings?

Another way to see what Alexa records is to simply ask “Alexa, tell me what you heard.” At this command, Alexa will immediately read back all your recordings from the last minute. 
You can delete recordings individually on your Alexa app since they show up in dates and time ranges. Or better still, delete an entire set of recordings automatically saved on your Amazon cloud.

There’s a feature you can activate in your settings that allows recordings to be permanently deleted after a certain period of time. You can also allow recordings to be unsaved, in order to prevent you from wondering what Alexa is storing up. 

If you aren’t ready to go through a large number of recordings or you just need your current recording deleted, you can simply command Alexa to delete what you said now or everything you said or did today. Since Alexa responds to your voice via its voice recognition feature, it will immediately take action. 

When is Alexa Recording? 

When Alexa is recording information, a light indicator will either show on its device or a sound will be made from it. 
To control your privacy, you can switch off the microphone on your Alexa device by pressing the microphone buttons to mute. When red light shows after pressing the button, it means your device is muted, Alexa is no longer recording, and it can no longer send information to Amazon’s safe cloud. 

Muting the microphone also comes with some limitations. Your Alexa can no longer respond to your commands, which includes not responding to your wake-up command. 

So as long as you do not need the services of Alexa, it can be muted or made inactive, and vice versa. However, if your Alexa-enabled device also has a camera, you would have to switch off not only the microphone but also the camera. This ensures that both audio and visuals are turned off. 

Some Alexa devices also include an integrated shutter. All you have to do to stop the camera from working is to simply close the shutter of your device’s camera. 

What is Alexa Home Monitoring?

Alexa has an upgraded feature called “Alexa Home Monitoring.” It is a feature that lets you use your Alexa-enabled devices, which have cameras, as security cameras. So Alexa isn’t just limited to hearing and responding; she can also take visual coverage. 

Once this feature is activated, you can open the Alexa app on your phone or computer to start viewing live videos from your Alexa device. Fortunately, you can watch on multiple Alexa devices. You only have to make sure these devices are connected to your personal Amazon account.

How to Use Home Monitoring With Alexa

Begin by clicking the Alexa app on your phone and moving to “Devices.” Next, scroll through the devices available and select “Camera.” Now choose your Alexa-enabled device, and you will be redirected to the live feed from your Alexa device. 

In order to hear every sound from your live feed, just tap on the sound, speaker, or mic icon. To regulate the level of sounds you are receiving, just reduce or increase the volume in the corresponding section. Interestingly, aside from hearing what’s happening around your Alexa device, you can actually have a dialogue with anyone present or around your Alexa device. 

If you want to end any live feed, simply close your Alexa app or click on the back arrow button to exit. 

Disadvantages of Alexa Home Monitoring

Aside from Alexa’s fun security feature, there are some limitations that you may have to consider. This way, you get to decide whether to use Alexa solely as your personal security camera or opt for a professional high-definition security camera. 

For starters, Alexa Home Monitoring is programmed to send feeds and not receive instructions. This one-way method can be quite frustrating during emergency situations when there’s no one present at the live location.

There is also no alert when this feature is set to function. Except for a notification that pops up on your Alexa-enabled device. So anyone around while using this feature would immediately be alerted that they were being watched.

How Else Can You Use Alexa As A Security Camera?

Alexa is very versatile in working with external security cameras. All feeds can be seen once your Alexa app is opened. Doorbells with active cameras can also be linked to Alexa. 

This setup is very simple to use because it functions similarly to the built-in Alexa Home Monitoring feature. The only difference this time is that the camera’s name will appear in the list of visible devices. 

What security camera works with Alexa?

There is a wide range of security cameras that actively sync with Alexa. Some popularly used ones include the Ring Spotlight Cam, Nest Cam IQ Indoor, Wyze Cam v3, Logitech Circle 2, Netgear Arlo, and Blink Mini. There are other brands and versions available at online tech stores. 


A yellow light flashing is Alexa’s way of informing you of notifications or messages sent to it via contacts linked to it. As usual, it will go off once the message has been read. So you either command Alexa to read out the message or read it yourself. Alexa would always respond to its wake command, as it’s been programmed.

So if you don’t need it to wake up or listen, just mute it or turn it off. This way, you are certain of no accidental personal recordings. Alexa changes colors to send clear messages to its users.


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