Why is Alexa Red?. What It Means and How to Fix It

Just like every device uses signals to send a message to its user, light flashes can also be part of these signals. In fact, most of these signals or indicators help you understand what’s going on with your Alexa device at every given time. 

The thought, “Why is Alexa red?” is simply because its microphone is disabled. This muffles all types of sounds. Hence, it is impossible for your Alexa device to receive sounds and process voice commands. 

Another reason your Alexa is red may be due to the camera of a specific Alexa device being inactive. An example of these devices is an Echo Show, which operates in both audio and video. Fortunately, resolving your Alexa device’s red light flashing is much simpler. 

why is alexa red

Why Does My Alexa Flash a Red Light?

 Since flashing red means your device’s microphone or camera is off, it automatically makes your Alexa inactive. Why? Because Alexa operates mostly on sound commands. 

So as long as it can’t recognize your voice, it can’t hear your commands to fulfill your requests. This includes waking Alexa up. 

Some reasons why you may prefer to disable Alexa’s microphone or camera are to prevent certain private information from being recorded. Aside from that, there are accidental happenings too.

Steps to Fix Your Alexa Red Flashes

This procedure is likely to work for all Alexa-enabled devices. 

Step 1: Search for the button with a camera or microphone indicated on it. Depending on the section you prefer to be active, gently push that button once again. 
Both buttons are very easy to find. 

The microphone button is mostly found on the upper side of most Alexa-enabled devices. While the camera or shutter button is mostly in front or at the side of your device. To know if Alexa is active once again, simply give a “wake up” command. 


Step 2: If it’s still adamant after the first step, then it is likely to be another issue. Your button may be frozen, so you can disconnect it and reconnect after some seconds. It is likely to resolve after reconnecting your device and checking if your microphone for the Alexa device is working. 


Step 3: Another option is to check to see if your Wi-Fi is connected to the same network as your Alexa device. If both are on the same network, then disconnect and reconnect to Wi-Fi again. You can either restart or reset your network router to see if that solves the issue. 

Restart Your Wi-Fi Router

In most cases, your Alexa device has absolutely nothing to do with the issue at hand. It’s a higher likelihood of an internet connection issue. You can verify if your wireless connection is still active by checking the main device, which gives Alexa its wireless connection.

It can be a smart mobile phone, laptop, or even a computer with a modem or Mi-Fi. If you happen to realize that your internet is slow, down, or unstable, you can simply restart both devices all over. Also, verify that no one else is connected to your Wi-Fi network before you restart. 


a. Disconnect the power cables for all devices connected for approximately half a minute. 
b. Connect them all back to the power source. 
c. Turn the power source on and allow both the modem and router to load for a few minutes. 
d. Afterwards, check if everything is back to normal by activating Alexa with the wake-up phrase “Alexa Wake Up” or “Wake Up Alexa.” 

Factory Reset Your Device

This procedure will change the current settings on your Alexa-enabled device. This method is also mostly your final option to fix the current malfunction on your device. However, you will still have all your account details and some basic settings intact. Just make sure to save other settings you would want to use again. So afterward, you can easily recreate them. 


a.    Unlock your smartphone and click on your Alexa app (Home Screen).
b.    Search for Devices and select “Echo & Alexa”
c. Now scroll through and choose “Echo device with the red ring problem” from the list. 
d. Open the device settings and select “Factory Reset (Echo Show)” or “(all other Echos)” out of the list that appears. 
e. Carefully go through warnings first before pressing “ok” or “yes” for an entire factory’s research. 
f. Set up your Alexa device and link it to your preferred Wi-Fi network again. 

Contact Amazon Alexa Support

After doing your best to get your Alexa device working, you must also consider technical help from a qualified Amazon team. In this manner, your Alexa device can still be handled and revived in accordance with best practices. 

You can easily get access to the Alexa Support Team via your Alexa app. Just go to the More option and select “Help & Feedback.” There’s an option labeled “Speak with a Representative.” This allows you to have a one-on-one chat with any technician online.

Update Your Alexa-Enabled Device

Not all bugs can be controlled in the new Alexa-enabled device software. This has the possibility of occasionally triggering an uncontrolled flash of lights. 

So an update of the software will correct these technical issues. The process below includes:
1. Select Devices in your Alexa app. 
2. Click on Echo & Alexa and choose your device. 
3. Choose the Settings button and click About. 
4. Any software update will be available for installation here. 


Luckily, if the microphone of your Alexa device works, you can simply ask Alexa to update itself via command. Also, if a system update is available, Alexa will notify you and ask for your permission to update (this can only be done if your Alexa device is flashing red because of the camera instead of your microphone). At least, with that, it can audibly hear you and fulfill your requests). 

Step 4 
Occasionally, your Alexa device might malfunction due to poor handling. An illustration could be an accidental fall, a crack, or a cord connection issue. However, it could end up affecting not only the microphone but also other functionalities of your Alexa device.

Thus, if the issue at hand is more of an internal issue. Your only available option would be to have it checked to fix the problem. It becomes extremely profitable if you purchase the Alexa device with an active warranty.

What About a Red Light on an Echo Show?

An Echo Show signal with a red light indicates your microphone is muted. Once this happens, it automatically turns off its camera functionality. 
For quite sudden issues with your Echo Show, the procedures listed above should work out. However, check your device handbook for a suitable way around it. Thus, if your Echo Show has its power and microphone working via the same button.

What Do the Lights on Your Alexa Device Mean?

The lights on your Alexa- enabled device are how your device notifies you of its current status.

Why is Alexa Yellow?

A yellow light blinking simply means Alexa has a notification for you. It could also be Alexa signaling you about a notice you might have missed.

To move on, you can ask Alexa to read or play notifications depending on the kind of information they contain. Another option is using your Alexa app to read out the messages you receive.

See the detailed article here on why your Alexa is flashing yellow.

Why is Alexa Cyan Flashing Blue?

Cyan limelight on a blue ring is just to show you that Alexa is laboriously listening. It also means Alexa is processing your current commands.

Thirdly, it’ll mean your Alexa-enabled device is streamlining its software. As long as it’s completely connected to a wireless connection, it means that apart from responding to your commands, it automatically updates itself too.

Why is Alexa Orange?

This happens only when your Alexa is paired with a preferred wireless network. and also when your device is in its setup state.

Why is Alexa Green?

Any time a call comes through your Alexa device, the topmost portion begins to show a green light. Even so, the green light that is flashing changes and begins to spin as soon as you answer the call and begin to communicate with the drop-in.

Why is Alexa Purple?

Alexa is purple to alert you of issues with your Internet connection. It also flashes when you activate the “Do Not Disturb” function. 

Why is Alexa White?

The white lights you see on your Alexa-enabled device show you the level of its volume. In the case where the white light is spinning, then your Alexa Guard must be on. 

This means your Alexa is in “Away Mode.” To correct this, just go to your Alexa app and change your settings back to Home mode. 


To make controlling Alexa devices very easy, you can just ask Alexa what each light flash means. This is if it doesn’t show a red light, which may indicate it’s not listening and therefore can’t respond to your commands. 

Getting support from a qualified professional at Amazon Support saves you extra time and damage. Since they have authorized access to certain diagnostics that we as users do not have.


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