RS 232 Vs VGA – A Detailed Comparison

There are a lot of connection cables on the market. Each has a use, and while some may have similar uses, they might have an advantage over others. Sometimes, we even get confused between some of the cables. One example is the RS 232 and VGA cable. 

RS 232 vs VGA. VGA is a graphics interface that outputs video using RGB analog signals. Technically, it is known as a DE15 connection. A serial port is an informal term for the RS232 connection. This connector is primarily used to connect various devices to the computer, such as mouse, printers, etc. It can only carry data; it cannot transmit visual signals.

Keep reading to know more about the distinction between RS 232 and VGA.

RS 232 Vs VGA

What Is a VGA Cable?

Video graphics array, or VGA, is a term that is frequently used to refer to computers and video processors. It is a typical input cord, especially for projector connections or connecting a computer monitor to a system unit.

Video and sync signals are sent using a 15-pin VGA connection. Pins one through three of this array represent the red, blue, and green component video signals, respectively. Pins four and five are not utilized, whereas pins six through eight correspond to the RGB ground. The horizontal and vertical sync information is related to pins 13 and 14. In this instance, several of the pins aren’t needed.

The VGA transmits video from an external device, such as a computer, to the projector. By connecting them, you may transmit a signal from your computer to your projector and display it on the screen.

What Is RS 232?

The RS232 port is one of the several ports you’ll see on your projector. Asynchronous serial communication between a device, such as a television, computer, or projector, and peripheral devices is made possible by the RS232 communication standard. You can utilize it to operate your projector. Using an RS232 connection, you may connect your projector to a computer and use the computer to operate it. You may transmit other control signals and remotely turn the projector on and off. It utilizes a cable with connectors on both sides.

The connector has a DB9 female connector on one side, a USB connector, a six-pin Mini Din male connector, or another type of connector on the other. To determine which one you require, look at the requirements of the two connected devices.

What Is The Difference Between RS 232 And VGA

Sends projector data commandsTransmits video to projector
You will be able to control the projectorAllows you to project videos via a projector


Your projector can do two entirely different things using RS232 and VGA. The VGA connection provides the video to the projector to show it on the screen. In contrast, the RS232 connection is required to control the projector.

The projector may be controlled by any device that the projector is configured to be controlled by using the RS232 connection, such as your tablet, iPad, computer, and other devices. You can change the input device, the resolution, switch on the projector, and other things.

One benefit of RS232 connections is that they provide two-way communication, so you will know immediately if they have followed your instructions. It enables you to design an integrated system with a single control center.

The video is sent to your projector through the VGA connection, where it is displayed on the screen. It only sends the video; it doesn’t operate the projector or switch it on or off. You require both of these distinct types of cords to run your projector. The VGA can only transmit a video stream; it cannot further operate the projector. The VGA port on the projector may connect various gadgets, including a DVD player, cable boxes, laptops, and more.

Is RS 232 The Same As VGA?

There are two different connectors: RS232 and VGA. An asynchronous serial connection between a computer and peripherals is made possible via the RS232 communication standard. A VGA cable may connect a device to a projector without a power adapter.

What Is An RS 232 Cable Used For?

Asynchronous serial communication between a computer and peripheral devices is made possible by the communication standard known as RS232. It is a connection where devices are linked together through a cable so that they may communicate digitally.

They are used by computers to connect to various peripheral devices, including printers, computer mouse, data storage, uninterruptible power sources, and other devices besides modems.

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Is RS 232 Still Used?

RS-232 interfaces are still in use because of their ease of use and historical prevalence, especially in industrial machinery, networking devices, and scientific instruments where a short-range, point-to-point, low-speed wired data connection is more than sufficient.

Does VGA Have Better Quality Than HDMI?

Cables that link gadgets, including laptop computers and DVD players, to a display, like a TV, computer monitor, or projector, employ VGA and HDMI interface standards. An earlier standard called VGA exclusively transmits visual signals. HDMI is the usual cable type for more recent electronics, including Blu-ray players or LED TVs. Digital video and audio signals may be sent through HDMI, and HDCP data encryption is also supported.

The video quality obtained using a VGA connection is substantially inferior compared to HDMI. Nevertheless, HDMI may soon become obsolete since USB 3.1’s adaptable Type-C connection has the potential to take its place.

Final Thoughts

RS 232 and VGA cables are different and do not serve the same purpose. While VGAs make connections to transmit video signals, RS 232 transmits digital commands.


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