What does ES mean on Sony Projector?

Sony is one of the top players in the tech industry worldwide. Play Station consoles and high-end projectors are some of the top-notch devices they have manufactured. To give their customers the best experience, they gradually improve the features of their devices, in this regard, projectors. Sony usually gives some fancy abbreviations to name some of these high-end devices they make. Among these terms is “ES.” You may have seen this term around and wondered what it means.

What does ES mean on a Sony Projector. ES on Sony projectors is an abbreviation that stands for Elevated Standard. The ES term is attached to the names of some devices that Sony produces. One thing that projectors with ES attached to their names have in common is that they are high-end devices. These devices are one of the top-notch projectors you can find on the market. They are of high quality and come with a lot of cool features. Even the designs these projectors come with are on the next level.

In this article, I have provided more insights into what ES Sony projectors are and the features that make them so special. Read on to find out more.

What does ES mean on Sony Projector?

Meaning of ES on Sony Projectors

The term Elevated Standard is abbreviated as ES in Sony product names. High-end Sony projectors generally have the phrase appended to their product names.

Elevated standard typically refers to a premium design and set of features that work together to produce a top-notch video and audio performance. Not to add that the use of quality design is exquisite.

Additionally, the phrase suggests greater post-sale support. Not all Sony service locations are permitted to work on projectors with the ES certification. Only shops with certified installations and dealers sell Sony ES projectors. ES projectors are often not sold or serviced at regular big-box retailers.

If you decide to search online for Sony ES devices, you may not find anything. If you come across them online or at a non-ES store, do not purchase the projector, as you would forfeit the longer warranty period and other advantages of having an ES projector.

A 5-year warranty is included with ES projectors, which is two to three years longer than the typical warranty period for conventional projectors.

The ES phrase, by the way, is not exclusive to projectors alone. Sony uses the ES standard in various consumer goods and home entertainment systems, including CD and DVD players.

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Should I Purchase a Sony ES projector?

ES Sony projectors are worthwhile if you can afford the rather high price and plan to keep the projector for at least five years. Additionally, the top-notch after-sales assistance is great.

On the other hand, ES Sony projectors might not be worth the additional money if you don’t expect to retain the item for more than a few years. Sony products are frequently more expensive than its rivals due to the brand name. You pay significantly more when the ES tag is included.

For example, a Sony ES Series 4K home theatre projector costs $40,000. Obviously, this is a lot of money. There are less expensive ES projectors available, such as the since-discontinued VPL-VZ1000ES. Most items cost several hundred thousand dollars or more.

But is it even worth buying such expensive projectors if you have the money to spare? That depends; if you want the finest audio and video experience when you watch movies or watch everything else on a projector screen? If that is your preference, I will say it is worth the investment.

But as the saying goes, value doesn’t rise in proportion to price. Even with Sony ES projectors, the diminishing return concept eventually comes into play. Perhaps a Sony ES projector costing $20,000 does not provide twice the features and value of a $10,000 ES or a non-Sony model.

Projector technology is always developing, and this is particularly true in the consumer appliance sector. What currently appears to be a premium feature could cease to be one in a year or two.

In other words, the distinguishing qualities that make Sony ES projectors unique may eventually spread to comparably less-priced Sony projectors, making your ES projector less distinctive over time.

Although the newest ES projectors will probably have more distinctive, modern features, many would be hardware-related or couldn’t be added to older ES projectors through a software update.

It might be difficult to buy a $20,000 projector only to find out after a year or two that the electronics are outdated. Ultimately, it’s up to you, the customer, to choose if ES Sony projectors are worth their costs, particularly in light of the electronics market.

Are ES Projectors the Most Expensive Sony Sells?

You are mistaken if you believe Sony didn’t sell projectors that cost more than its ES series. Many of Sony’s “prosumer” projectors are more expensive than its ES models.

Some are so pricey that their costs are comparable to those of a luxury vehicle. For instance, the Sony VPL-GTZ380 will cost you a respectable $80,000. For that, you could purchase a 2022 Mercedes-Benz CLS or Audi S6.

How to Turn Off Eco-Mode on Sony Projectors?

A projector eco-mode function is a brightness option that lowers a projector’s lamp’s voltage and brightness level by 25–35%. The eco-main mode’s advantages are increased bulb life, reduced power consumption, decreased brightness, and reduced fan noise.

You may alternatively utilize eco mode when utilizing tiny displays and wish to reduce lumen output while retaining a similar foot-lambert value.

Although it is clear that the advantages of the eco mode feature exceed its drawbacks, it is vital to be aware that when you adjust your projector for the eco mode, there is a tiny change in color, contrast, gamma, and color temperature.

Additionally, a reduction in brightness is not always a guarantee of an equivalent improvement in light life. Only a 20% gain in bulb life may be observed despite a 35% decrease in brightness. If you take a subjective approach, it’s always more about saving money than increasing the lamp’s lifespan.

If you want to turn off the eco-mode on your Sony projector:

  1. Access the device’s main menu and choose Setup.
  2. On the menu that appears, select General Settings.
  3. Turn off Auto Shut Off, Eco Mode, or Power Saving.

Final Thoughts

Sony’s ES projector models are cool, although their prices are something that would make you think twice before buying it. It would be worth the investment if you plan on running a small-scale theatre business.

As the name goes, Elevated Standard is something devices can give you value for money if they have the features you are looking for in a projector. However, the only thing you would spend a lot of money on is not just the projector. You will get the best experience if you use a high-end projector screen with the device. You can get a similar experience if you use a standard screen; just think of using a high-end projector screen for your Sony ES projector.


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