What to Do with Old Projector Screen – Cool things to Know!

Using a projector screen as a viewing surface is a great way to get the best out of a projector. In as much as a painted wall can give you a similar viewing experience, you might see distortions in your image, dark spots, less color contrast, and blurry images. Using a projector screen can help eliminate all these issues. But what do you do with an old projector screen when you buy a new one? Should you recycle it or transform it into something beautiful?.

If you have an old projector screen at home, you can transform it into something cool instead of recycling it. You can use it as a picture or art frame. You can paint the surface and use it as a writing board (either with chalk or a marker). Others can paint it and stick it to their wall, using it as a wall. You can use it to replace desk cloths, curtains, and tablecloths. Others may still want to use it as a viewing screen; in that case, you can transform it into a mobile screen that you can carry along wherever you go.

Before you dispose of or recycle your old projector screen, spend some time reading this article to get some cool ideas on what to use them for.

What to Do With Old Projector Screen

Cool Things You Can Do With An Old Projector Screen

They can be Used as Picture or Art frames:

You can transform an old projector screen into a beautiful backdrop for your frames, images, or items. Put it on a shelf or table, hang it from the wall with hooks or nails, or place it there while showcasing your finest furniture pieces and decorative accents.

You can equally make some drawings or sketches on it.

A Mobile Projector Screen for Outdoors:

A mobile movie screen is a favorite of most people. A smart suggestion is to assemble some components to create a moving theatre for the outdoors if you frequently go on trips.

Another comparable choice is an outdoor cinema that caters to campers. One of the most typical applications for an old projector screen is this one.

The cloth is simple to roll up and fasten with rope or bungee cords. Then, to prevent it from being carried away by heavy winds, you may anchor it in place using stakes and bungee cables. The fabric also serves as a fantastic tent shade when camping in hot weather.

Using them as Chalkboards

Any stable, flat surface can serve as a chalkboard. The same holds for an outdated projector screen. It only requires that you lay it flat and cover it with blackboard paint.

Every home needs a chalkboard. Don’t completely ignore this idea because you’ve never thought about it. You can use a chalkboard for many purposes:

  • A chalkboard in a kitchen may have a shopping list, important dates, to-dos, or notes.
  • Seeing drawings, math problems, and chore lists in your child’s room can be calming.
  • A daily menu could be written on the chalkboard in the dining room.

Projector Screens Can Be Used as a Wall

An old projector screen may be used as a wall. Keep reading to know how.

The best thing is that it doesn’t have to be a work of art. There is no need to decorate it with paint or designs. An old projection screen can be used to conceal the holes in your wall if you have one. Perhaps you would like to conceal some wiring or electrical outlets.

The minimalist enthusiast would agree that remodeling a space in the minimalist style might be pricey. A projector screen fixes that because it is already minimum and empty.

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They Can Be Used as an Interior Cloth

We employ a variety of garments and materials in our home design. Many of these, such as the following, may be replaced with an old projector screen:

  • Window curtains
  • Tablecloths
  • Deskcloths

You Can Give Them Out

Suppose you can give them out as a gift if you do not know how to use the projector screen. The recipient may continue using it as a viewing surface or find something cool to do with it.

You can sell it and earn some extra bucks if it is in good shape.

Recycle Them

If you have a hard time doing any of the aforementioned things, give it out for recycling. This is better than just living it around in the environment. After it has been recycled, it can later be upcycled into a useful product.

What Else Can You Use as a Projector Screen?

There are so many alternatives for projector screens. Note that these alternatives will not give you the same or better experience as the projector screens. Here are some alternatives:

  • A painted wall
  • Bedsheet
  • Shower curtain
  • Board (white or blackboard)

You could use other items not listed here, provided the surface provides a clear and sharp image. If you use a cloth or curtain, stretch it tightly to get the best results.

How to Clean an Old Projector Screen?

It is a good habit to clean your projector image constantly. You will have no distractions with a spotless projector screen.

Cleaning the screens is no big deal; preferably, use a microfibre cloth alongside warm water. The water should be soapy. Dip the cloth into the water and wipe the screen from left to right. Follow this with a dry cloth to wipe any moisture from the screen’s surface. Ensure not to apply a lot of pressure when cleaning the screen.

Final Thoughts

Before you decide on disposing of your old projector screen, try to check out some cool things you can do with it. If those things do not interest you, sell them and get some cool cash.


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