Can You Program DIRECTV Remote to Soundbar?

If you are wondering if you can program a DirecTV remote to a soundbar, then you’re in the right place.

This process is relatively simple and the steps are straightforward. You can do this to be able to control the volume with a single remote.

The simplicity will all depend on the type of soundbar that you have and some manufacturers won’t show up on the setup menu, requiring you to do additional work.

Basically, there are two types of DirecTV remotes and these are the universal DirecTV remote and the Genie remotes.

The former is quite difficult to program while the latter is easy to use and set up. But why do you even need to program the DirecTV remote to the soundbar?. Well, keep reading to find out more…

program directv remote to soundbar

Advantages of Connecting a DirecTV Remote to a Soundbar

There are plenty of benefits of connecting all your devices to one remote. These days, you can remotely control your home theater system devices such as TV, soundbar, cable box, receiver, BlueRay player, etc.

That’s why people these days opt to connect all their devices to one remote control by using the DirecTV remote control.

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Here are some reasons you may want to connect the remote to your soundbar:


A remote control brings convenience to the home. It allows you to perform simple functions like controlling your TV and other devices from your comfort zone.


The fewer controllers you have, the better. It only makes sense and it’s more convenient to control these devices with one controller.

Less to Loss

Remote controls are the most misplaced devices in the home. Limit the number of frustrating searches you need to go on by using one remote to control all.

Aesthetically, there is beauty in having only one remote sitting at the center of your coffee table. Having a lot of different controllers sitting on your center table will occupy a lot of space.

It also benefits everyone in the house because there won’t be a need to disturb other people by controlling the volume. Since you can easily do it yourself.

How to Connect a DirecTV Remote to Your Soundbar

The Genie remote for DirecTV is somewhat automated and makes it easier to program than if you were to use the universal DirecTV remote. That one may require you to find the right programming codes.

there are two ways to connect the DirecTV remote to the soundbar. Here are the steps to guide you in this process.

Method 1: Connecting with Genie Remote

With the Genie DirecTV remote setup to the soundbar, it’s not complicated. If you follow the steps below, it’s quite straightforward.

  • Take your Genie remote and point it towards your Genie HD DVR or other Genie cable box
  • Press the Mute and Enter buttons simultaneously. The Green light flash at the top remote will blink twice, then stop pressing the buttons
  • A message will appear at the top of the screen that says ” Applying IR/RF setup,” indicating you are now in RF mode enabling you to program the remote.
  • Ensure the Soundbar is turned on
  • Select the Menu button on your remote and press it.
  • Select Settings
  • Now, select Remote Control
  • After this, press the program Remote option
  • Select the device you wish to control
  • You should now see some on-screen prompts that will take you through the rest of the process

Method 2: Manually Connecting the Genie Remote

Sometimes, connecting the remote automatically may not work. This will require a manual connection. Here are the steps to follow.

  • Point the remote towards the Genie HD DVR or other Genie cable box
  • Find the Mute and Enter buttons and press them simultaneously until you see the green light flash and blink twice.
  •  Type in the code:961
  • Select Enter on the remote
  • Once you select OK, your TV should display “Your remote is now set up for RF.
  • Turn on the soundbar you want to connect to.
  • Press the Menu button on the remote
  • Choose Settings
  • Select the Remote Control
  • Now, press the Program Remote option
  • Choose the device you wish to control
  • Now, the rest of the instructions are just screen prompts you will have to follow

Below is a video to assist you in programming the DirecTV remote to the soundbar.


Modern soundbars and TVs have the HDMI ARC feature. It is one of the best ways of connecting the TV to the soundbar for optimum audio. They enable the TV to send data through a return channel to the soundbar.

HDMI technology has different functions and one of them is consumer electronics control (CEC).

Like the ARC feature, the CEC allows for data to be transferred through the return channel to the soundbar. This is time, it’s through the volume controls.

So, with this setup, you will be able to send volume control to the soundbar and it will respond.

It will already work. Using CEC depends on a few factors including the compatibility of your TV, remote compatibility, and soundbar compatibility.

To check for compatibility, you will need to consult your user manual for more information.

Final Thoughts

Programming a DirecTV remote to a soundbar is one of the ways for you to control your electronics at home with just a remote control.

The two ways of connecting the two devices are what I outlined above. Automatic pairing is simpler and easier than manual pairing.

The latest remotes like Genie, are able to help you program the remote to the soundbar automatically without manually entering any code. But with the older universal DirecTV remotes, the manual process is what works best for them.


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