YouTube Music Authorize Sonos: What You Need to Know

If you have subscribed to the YouTube Music service and you are looking to play your music from the service on your Sonos speaker, you have come to the right place. YouTube Music has an unending stream of music collections you can possibly think of. However, if you want to connect the service to your high-audio-quality Sonos speakers and enjoy all the music you have always wished for, you will have to authorize the service first on the Sonos app. 

So, how do you authorize YouTube Music on Sonos? You will need the Sonos app and a Google account in order to authorize YouTube Music on Sonos. On the Sonos app, add YouTube Music to your music services and select Authorize. You should then choose your preferred Google account which will be linked to your YouTube Music authorization. 

It is very important to have subscribed to the YouTube Music Premium package before you authorize the service on your app. After you authorize YouTube Music and the service is set up on your Sonos, you will have access to the numerous tracks and albums on the service. If you want further details on how to add and authorize YouTube Music on your Sonos, keep reading this article as I guide you to do that. 

YouTube Music Authorize Sonos

Is YouTube Music Compatible with Sonos?

YouTube Music is now compatible with Sonos. If you are subscribed to the YouTube Music service, you can link your YouTube Music account to your Sonos speakers for a better listening experience.

As a premium subscriber of the service, you can get to play music without the internet after you download them and also play them while your screen is off. 

The good news is YouTube Music is available in most countries outside of the USA so music fans all over the world can get to be part of this beautiful musical experience. 

How Do I Authorize YouTube Music on Sonos?

You only access the wonderful music catalog of YouTube Music only after you authorize the service on your Sonos app. 

However, you need to add the YouTube Music service to your Sonos speakers just like any other music service. 

You will need to have the Sonos app installed on your smartphone or smart device in order to do this. The Sonos app is supported by Android and iOS and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or Apple Store. 

If you want to authorize YouTube Music on your Sonos product, follow these steps:

  1. Plug your Sonos speakers into the power supply and connect them to your network 
  2. Download and install the Sonos app on your Android smartphone or iPhone.  
  3. After the Sonos app is installed on your smartphone, launch it and go to Settings
  4. Navigate to Services and choose Voice. 
  5. Select Music and Content.
  6. Choose Add Music Service and select YouTube Music.
  7. Tap Add To Sonos
  8. You will have two options here. If you have subscribed to YouTube Music, choose I already have an account, otherwise choose I’m new to YouTube Music. After choosing the second option, you should create an account by following the on-screen instructions.
  9. Hit the Authorize button after that and you will be redirected to your browser. 
  10. A code will be displayed to on your browser, key in the exact code on your browser, and then hit the Next button. 
  11. Select your preferred Google account and then tap Allow
  12. After your account is verified, give a name to YouTube Music on the app. 

After going through these steps, you will have added the YouTube Music service to your Sonos and also authorized it as well. From the Sonos app, you will be able to stream YouTube Music on your Sonos speakers. 

How to Play YouTube Music on Sonos

If you have added YouTube Music to Sonos speakers, the next thing to do is to play music from the service on your speakers. 

To play YouTube Music on your Sonos device, follow the guide below: 

  1. Open the Sonos app and select your music category. In the YouTube Music section, you will find Recommended, Top Charts, New releases, Your Mixtape, and Library. Tap on whichever one you want. 
  2. Open the subcategory to view Recently added playlists or recently liked songs. 
  3. From there you can choose whichever option you want- whether playlist, album, or collection 
  4. Select the song that you want to play and you’ll have played on your speakers. You can hit the Play all button to get all of the music played in turns. 

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Why Can’t I Add Music Services to Sonos?

If you can’t add a music service such as YouTube Music to your Sonos, it probably means that you are subscribed to the service or the service is currently not available in your region. 

To enjoy all the unlimited features of YouTube Music, you need to subscribe to the YouTube Music Premium package. Although there is a free service available, most users who couldn’t add that service to their Sonos were only able to do so after their premium subscription. 

Why Can’t I Play Songs From My Phone on Sonos?

If you have already downloaded music from a music service like YouTube Music onto your smartphone, you can play it out from your smartphone through your Sonos speakers. 

However, in certain instances, you may have trouble playing songs from your phone on Sonos. These issues arise if: 

  • Your smartphone does not support Sonos
  • Your Sonos app is outdated
  • Sonos does not support the format of the audio file you are playing
  • Your audio files are in a different folder other than the Music folder

If you want to fix these issues, you can apply some of the techniques below: 

  • Check to see if the OS version of your android or apple smartphone supports the Sonos app. For the Sonos S2 app, you will need Android 8.0 or higher versions while iOS 14 and higher is sufficient for iPhones. If you are using the Sonos S1 app, Android 8.0 and iOS 12 is the basic requirement. You can however use higher versions of these. 
  • Update your Sonos app once newer versions emerge on the scene. You can go to the Google Play Store or Apple Store to check for updates.  
  • Check the file format of your audio files. Sonos supports the following file extensions: MP3, MP4, M4A, WMA, OGG, ACC, HE ACC, WAV, FLAC, ALAC, etc. 
  • If you are using an android smartphone, put your audio files in the Music folder. This makes it easy for the Sonos app to detect them as music and play them as such.


YouTube Music is one of the music services that you can add to your Sonos devices. It has a variety of music from all genres and you are absolutely going to love it if you are a music fan. 

To access this service, you will have to subscribe to it and also have a Google account. Sonos is an all-in-one app that can easily be used to link Sonos speakers and YouTube. 

For a successful linkage, you will have to authorize the YouTube Music service by going through the steps that I have described in this article. Once the service is authorized on your device, you will be on your way to enjoying the best music experience you have ever had as a music lover. 


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