Why YouTube TV is Not Working On Fire TV and How to Fix It

The Fire TV stick is one of the amazing products of Amazon which allows TV viewers to stream live TV and exciting TV shows via the internet. Fire TV is compatible with many streaming services such as YouTube, Hulu, Netflix, etc.

However, when it comes to YouTube TV, there have been a series of complaints by users about the service not working on their Fire TV. Such cases normally involve the YouTube TV app freezing or crashing of some sort. 

If you are experiencing these problems with the YouTube app on your Fire TV, a possible reason could be that the app or Firestick may be out of date or your TV may just be having internet connectivity issues. You can fix these problems by updating your YouTube app or restarting both the Fire TV and the WiFi router.

Other factors such as software glitches may also contribute to YouTube TV not working on your Fire TV. In this article, I will discuss most, if not all the reasons why your YouTube app may not work on your Fire TV and some possible methods you can use to fix the situation, so read on as I discuss the finer details. 

Does YouTube TV Work on Amazon Fire TV?

YouTube TV works on Amazon Fire TV and all Fire Sticks except for first-generation Fire Sticks. The app also works on all Amazon Fire TV Cubes. 

After the back and forth between Amazon and Google a few years ago, Amazon began to add YouTube apps to its devices. 

YouTube TV can now be downloaded from the Amazon App Store on your Fire TV. 

Why is My YouTube App not Working on My Fire TV?

YouTube TV may not be working on your Fire TV for a number of reasons. 

Some of the reasons include:

  • Poor internet connection.
  • Outdated YouTube app 
  • Outdated Fire TV Stick
  • YouTube TV cache 

Poor Internet Connection 

A poor and unstable internet connection will prevent your YouTube app from streaming High Definition videos on your TV. The video will begin to freeze or buffer until the internet connection is restored. 

Outdated YouTube TV App

Using a YouTube app that is out of date is likely to increase the software errors on your device. The errors and bugs on your system normally disrupt the smooth operation of the app and therefore causes it to crash. 

Outdated Fire TV Stick

Similarly, an outdated version of your Fire Stick may contain several bugs that are detrimental to the operation of your Fire TV. The bugs may slow down the apps on your TV and cause them to behave abnormally. 

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YouTube TV Cache

As you use YouTube TV on your Fire TV, the Fire Stick may store a lot of irrelevant files and data for the YouTube app to have quick access to. These data may heap up over time and can a processing error for the Fire Stick, causing your YouTubeTV app to glitch and not work properly on your TV. 

How to Fix YouTube TV not Working on Fire TV

Fixing issues with the functionality of an app on your TV becomes an easier task when the cause of the problem is identified. The cause of the problem, in most cases, is not readily known. 

However, I will share some tips with you on you can troubleshoot the YouTube not working on Fire TV issue. When the YouTube TV on your Fire TV is not working, apply any of these tips to see which one will solve the problem: 

  • Check internet connection
  • Restart the YouTube TV app
  • Restart Amazon Fire TV 
  • Update YouTube TV
  • Update Fire OS
  • Clear YouTube TV app cache
  • Reset Fire TV to factory settings.

Check Internet Connection 

If your YouTube TV is not loading or buffering on your Fire TV, you should, first of all, check your internet connection. Ensure that the internet connection is strong before you move to anything else. 

If you lost your internet connection, you can get it back by: 

  • Restarting your router or modem. You will have to turn it off for about 30 seconds before turning it on. This will reboot the device and maintain a strong internet connection. 
  • Switching to a wired cable connection if you were using a WiFi network. 

Sometimes, YouTube may be having problems at their end, and as a result, their servers may be down. There is nothing you can do in such situations other than wait for the internet to be restored on YouTube. 

You can determine if YouTube servers are down by checking their network status on websites such as https://downdetector.com/status/ and selecting YouTubeTV.

Restart YouTube TV App

When YouTube buffers or is not loading on your Fire TV, you can close the app and relaunch it. You will have to force-stop the app in situations where the app becomes unresponsive. 

Here is how to stop YouTube TV by force:

  1. Go to Settings menu on your Fire TV. 
  2. Choose Applications and select Manage Installed Applications. 
  3. Navigate to YouTube TV and select Force Stop. Press Enter to stop the YouTube TV app forcefully. 

After force-stopping the app, you can relaunch YouTube TV and the problem, hopefully, should be resolved. 

Restart Amazon Fire TV

Restarting the Fire TV is also one good way to get the YouTube TV app working. After restarting the Fire TV, you would have gotten rid of the glitches that were slowing down the memory of your TV.  

You can restart your Fire TV by going to Settings followed by My Fire TV and selecting Restart

Alternatively, you can remove the Fire Stick from TV for about 15 seconds and replug it back to the TV. 

Another way to restart the Fire TV is by using the TV’s remote. On the TV’s remote, press and hold the Play and Select buttons together for some seconds until you see the TV restart.

Update YouTube TV

Always ensure to use the latest versions of apps or software on your TV. If your YouTube TV is not working on your Fire TV, you may consider deleting the app and reinstalling it on your device. 

By the time you reinstall the app from the App Store, you might have indirectly updated the app. 

To uninstall YouTube TV on your Amazon Fire TV, follow the steps below: 

  1. Go to the Settings menu on your Fire TV. 
  2. Choose Applications and select Manage Installed Applications
  3. Go to YouTube TV and select Uninstall to delete the YouTube TV app from your device. 

After uninstalling the app, you should visit the Amazon App Store on your TV to down and install the latest version of YouTube TV. 

Update Fire OS

The operating software of your Fire Stick or Fire TV needs to be up to date in order to accommodate the app on your TV including the YouTube TV app. 

To update your Fire TV,

  1. Go to Settings and choose My Fire TV. 
  2. Navigate to About and choose Check for Updates.

Your TV will search for any available software update and install it accordingly.

Clear YouTube TV App Cache

Most often, it is necessary to clear the cache on your devices to allow prevent processing errors on your device. If you want to clear the cache of the YouTube TV app on your device, here is how to do it: 

  • Go to the Settings menu on your Fire TV. 
  • Choose Applications and select Manage Installed Applications. 
  • Go to YouTube TV and select Clear Cache.

Reset Fire TV to Factory Settings 

Resetting your Fire Stick to it factory settings should be your last resort if all of the above tips fail. This is because, you will lose all your data, apps, and customized settings on your device once you factory reset it. 

However, this is also the most trusted way to rid your device of all errors, thereby giving your Fire Stick a fresh start. 

To reset your Fire Stick to its factory settings, use the steps below: 

  1. On your TV, go to Settings. 
  2. Navigate to My Fire TV
  3. Choose My Fire TV and then select Reset to Factory Defaults.

Your Fire TV will begin to reset to the factory settings.

You can also factory reset the Fire Stick by pressing and holding the Back and the Right navigation buttons on your remote for some seconds.

How Do I Know Which Generation My FireStick Is?

As I said earlier, YouTube TV does not work on first-generation Amazon Fire Sticks. If you want to check which generation your Fire Stick is, download the Informer application, which is available on the Amazon App Store.

The app gives information on the model of your Fire TV, the release year, and the generation of your FireStick among others. 

Does YouTube TV Have Customer Service?

In case you are experiencing a problem with your YouTube TV app, you may want to contact the customer service of YouTube TV.

YouTube has a Help Center where the most frequent questions by users are addressed. 

You can also describe your problem at the Help Center and expect to receive a reply from YouTube as soon as possible. 

How Many Devices Can YouTube TV Have?

YouTube TV can be streamed on a maximum of three devices at the same time if you are a basic subscriber.

However, if you want to stream on more than 3 devices at the same time, you should go in for the 4K Plus subscription package which also allows you to view downloaded videos offline. 

What Streaming Device is Best for YouTube TV? 

YouTube TV is compatible with several streaming platforms such as Fire TV, Fire Stick, Chromecast, and Roku. 

As to which one is best for YouTube TV boils down to personal preference and budget.

The Fire TV Stick 4K Max is however considered by many TV viewers to be very fast when it comes to streaming. 


YouTube TV not working on your Fire TV is a common problem that most TV users face. The issue generally is due to a poor internet connection or outdated software. 

By fixing your internet connection and updating your apps and software, you would have solved the problem to a larger extent. 

If the YouTube app is not working on your Fire TV, try out all the tips I shared above to see which one will work in your situation. Your last resort should be to reset the TV to factory settings.



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