Who Makes ONN TV? All You Need to Know!

Many TV viewers in America have begun to show interest in the ONN TV brand in recent times. This has raised a topic of concern among such viewers and most of them are beginning to wonder who actually makes the TVs. If you’ve come to love ONN TVs and you are also wondering who the manufacturers of the TV might be, wonder no more because this article is going to answer all your questions regarding the ONN TV brand and whether or not you should buy one. 

Walmart has been more or less the sole distributor of ONN products for so many years. However, they really do not manufacture TVs. ONN TVs are manufactured by a Walmart’s private label known as Durabrand and their warranty repairs are carried out by another company called Element Electronics. 

The ONN brand also includes several electronic gadgets besides televisions, some of which include mice and speakers. If you are in the USA or Canada, you buy ONN products from major or local Walmart stores near you. You can also find some ONN TVs in other stores such as Amazon but there may not be so many models of the TV available for sale. 

Is ONN TV Owned By Walmart?    

Walmart owns ONN and it is the general brand name that is given TVs and other electronic products that are sold in Walmart stores. This makes the brand an exclusive tradename for Walmart. 

However, this does not mean that Walmart itself is now a TV manufacturing company. The TVs are actually manufactured by a private brand of Walmart and are then distributed later in Walmart stores.

Who Makes ONN TVs For Walmart?

Durabrand is Walmart’s private brand that is into the manufacturing of ONN TVs. They supervise the TV-making process for the mother company Walmart. 

What Durabrand actually does is engage the services of other manufacturers in other countries who make their TV parts for them.

Presently, they have partnered with some electronic companies such as Funai Electronics and Orion Electronics which manufacture most of their TV components. Funai Electronics are known to be key supplier of TVs to Toshiba and Sharp as well.

Besides these two companies, Durabrand has other partners who provide them with components for their other ONN products, such as speakers and tablets. 

Durabrand, however, does not handle the repair works on ONN TVs that are still under warranty. Repair works are done by the American-based company Element Electronics which is also one of Durabrand’s partners. 

So, while under warranty if your ONN TV develops a fault, you should expect it to be worked on by Element Electronics. 

Where is ONN TV Manufactured? 

Just in case you are concerned about where ONN TVs are manufactured from, don’t worry, I got the answers right here for you. 

As I said Durabrand is responsible for the manufacturing of ONN TVs for Walmart stores. For them to achieve their purpose, they bring several manufacturing companies in different countries on board for their TVs. 

Majority of ONN TVs products are made in China and a few others are made by companies in some other countries including Thailand. This means that if you have an ONN TV, the components of the TV may be coming from China, Thailand, and other countries. 

This is not uncommon since most manufacturing companies often contract several companies in different countries for their products. 

The thing is Durabrand’s budget for making these electronic gadgets changes from time to time so, their partner companies in other countries also change accordingly. It is possible that the ONN TV model you are currently using may have be made by two or more different partner companies depending on the time they were contracted by Durabrand. 

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Is ONN TV a Good Brand? 

ONN TV is good at what they do, which is offering moderate TV specs for a relatively cheaper price. 

Although the ONN TV is not as popular as well-known brands like Samsung, LG, and the like, it seems to be a good alternative if you are looking to save some dollars on your TV without missing out on the quality of some basic TV features. 

Besides the TV prices being cheaper, they are also known to have very good picture quality. ONN TVs’ picture quality can arguably match the picture quality of most popular brands and they are far ahead in terms of image quality when comparing them to similar TV brands that fall in the same price range as them. 

This allows users to watch videos in HD and 4K resolutions. 

However, the overall performance of ONN TVs does not match brands like LG and Samsung, so they are likely to develop faults faster than the other brands. The good news, ONN TVs have a one-year warranty so you should not be worried if your TV develops a fault during its warranty period. 

You should just contact ONN TV if you find yourself in such a situation and they will fix your TV as soon as possible. 

Another problem you may also face with ONN TV has got to do with the use of the universal remote. 

Because ONN TVs are not so popular, you may have difficulties selecting your manufacturer when you want to use a universal remote on your ONN TV. In such situations, just select Durabrand as the manufacturer and you will be good to go. 

ONN TV Code For Universal Remote

If you want to program your universal remote for your ONN TV but do not know which TV code to use, just try out any of these codes and see which one works on your TV: 1034,1047, 1046, 0003,  0493, 0623,1109, 0180, 0171, 0154, 1038,0463 and 0236.

Make sure to select Durabrand as the manufacturer during the programming process. 

You can contact Walmart customer service for assistance if none of the codes above is working on your TV.

Can You Watch Netflix On ONN TV?

Yes, you can watch Netflix on ONN TV. To watch Netflix, you should install the Netflix application on your TV and you can begin to stream movies from the app on your TV. 

ONN TV has good picture quality so rest assured that you will have HD-resolution images on your screen. You can also stream in a 4K display if you want to. 

Should You Buy ONN TV?

The issue of whether you should buy an ONN TV or not is a matter of personal decision based on what you intend to use your TV for and how much money you have. 

If you have a low budget and want a TV with midrange specs, ONN TV is a better option. The features of your TV may not be up to the well-known brands but you sure will have a TV with better specs than similar TV within the same price range that you bought the ONN TV. 

However, if you have the dollars to spend and wish to get the very quality TVs, ONN TV will not be a good option. Brands such as LG or Samsung may suffice. 

Can I Return an ONN TV to Walmart? 

You can return your ONN TV to any Walmart store if you do want to use it anymore. However, it should be done within thirty days after you purchased else it will not be accepted by Walmart. 

Remember to put the TV in the same packaging as you bought it and also include the receipts for the purchase. 

ONN TVs normally have a one-year warranty so when it comes to warranty repairs on your TV, it does not matter that thirty days have elapsed, your TV will be worked on and returned to you once the one-year warranty has not expired. 

Is ONN TV a Roku TV?

ONN TV is not a Roku TV as we generally know Roku TVs to be. However, ONN has a TV model that are called ONN Roku TVs. 

This only means that those TVs are ONN TVs that have the Roku software running on them and therefore work like Roku TVs. The TVs themselves are ONN brands and are not sold by Roku. 

Final Thoughts

Despite not being as popular as Samsung and the likes, ONN TVs’ competitive prices in terms of value for money can not be overlooked. 

It is one of the best TVs you can go in for if you have a low budget and just want a TV that performs almost all the basic functions of a smart TV. The picture quality of the ONN TV stands tall among other similar brands that fall within the price range of ONN TV.

They are made by Durabrand and are mainly sold in Walmart stores although most of their parts are shipped from outside America. Although the brand falls short in quality, it makes it up in its pricing and it is currently making significant strides in the TV market. So feel free to visit a Walmart store near you and make your purchase if you are interested in the ONN TV brand.


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