Where to Find Vizio PIN Code

With the introduction of the Vizio SmartCast mobile app, Vizio TV users are more fascinated to pair their smartphones with their Vizio TVs. Pairing smartphones to Vizio TVs via the SmartCast app allows users to use their smartphones as remote controls for their TV. So, if you misplaced your Vizio TV remote and you are wondering what to do next, calm down because you can sync your smartphone to your Vizio TV and use it to control the content on your TV. 

Where to find Vizio PIN Code?. When syncing your smartphone to your Vizio TV, you will be required to input a Vizio PIN Code on your smartphone. This seems to be quite challenging for some users since they normally do not know where to find this code. The Vizio PIN Code for syncing your smartphone to the Vizio TV can be found on your TV screen. This code is usually a four-digit code and it can be found on your TV screen by just observing the screen.

There are other several codes that you will come across as you use your Vizio TV. Some of these codes are resetting your TV, programming a universal code, and setting up parental locks on your Vizio TV. In this article, I will discuss how to find these codes and what to do with them afterward, so keep reading for further information on them and what you can do with them. 

How Do I Connect My Phone To Vizio TV Using PIN Code

You can pair your smartphone to your Vizio TV via the SmartCast app. The SmartCast app is available on the Google Play Store and Apple Store for download. 

Once you have the app installed on your Android or Apple device, you will need to sync with your phone using the PIN code that will appear on the upper part of your TV screen. 

If you want to pair your smartphone or tablet to your Vizio TV, follow the steps below: 

  1. Go to Google Play Store or Apple App Store on your smartphone or tablet.
  2. Search for “Vizio SmartCast” app in the search bar. 
  3. Download and install the app once you see it. 
  4. Turn on your Vizio TV and connect it to your WiFi network. 
  5. Connect your smartphone or tablet to the same WiFi network as the Vizio TV. 
  6. Launch the SmartCast app on your smartphone. 
  7. You can decide to create a Vizio account for yourself if you intend to use the app in the long term. Alternatively, log on as a guest or simply tap the Skip button to skip the process. 
  8. Tap on Select Device. By tapping on Select Device, the smartphone or tablet will search for available devices in your home that the app can sync with.
  9. You will find a list of devices that will be displayed after the search. Choose the Vizio TV as the one you want to pair with.  
  10.  A four-digit code will appear at the upper part of your TV screen. This is the Vizio PIN code. Type the code into the PIN section on the app on your smartphone or tablet.

After keying in the PIN on your TV screen into the app, your smartphone will be synced with your TV and you can begin to control the content on your TV such as turning the TV on and off and adjusting the TV’s volume using the smartphone. 

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What are the 4 Digit Codes for a Vizio TV?

If you prefer to use a universal remote for your Vizio TV rather than your smartphone, you will still need Vizio TV codes for a universal remote in order to program the remote. 

Different Vizio TV models have other codes that work on them when you are programming a universal remote.

These codes range from 2-digit codes to 5-digits. Usually, you’ll find the code that works with your TV model in the remote or TV user’s manual.

Some codes are also available on the internet and to make things easier for you, I have listed these codes below for you. Here are the 4 digit codes for a Vizio TV: 0030, 0178, 1756,1004, 1078,0128, 0117, 1017, 1758, 0056, 0205 and 1292. 

The 3 digit codes include: 004, 502, 627, 505, 011, 113. 

5 digit codes include:10885, 10178, 10117, 11756, 01377, 10864 and 10120. The 2-digit code is 19. 

If you do not know your Vizio TV code, try these codes one after the other on your universal remote until you find the one that works with your TV. 

What is the Default Password for a Vizio TV?

Sometimes, your Vizio TV may develop technical faults which will require you to reset the TV to its factory settings. 

When resetting the TV to factory settings, you will be asked to input your TV’s password before your TV initiates the resetting process. If you do not know your TV’s password, you can input 0000 as the default password for your Vizio TV. 

To reset the TV factory settings, simply follow these steps: 

  1. Press the Menu button on your remote
  2. Go to the System or Help and select Reset and Admin.
  3. Select Reset to Factory Settings. You will receive a prompt on your TV requiring you to input a password before initiating the reset. Input 0000 as your default password and wait for the system to complete its reset. 

How Do I Reset My Vizio TV Without a PIN?

You do not always need a PIN to reset your TV. With Vizio TVs, there is another way to bypass the PIN password when resetting your TV to factory settings. 

In instances where you have no idea about your Vizio TV’s PIN password, you can reset your TV to factory settings using these steps: 

  1. Press on both the Volume Down and Input buttons at the same time on your TV for about 15 seconds. Do this while your TV is on. 
  2. A prompt will display asking you if you want to reset your TV.
  3. Press the Input button for about 10 seconds.
  4. A message will display to indicate that the TV’s memory is being cleared.

With this approach, you reset your Vizio without a PIN and will not even have to worry about where to find the Vizio PIN Code. 

Can I Put a PIN on My Vizio Smart TV? 

You can put a lock in the form of a PIN on your Vizio smart TV. The parental control feature on the Vizio controls what content your children can access on the Vizio TV. 

You can set your four-digit lock on the TV to prevent your kids from watching certain channels and movies based on the rating. 

Follow the steps below if you want to set up a lock on your TV by activating the parental control feature: 

  1. Press the Menu button on your TV remote. 
  2. Go the SetUp and Navigate to Parental Control.
  3. Choose which channels you want to block and select the Channel Block option. 
  4. Similarly, select TV Rating and use your remote to set your preferred TV ratings for the content that want to show on your TV. 
  5. Choose Access Code and input your 4-digit passcode. Retype to code to confirm the PIN. 
  6. Press Enter when you are done. 

How Do You Unlock Parental Control on a Vizio TV? 

You can unlock the parental control on your TV if you know the PIN passcode for the lock. 0000 is the default password so you may want to try that one first before moving any further.

To unlock parental control,

  1. Press the Menu button on your TV remote. 
  2. Go the SetUp and Navigate to Parental Control.
  3. Enter your 4-digit PIN. This unlocks whatever restrictions you set in the past. You may leave the feature unlocked or reset the lock with a new PIN. To rest the PIN,
  4. Go to Access Code Edit and input your new 4-digit passcode. Retype to code to confirm the PIN. 
  5. Press Enter on your remote when you are done. 

In case you forget the PIN for your parental control, you can reset the TV to factory settings using the methods I discussed earlier. 


You may come across multiple PIN codes as you begin to use a smart TV such as Vizio TV. The codes are for different purposes such as resetting or programming your TV. 

Most often, the code will be displayed on your TV screen as in the case of pairing your smartphone to the TV. At other times, the code will be found in your TV user’s manual and some of the codes are set by yourself. 

If you set the code yourself as a lock on your TV, you should have no problem searching for it anyway so you only need to remember it. 0000 is a default PIN that works most of the time. So you can try it out when you find yourself in need of a PIN code for your Vizio TV.  


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