Vizio Smartcast Setup on Your TV

Vizio TVs are becoming increasingly popular among TV viewers nowadays because of the pricing edge they have over other brands that offer similar features as Vizio products. Vizio TVs run on the SmartCast operating software, which comes along with almost all the TV apps that users can use to stream or watch entertaining TV shows on their TVs. The SmartCast software also allows users to cast their computer or smartphone’s screen to the TV’s screen and also enables users to use their smartphones as TV’s remote by syncing it to the Vizio TV. Moreover, with the SmartCast software, you can watch all your movies and shows on the different apps in just one place, thus preventing you from switching between the different apps.   

If you have a Vizio TV and want to access these exciting features, you will have to set up the Vizio SmartCast on your device. How to setup Vizio Smartcast. You can set your Vizio SmartCast up by using the SmartCast button on your TV remote or by syncing your smartphone to your Vizio TV using the SmartCast app.  

After setting the Vizio SmartCast up, you will have the option to stream movies from your smartphone and cast the movies to your TV or stream directly from your TV while you use your smartphone as a remote control. In this guide, I’ll share with you simple steps that you can use to set up the Vizio SmartCast, so continue reading as I explain in detail how you can set your Vizio TV up to access all the exciting features I talked about. 

Vizio Smartcast Setup on Your TV

Setting Up SmartCast on Vizio TV

The Vizio SmartCast is home to the TV applications that you will be needing in your TV experience. It requires an internet connection to work smoothly so you should, first of all, ensure that you are connected to the internet whenever you want to set it up. 

Once you are connected to the internet, you can load the SmartCast software and set it up using your remote or a paired smartphone. Setting the SmartCast up will provide you with quick access to the TV shows on your various apps so that you can easily organize and watch all your movies from just one place. 

Most often, the newer Vizio TV models come along with the TV apps already installed in them. However, if you find out that some apps have not been installed on your TV, you can always download them onto your smartphone or computer and cast those apps from your smartphone to your TV screen. 

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How Do I Know If My Vizio TV has SmartCast?

It is easy to find out whether or not your Vizio TV is on SmartCast. All models of the Vizio Smart TV that were made since 2018 and beyond have the SmartCast software. 

If you want to confirm whether or not you have SmartCast on your device, just press the button on your remote which has the “V” on it. 

This will take you to the SmartCast Home screen where you can see all the apps on your TV. 

How Do I Connect My Vizio TV to The WiFi? 

To connect your Vizio TV to your WiFi, follow the steps below: 

  1. Turn on your Vizio TV and WiFi router. 
  2. Press the Menu button on your Vizio TV remote. 
  3. Choose Network and select the name of your WiFi from the list of networks on your TV.
  4. Enter your WiFi’s password when you are asked to.

Your TV will automatically connect to the WiFi as soon as your credentials are verified. 

How Do I Set Up SmartCast on My Vizio TV?

If you want to set up the SmartCast feature on your Vizio TV, you should sync your TV to your smartphone. This will allow you to use the smartphone as a remote control and navigate quickly on your TV screen. 

You can sync your smartphone to your TV using the Vizio SmartCast app. The app is free and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store depending on your phone’s operating system.

Follow the steps below if you want to sync your smartphone to the Vizio TV:

  1. Go to Google Play Store or Apple App Store on your smartphone. 
  2. Search for the Vizio SmartCast app in the search bar. 
  3. Download and install the app when you see it. 
  4. Connect your Vizio TV to your WiFi network. 
  5. Similarly, connect your smartphone to the same WiFi network as the TV if both are not on the same network. 
  6. Open the SmartCast app on your smartphone. You can decide to create a Vizio account for yourself if you intend to use the app in the long term. Otherwise, log on as a guest or simply tap the Skip button to skip the process. 
  7. Tap on Select Device. This will let the smartphone search for available devices in your home that the app can sync with.
  8. A list of devices will be displayed after the search. Choose your Vizio TV as the one you want to pair with.  
  9.  A four-digit code will be displayed on your TV screen. Type the code into the PIN section on the app on your smartphone. 

Once you are through with these steps, your smartphone will be synced with your TV and you can begin to control the stuff on your TV such as turning the TV on and off using the smartphone. 

With your smartphone synced to your Vizio TV, you can organize movies from several apps all onto one hub and watch them from the Vizio SmartCast catalog. 

To stream movies from the SmartCast catalog, simple use the following steps:

  1. On your Vizio TV remote, press the button with the “V” letter to open the SmartCast Homescreen. Alternatively, you can press Input on your remote and choose SmartCast as your Input. SmartCast will load afterward with all of its apps. 
  2. Choose the Movies or Shows option at the top of the screen. This will display all the movies that are available for you to watch. 
  3. Use your synced smartphone to select which movie you want and you can begin to watch straight away. 

In order to make things faster, you can type in the title of the TV show or movie you want to watch in the search bar on the SmartCast Homescreen. You can do this by using your synced smartphone. 

If your preferred show pops up after the search, SmartCast will provide you with a list of apps from that show that can be streamed. 

Select your preferred app and you’ll be good to watch that particular show instantly. 

How To Cast To Vizio SmartCast TV

Another exciting feature about Vizio’s SmartCast is its ability to allow you to cast or mirror your smartphone’s screen to the TV. 

Casting your smartphone to the TV basically projects your smartphone’s screen to the TV’s screen. 

If you want to cast your smartphone on Vizio TV, you do not have to necessarily pair or sync it with the TV using the above steps except if you want to use it to control the functions on the TV. 

Below are the steps to use if you want to cast the content on your Android smartphone to Vizio TV:

  1. Turn on your TV and connect it to your WiFi. 
  2. Connect your Android smartphone to the same network as your TV. 
  3. Launch Google Home App on your smartphone and select your Vizio TV as the device you want to cast your phone’s screen to.
  4. Launch the application you want to mirror to your TV. It can be any streaming app such as Netflix or Hulu or your phone’s browser. 
  5. Once the launched application is compatible with Vizio’s SmartCast, you will see a cast icon on the corner of the app, tap on it and your smartphone’s screen will be mirrored to the TV. 
  6. If you do not see the icon, Go to Settings on your Android smartphone, then Display and tap on Cast Screen to get your screencast to the TV. 

Why Won’t My Vizio TV Connect To Cast?

If your smartphone can not cast or connect to your Vizio TV, it probably means both devices are on different networks. A lot of times, your smartphone and the TV will be able to detect each other. 

Additionally, the app you are trying to cast to your TV may also be outdated. 

In order to fix these issues:

  • Ensure that your TV and smartphone are on the same network.
  • Update the app to its latest version by visiting the app store on your phone. You can also delete the app and reinstall it. 
  • Restart your TV and smartphone. You should also consider power cycling the TV by turning it off, unplugging it from its power source, and turning it back on after about a minute. 
  • If the problem is not solved, you should contact the customer support of Vizio. 

Why Is My Vizio SmartCast Not Connecting To WiFi?

If your Vizio TV is not able to connect to your WiFi, you may be signing in to the WiFi network with the wrong password or your internet service providers may be experiencing some issues with your internet connection. 

You can try to resolve the issue by:

  • Typing the right password for the WiFi and avoiding any typing errors. Be cautious of the case of the characters since the password may be sensitive to upper and lower cases.
  • Turning on DHCP settings on your TV if it is turned off. You can do this by going to Network on your TV and setting the DHCP to off by yourself.
  • Power cycling your WiFi router.
  • Contact your internet service providers. They may be facing a general problem so you’ll have to wait for a while until the internet is restored.

How Do I Connect My Vizio Smart TV To SmartCast Without WiFi?

You can sync your smartphone to Vizio TV by using Bluetooth. With this, both devices will be paired using a Bluetooth connection rather than the same network. 

The process is very simple and here how to do it:

  1. Turn on Bluetooth on both devices. 
  2. Place your smartphone close to the TV and for some seconds for them to pair. 

After pairing you, you will be able to cast your smartphone to TV. 

Final Thoughts 

The SmartCast of Vizio TV is one of the appealing features of the TV. The feature literally allows you to project your smartphone or tablet’s screen to the TV and also allows you to use your smartphone as the remote control if you have the SmartCast app installed on it. 

Setting up the SmartCast for these purposes is very easy if you connect both the TV and the smartphone to same newtork. Simply use the steps I described above and you will soon be enjoying all the nice features of your Vizio SmartCast. 



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