Using an Apple HomePod Mini as a Soundbar 

The introduction of the new Apple HomePod Mini by Apple could be a craze. It doesn’t only function as a speaker. It’s also multifunctional as a tech home controller, a soundbar, etc. This device gives absolute security in its usage, providing you with a serene audio output. The main challenge is that it can’t be paired with just any external device.

The only option to use an Apple HomePod Mini as a soundbar is with an Apple TV 4K. The instructions below will assist you in achieving that.

  • Begin by visiting the settings of the HomePod Mini to make it visible. 
  • Switch on your Apple TV 4K and open the control center. 
  • Select the Airplay icon and click on the HomePod Mini. 
  • After selection, the HomePod mini now replaces your TV’s speaker to become the soundbar. 

Using an Apple HomePod Mini as a Soundbar 

What Can the HomePod Mini Do?

Before we digest the subject of using an Apple HomePod Mini, allow us to first dive into the awesome features and functionalities of the device. They are available with portable structures that make them easy to carry around. They’re very affordable, and you also get to control your entire setup with an artificially intelligent smart audio assistant named “Siri.”

Some commendable features of the Apple Homepod Mini include its impeccable touch controls, intercom transcriptions, VoiceOver, and Siri. The HomePod Mini’s audio technology is the most intriguing feature.

The following are uniquely categorized features that an Apple HomePod mini comes with: 

  • Intercom to speak with other household members
  • Suggestions for personal listening 
  • Multiple timer support
  • Multi-user support 

The Magic of Computational Audio

There are numerous brands whose speakers are super awesome and better for audio output than the Apple HomePod Mini. What makes the Apple HomePod mini stand out is its “computational audio”. With the help of the Apple S5 chip, computational audio automatically enhances every audio being played. 

This is a feature that’s lacking in most known soundbars. Although it is often overlooked when accessing some content, certain detailed information might not be received because of unstable sequences affecting sound outputs. Unlike the Homepod mini, which stabilizes all sound effects that run through it. This makes it a far better substitute for a soundbar.

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How to Use Apple TV with an Apple HomePod Mini

When combined with an Apple TV and AirPlay, the Apple HomePod Mini can only play in theater mode. To confirm you’re connecting the correct way, follow the procedures below. Why? Because the method is sort of stressful for first-timers to undertake.

How to Connect your HomePod Mini to your Apple TV to be used as a Soundbar:

1. Before you begin, always check and update all software on your iPhone, Apple TV, and HomePod Mini.
2. Join all three devices to the same Wi-Fi network.
3. Position your HomePod Mini in a convenient spot in your room.
4. On your iPhone, open the Home app and check to see if your HomePod Mini and Apple TV are connected.
5. Turn on your Apple TV. (You will receive a notification that will prompt you to attach your HomePod).
6. Choose “HomePod” as your audio output.

Things You Need to Connect Two HomePod Minis to an Apple TV

It hasn’t been a straightforward road for people who wanted to experiment in this manner. Luckily, Apple has gradually updated its systems to satisfy this demand. So, connecting two HomePod Minis is simply like connecting only one HomePod Mini. 

The basic things you need for connection are an Apple TV and two (2) HomePod Minis. The role of the Apple TV is to sync audio to your speakers (HomePod Mini). This is so because the HomePod Mini was manufactured with no AUX input jack.

Thus, it cannot receive any kind of audio signal from other sources. With its restricted nature, only lovers of the Apple brand would enjoy using it.

How to Connect Two HomePod Minis to an Apple TV

For this, you’d obviously have to work on placement and connectivity in an exceedingly different way. Using two HomePod Minis means you have to tune both in stereo mode on the home app. After, regulate your speakers in the stereo field to the correct sound and volume level. 

The use of the two (2) HomePod minis is to make an excellent and complete room setup. After connecting your first HomePod Mini, you simply pair the second now to the identical stereo output.

To select your HomePod mini group as the audio output, follow these simple steps.
•Look for the Airplay button on your Apple TV remote and press it.
• Next, select the HomePod mini group from the available options.

FAQ: Can You Use the Apple HomePod Mini with the Older Apple HomePod?

You can pair an older Apple HomePod as a soundbar, though the output results may not be that pleasurable. The likelihood of unstable and unexpected disconnected audio signals is assured, which can be very distracting.

It is important to note that not all Apple televisions support the HomePod as a soundbar. In order to be on the safe side, just do yourself the favor of getting the current versions of both devices.

Current versions are designed with more active features for ease of use than older versions. This is just like choosing to work with a new cable rather than an older one since the older one might have connecting issues due to breakages in its cords.

How Do You Turn the Apple HomePod Mini On or Off?

There is no need to switch your Apple Homepod mini on before using it. As soon as you plug it in, it turns on immediately. However, it is ineffective until you use the command phrase, “Hey Siri.”

But if you do not want to use the command phrase, you can deactivate it. The only way to switch it off is by unplugging its power cord.

How Many Apple HomePod Mini Colors Are Available?

Currently, the Apple HomePod mini has five (5) colors: blue, orange, black, white, and yellow. These colors add beauty to your interior setup with their white touch surfaces. With a wide range of colors, you can definitely find one that suits your taste.

How Do You Setup The Apple Homepod Mini?

As soon as you insert the Apple HomePod mini into your power source, you will notice the touchpad area changes. You will see a white light around the touchpad. Right after, the speaker gives a startup tone to show it is fully active. For setting up the Apple HomePod mini, you should have either an iPhone or iPad with the latest version.

Once you place your unlocked iPhone or iPad near the HomePod, there’s a dialogue prompt to assist you with the entire setup. Once you click the Home app button, Siri is available to assist with various commands.

Does The Apple Homepod Mini Collect Your Personal Data?

The Apple HomePod mini has been programmed to only listen after receiving its command and can also be disabled. All these can be done in the Home app. You can also disable location services. In fact, all forms of communication with Siri run around the HomePod mini and your iPhone or iPad.

The HomePod mini has also been made with no microphones to mute like other speakers, so you do not need to worry about your information being recorded.

How Do You Share Audio from an Apple TV 4K with a Second Pair of Headphones?

For personal viewing, you can transfer audio signals from the Apple TV 4K to two (2) pairs of wireless Apple headphones. Follow the instructions below in order to share.

  1. Continually press your TV’s button on the remote of Siri till the Control Center is opened.
  2. Next, press the Audio Controls button, then move to the headphones.
  3. Now choose the headphones you want to use.
  4. Click on Share Audio, and follow through with any onscreen instructions to help you connect the second pair of headphones.

General Likes and Dislikes of the Apple HomePod Mini

Below is the list of what most users like and dislike.


  • It is super sensitive to voice recognition.
  • Commendable quality of sound.
  • Intercom features are inclusive.
  • AirPlay works with any Apple device.
  • Actively respond to the command phrase “Hello Siri”
  • Easy to setup


  • Operates with only an iPhone or iPad (It doesn’t pair with devices from other brands).
  • It has no mute button available.
  • No direct access to Spotify


Having an Apple HomePod mini is a needed upgrade for your digital and audio system setup. Using an Apple HomePod mini as a soundbar takes your sound quality to a new level. The Apple HomePod mini only works with other devices from the Apple brand. It is advisable, then, to have a well-structured budget for purchasing all devices inclusive.

You must first set it up with your iPhone or iPad before you connect to the Apple TV. Then use Airplay to transfer audio from the Apple TV to the Apple HomePod Minis connected. Remember to pair your personal Wi-Fi network to both the Apple TV and HomePod mini.


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