Can a Fire TV Remote Control a Soundbar? (Answered Here)

Most people prefer to use a Fire TV remote for its ability to scroll through specific or general content. It also includes a feature called Consumer Electronics Control (CEC), which allows for central control of the TV’s contents. The Fire TV Remote can also be used to turn on your TV. It can be used without the need for remote control on your TV. Thus, it does the work of your TV remote.

Can a Fire TV remote control a soundbar?. The Fire TV Remote can also control audio from a soundbar. There are several ways to do this. To connect, you can use an HDMI CEC cable. Another option is to place the soundbar’s visibility in your device’s control settings. 

You can adapt both of these methods to suit your particular TV set. It doesn’t really matter if your Fire TV remote and soundbar are already purchased, but it’s important that you get useful information about each device before you purchase it. All the steps to control a soundbar through a Fire TV remote can be verified to be working on the TV screen.

Can a Fire TV Remote Control a Soundbar?

Can a Fire TV Remote Control a Soundbar?

There are two known methods that can be used if you want to control a soundbar with a Fire TV remote. These methods are elaborated below.

First Method: Using an HDMI CEC Cable

The first option is to use an HDMI CEC to control a soundbar. Start by checking to make sure your TV set has an HDMI Arc input.

  • Use an HDMI cable to connect the soundbar to your TV.
  • After that, reboot the system by unplugging the soundbar and plugging it in again after a few minutes. This will ensure a good connection between the soundbar and the TV.
  • The Fire TV can be plugged in afterward.
  • Scroll down through your TV’s settings, and then click Display and Sound.
  • Make sure you turn on HDMI CEC Device Control.

HDMI-CEC is known by different names because each brand is unique. CEC, SimpLink, EasyLink, Kuro Link. Aquos Link. Net Command. CE-Link or Regza Link RIHD, BRAVIA Sync, 1-Touch-Play. HDAVI Control, EZSync. VIERA Link and Anynet+.

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How to Connect an Optical Cable to Your TV And Soundbar

Remove all the plastic covers from both ends. After that, insert the two ends into the ports in the back of the TV. Finally, screw the soundbar into both ends until you hear a click.

To activate the Fire TV, press any button on the remote. This will send the HDMI-CEC signal automatically to the TV and soundbar. This will allow you to turn on your TV and use it.

If there is no response or the TV/soundbar doesn’t turn on, another approach will be required. A second approach is required if the HDMI-CEC settings are not accessible after the initial procedure fails.

Second Method: Connecting the Soundbar via Equipment Control

The Fire TV Remote can control your soundbar via the system settings seen below.

  • Go to the settings on your Fire TV.
  • Select “equipment control” and then “automatic“. (If your Fire TV remote is delayed, you can manually adjust the sound levels of your soundbar.
  • Next, go to “manage equipment” and click “add equipment“.
  • Scroll down the tab of the soundbar to find your personal remote name.
  • Follow the pairing instructions and click.
  • The Fire TV Remote can now multitask between devices connected to the Fire TV.

Troubleshooting Soundbar Problems on a Fire TV

It is inevitable that there will be connection problems between devices. You don’t have to lose heart because your Fire TV remote has functionalities that make it compatible with your soundbar. You can return to the settings of your television and see if the audio is on or muted. It will have an impact on the final outcome. 

When using this method, ensure your TV set’s audio is on mute. Also, make sure to switch on your audio/video receiver (A/V) if you have one connected to your Fire TV. Also, make sure your Dolby Digital Plus is off. 

Amazingly, all of these changes can be made via the menu of the Fire TV. Finally, scroll down through the settings until you find “display and sounds” and then click “audio”.

What can you do if there is a hardware problem? There will be a need to remove the old cables before you can replace them. A new Fire TV might be necessary. 

However, the best way to save money on your Fire TV is to disconnect it for a few seconds and then reconnect it. Since the Fire TV Stick needs to be rebooted to become active sometimes,

Common Issues that Can Affect a Fire TV Remote

There are other issues that could affect the Fire TV remote. The Fire TV Remote can become unresponsive if there is a poor power connection. To resolve this, first, check the power source where you are. 

It could be at your office, church, institution, or home. It is also important to check that the television outlet has not become damaged.

Once you’ve confirmed the problem at hand, reduce the resolution of your screen immediately. This will allow you to use the Fire TV Remote for different display commands. You must also check if the TV outlet isn’t faulty.

What Can You Do When an App Problem Arises?

To do this, all you need to do is to check the app and then reinstall it. 

  • Navigate to your “Applications”, then select “Manage Installed Apps”. 
  • Next, click on “Uninstall app”. (Wait until it finishes uninstalling, then reinstall the Fire TV app before using it).
  • Make sure your Wi-Fi connection is active and running at its highest speed. (In the event that your connection is unstable, you can easily disconnect and reconnect).

Each brand uses different procedures to control a soundbar using a Fire TV remote. Here are some guidelines from well-known brands to ensure that you know what you need to do for each TV brand.

How to Control Soundbar and Your Samsung TV with a Fire TV Remote

A digital optical or HDMI ARC connection can be used to pair your Samsung TV and soundbar. Make sure you have the correct cables for each connection to get positive results. You can then go to Samsung settings and set the source of the soundbar to “D.IN”.

For digital optical connections, press and hold the left arrow on the Samsung TV remote. This will activate and deactivate the automatic power link for digital optic connections. For control of your soundbar, you will need to set the audio output settings on your TV to enable the Fire TV Remote.

Using the HDMI ARC connection method, your soundbar will immediately sync with the TV-ARC. To activate or disable HDMI-CEC (also known as Anynet+) on Samsung brands, simply use the TV remote’s right arrow direction.

You can find support online from the Samsung authorized guide if you need more details.

How to Control a Soundbar and LG TV with a Fire TV Remote

The LG TV brand has an LG Magic Remote that allows it to be used in a variety of ways. You have many options for connecting your LG TV.

Bluetooth can also be used via Sound Sync, HDMI ARC, or a digital optical connection.

Using Bluetooth Wireless Connectivity

The Bluetooth method is fast and simple. This short procedure should be followed carefully.

  • Turn your soundbar’s Bluetooth off.
  • Open the TV settings.
  • Click on Sound Out, then go to Sound.
  • Next, select “LG Sound Sync-Wireless.”
  • You will be taken to the Device Selection tab, where you’ll find your soundbar.
  • After you select it, your soundbar pairs automatically with Fire TV.

LG’s Technical Support Page is always available to help you with any queries that you may have.

How to Control a Soundbar and Panasonic TV with a Fire TV Remote

Panasonic TV connects your soundbar using a similar method via an HDMI connection or digital optical connection.

You will need an HDMI2 input port for a Panasonic TV in order to make an HDMI connection. The Panasonic app can be used to adjust both soundbars and TV speakers. This option is only applicable to HDMI connections.

For a digital optical connection, the process is quite similar. The only thing that makes the process different is changing your TV’s source settings to “Optical” after you have connected your cables. Be sure to switch off the speaker on your TV.


All Fire TV remotes can be used to control soundbars in these common ways. They include switching on or off the soundbar and adjusting its volume. Your TV’s settings will show the adjustments made on most of your devices.

You can merge your TV set with the soundbar using an HDMI ARC. Or, you can use an optical cable (digital and audio in-out ports) seen at the back of both the soundbar and television. 

It is so easy when you get a connection cable with your purchase of a soundbar. Since it allows you to know the connection option that will work best for you. After using the cables for a while, you should always try to replace them with new ones.

Currently, there are only two (2) possible methods, as described above. We eagerly await other tested alternatives that work. We also welcome feedback from you. You can access the “Troubleshooting manual” to get detailed help if you encounter unexpected problems.


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