TCL Roku TV Screen is Black But Sound Works. Fix It!

When it comes to streaming devices that provide great picture qualities, TCL Roku TVs can not be left out of the story. TCL Roku TVs offer viewers the platform to stream all sorts of TV programs through apps that are installed on the TVs. The TVs are however not immune to faults and may therefore develop one or two faults as you use them. 

A typical example of such faults is when the TCL Roku TV screen suddenly turns black with sounds playing in the background.

When your TCL Roku TV screen turns black with audible sounds in the background, it could be that there is a software error on your TV or that one of the TV’s hardware components is faulty. Usually, you can fix the problem by power cycling the TV or replacing the damaged hardware part. 

If the issue with your TCL Roku TV is software-related, you can apply some techniques that I’ll share in this article to fix them. However, hardware-related issues are daisy and may therefore require the assistance of an experienced technician. On most occasions, TCL Roku TV screens turn black as a result of software issues, so continue reading this article to the very end for quick fixes that you can use to solve this problem on your TV.

TCL Roku TV Screen is Black But Sound Works

Why Does My TCL Roku TV Have Sound But No Picture?

If your TCL Roku TV has sound but no picture, a number of reasons may contribute to the blackout on your TV screen. The causes of the problem could either be software or hardware related. 

Whichever the case you will need to troubleshoot the problem in order to identify the source of the problem before applying any fixes.

Your TCL TV screen may be totally dark because of the following reasons: 

  • Faulty hardware component 
  • Outdated TV software
  • Faulty HDMI cables
  • Wrong TV input

Faulty Hardware Component

Hardware such as the motherboard plays a crucial role in the operation of your TV. It houses so many components, some of which are directly linked to the TV screen and the LED lighting. 

When the motherboard or some cables linking the board to the TV screen develop a fault, it is very likely to affect the screen of your TCL. 

Normally the TV’s internal components get damaged as a result of overheating, irregular power supply, or a hard object hitting the TV. 

Outdated TV Software

This usually has got to do with the operating system of your TCL Roku TV. Like every other software, the TV’s OS needs frequent updates in order to resolve software errors. 

If the TV’s software is out of date, bugs and programming errors may slow down the operation of the TV. The TV’s internal memory and storage may also be under pressure which may result in intermittent glitches that would cause the TV screen to go black. 

Wrong TV Input

Sometimes, setting your TV to the wrong input or source may cause your TV’s screen to go black. If you connect an external device like a cable box to HDMI 1 port for example, and you select HDMI 2 or any other source as the input on your TV, your screen will go blank. 

Also, you will see no picture on your TCL screen if the external device you are connecting to your TV is faulty. 

Faulty HDMI Cable

HDMI cables help you connect external devices to your TV. However, if the cable is faulty, you will not get the desired video and audio on your TV as expected. 

If your TCL Roku TV is playing sounds but no pictures, it could be that the HDMI cable you used to connect the external device to the TV is faulty. 

Your TCL may also not be able to show any picture if the HDMI cable connected to the TV or external device is loose. 

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How Do I Fix a Black Screen On A TCL Roku TV?

To fix the black screen with a sound issue on a TCL Roku TV, you must troubleshoot the problem and identify the exact cause. Below is a list of some tips you can apply in order to get your TV fixed. You can try each one of them out to see which one solves the problem on your TV. 

  • Power cycle your TCL Roku TV
  • Reset your TV to factory settings
  • Update TV software 
  • Check HDMI cables
  • Contact customer service of TCL

Power Cycle Your TCL TV

Power cycling or restarting may help resolve the issue when your TV’s screen goes blank. What this does is that it clears errors on your TV temporarily and gives it a fresh start. 

You can power cycle TCL TV by turning off the TV and unplugging the power cord from its power source. 

Allow the TV to remain unplugged for about five minutes and then plug it back into the power supply. You can turn the TV on after this and hopefully, the problem should be fixed. 

Check HDMI Cables

A common culprit involved in this issue is the HDMI cable. If your TV screen turns black but plays sound, you should check to see if your HDMI cable is faulty or was loosely connected to your TV. 

First of all, ensure that the HDMI cable connections are intact. If they are not, tighten them to your TV and external devices. 

If the problem persists, disconnect the HDMI cable and try out a new one to see if that will solve the problem. If the issue is fixed after you replace the old cable with a new one, then you can confirm that the old HDMI cable was actually faulty. 

Sometimes, it could be the externally connected devices that are actually at fault. What you should do in this situation is to disconnect all cables and gadgets from the TV. 

After that, reconnect the device in turns and see which one will trigger the TV’s screen to go black. When you identify that particular device, discard its use and consider replacing it as soon as possible. 

Update TV Software 

Updating the software is most likely to get your black TV screen fixed. However, you may find it difficult to update the TV using a remote, especially when the screen is already black. 

If you are lucky to have the Menu options not affected by the black screen, you can update your TCL Roku TV by following these steps: 

  1. Press the Home button on your TV remote
  2.  Go to Settings on the TV using your remote and choose System Update.
  3. Navigate to Update and press OK to the latest version of the TV’s OS. 

On the other hand, if the black screen affects your menu option such that the Menu does not appear on the screen, then updating the TV becomes a bit of a challenge. 

If you have your TV’s manual with you, you can attempt to update the TV regardless of the black screen. 

What you need to do is to consult the TV’s manual and memorize or write down the number of times you need to press the navigation or arrow keys on your remote in order to reach a particular menu option. 

Since you’ll be navigating your screen in the dark, you may feel or actually lose your way as you try to update the TV. If you lose your way, you can always press the wheel button on your remote to restart the process. 

Reset Your TV to Factory Settings

If none of the above tips work, you may have to factory reset your TCL Roku TV. Bear in mind that when you reset your TV to its factory settings, you will lose all of your data or personal settings permanently. However, this is a very good way to get rid of most of the software issues on your TV because of the fresh start it gives to your TV. 

If you are lucky enough to have the Menu option display on your black screen, you should reset your TV using these steps: 

  1. Press the Home button on your remote.
  2. Navigate to Settings and then System
  3. Select Advanced System Settings and then choose Factory Reset.
  4. Choose Factory Reset Everything and wait for your TV to reset. 

After the reset is complete, check to see if your TV shows pictures and if it does the problem is fixed right there. 

If it doesn’t, a hardware component in your is probably damaged, and you should seek the assistance of a professional TV technician. 

Another way to reset your TCL Roku TV is to use the reset button that is located on your TV. This is very useful if the Menu option is not displaying on your TV screen at all. 

To reset your TCL Roku TV using the reset button, follow these steps: 

  1. Search and locate the reset button at the back of your TV. 
  2. Using a pointed object such as a pin, press the button and hold it down for about 10 seconds until the TV shuts down by itself. 
  3. Turn on the TV. The picture, hopefully, should be restored to the TV screen after the reset is complete. 

Contact TCL Customer Service

When the tips I have described above fail, contact TCL’s customer support as your last resort. 

Precisely describe your issue to their personnel for assistance. And also share the remedies you have tried out to resolve the situation in order for your case to be diagnosed quickly. 

If your TV is still under warranty, it might get fixed by TCL or be replaced for you. 


The excellent picture quality of TCL Roku TVs makes them a perfect fit for TV users who love to stream their shows in very high resolutions. The TVs are also compatible with almost all apps that are essential for digital entertainment. 

In spite of its excellent picture quality, TCL TVs can develop faults at any time. A common problem that is associated with the TCL Roku TV, is that the screen may go black while the sound works perfectly. This is an unpleasant situation that you will not want to find yourself in. 

The problem, however, can be fixed in so many ways depending on the cause. If the cause is software related, resetting your TV to factory settings will most likely solve it. On the other hand, you should be ready to replace any component if you found out that a hardware component is broken.  


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