How to Make a Cooler Speaker (Helpful Guide)

How To Make A Cooler Speaker

Cooler speakers are not only fashionable but also serve as a better option for minimizing heat around speakers. They can be used in your home, for outdoor events, picnics, bonfires, etc. If you are intrigued with cooler speakers and wish to make one for yourself, keep reading this guide because I’ll show you how to … Read more

Why Do My Speakers Rattle? Here’s Why!

Are your speakers giving out some awkward sounds lately? Do you feel unwanted vibrations around your speakers when they are in use? These signs obviously mean there is something wrong with the speakers.  If you suspect the speakers to be rattling and you want to find out why they rattle, then you are at the … Read more

How to Fix a Rattling Speaker 

It’s such an awful experience when your car speakers rattle at times when you are supposed to be enjoying some cool music during your ride. This literally kills the fun of listening to music while driving. However, rattling speakers are fixable, so if you have been experiencing some vibrations in car speakers, rest assured that … Read more

How to Connect Alesis Nitro to Amp

Alesis Nitro is one of the cheapest electric drums on the market. It is of good quality and can be used for regular practice if you are new to drumming. Just like every other electric drum, you’ll either need an amplifier or headphones in order to hear the sounds of Alesis Nitro drum kits when … Read more

How to Connect Electric Drums to Mixer

How To Connect Electric Drums To Mixer

Many drummers seem to have fallen in love with electric drums since their introduction into the music industry. Electric drums, unlike the traditional cymbals, are ideal for home rehearsal since the sounds they produce can be limited to the hearing of only the drummer. Electric drums can also be played outdoors to the hearing of … Read more

How to Connect Electric Drums to Amp Properly

How to Connect Electric Drums to Amp 

Amplifiers play a crucial role in electric drumming. You can hear the sounds from electric drums only after you amplify the drum. Although headphones provide some form of amplification, they only limit the sounds of the drums to the user, that is the drummer in this case. If you are playing the electric drums for … Read more

How to Connect Electric Drums to Speakers

How to Connect Electric Drums to Speakers

Drums are a very important aspect of music that you can not do away with. Without them, most music will be boring. With the introduction of electric drums in recent times, many drummers seem to have jumped on the bandwagon, preferring electric drums to traditional drums. If you are a newbie to this electric drum … Read more

How to Test Speakers for Damage

How To Test Speakers For Damage

Have you been experiencing some distortions in your speaker sounds lately? Well, this could be a sign that the speaker is damaged or it can also mean something else. Damaged speakers usually have a poor sound quality and produce buzzing sounds when they are in use. The worst-case scenario is that they may just stop … Read more