4 Reasons Why Alexa is Flashing Yellow

Reasons Why Alexa is Flashing Yellow

Being new to using Alexa is just like getting to know someone for the first time. In this case, you would have to know a little more about some of its basic features and functionalities. These basics help you find your way around your Alexa device until you have full control when operating it.  Wondering … Read more

How to Cancel Showtime on Amazon Prime

How To Cancel Showtime On Amazon Prime

Most of the time, as a TV fan, you will be faced with a lot of TV subscriptions you may not really need at those specific times. You may also find yourself not satisfied with a paid subscription after exhausting its free trial period and therefore would like to cancel the subscription. Showtime may be … Read more

How to Connect Alexa to Fire TV

How to Connect Alexa to Fire TV

With tons of daily activities, you’re expected to forget where you place things like; a remote. However, with assistance from Alexa, you can fully control your Fire TV via voice commands. Thus, you do not need to rely on your TV remote all the time to control what happens on your TV screen. This is … Read more

Vizio TV Troubleshooting – The Ultimate Guide!

Vizio TV Troubleshooting

If you are budget conscious and looking to buy a smart TV that will offer you similar features as most famous brands at a relatively cheaper price, Vizio TV is definitely one brand worth considering. Vizio TVs are known in the TV market for their competitive prices, good picture quality, and excellent gaming features. The … Read more

How to Activate Crunchyroll on Roku, PS, Apple TV, Fire TV

How to Activate Crunchyroll on Roku, PS, Apple TV, Fire TV

Watching your favorite anime nowadays has never been easier with the numerous streaming services that are currently available on our streaming devices. Crunchyroll is one such streaming service that has gained popularity over the years for its production and distribution of anime for the diverse customers it serves. However, for you to watch Crunchyroll on … Read more