7 Best Projectors Under $500 in 2023

 BenQ MW560 (WXGA) Business Projector

Being on a tight budget of less than $500, I tested a variety of projectors that cost less than $500 and realized that the ViewSonic PA503W was the best projector within the budget. To help you find the finest projector under $500, I examined the most intriguing projectors to see if the claims match reality. … Read more

9 Best Projectors Under $1000 in 2023

EPSON Pro EX9240 

When setting up a theatre for your home, a projector is a major addition; hence I researched those under $1000 to give you a head start and some ideas when purchasing yours. A projector under $1,000 is the best investment since it satisfies your study, work, and enjoyment demands. However, it may also provide a … Read more

9 Best Projector Speakers in 2023

Best Projector Speakers

The speakers built into most projectors are below par, hence the need to get an external speaker to compliment them. So I decided to try out some speakers compatible with projectors to know the best option. I found the Nylayee SK600 speaker to be the best among all the speakers I tried. Finding options is … Read more

5 Best Projector Screen Paints in 2023

Best Budget: Digital Image HD Home Theatre

To help you decide the best projector screen paint for setting up a projector screen, I compiled a list of the top-rated projector screen paints, with Paint on Screen S1 Ultimate topping the list. Most people often envision a background screen stand or a huge canvas wall projection screen when they think of a projector … Read more

8 Best Projectors in Daylight in 2023

Best Portable Projector for Daylight Viewing: Veemi Wi-Fi Projector 

I tried a number of projectors that are great for daylight viewing, and I found the YABER Y30 to be the overall best. Daylight includes both the outside and abundant inside light that comes through your windows. In both situations, you will require a projector with a high brightness output of at least 3000 lumens.  … Read more

7 Best Projectors For Cookie Decorating 2023

Best for Professionals Kopykake Projector 

Consider the AKASO Mini Projector if you’re looking for a projector to aid you in cookie decorating. There are various alternatives available when it comes to decorating cookies. Cookie decorating options include using practical stencils, drawing by hand, or going professionally with a fully functional projector. I feel that utilizing a projector to decorate cookies … Read more

Do Projectors Need To Warm Up? (YES and Here is Why)

Do Projectors Need To Warm Up

Projectors are generally known for fun streaming and educative presentations. However, there’s a need to have your projector ready to operate. This will enable you to enjoy every feature it runs on. Do projectors need to warm up? Absolutely, projectors need to be warmed up in order to deliver to their maximum. Many projectors take no … Read more