How to Fix a Rotated Projector Screen

How to Flip Optoma Image Upside Down

You may have misplaced your projector’s remote control, or perhaps it is faulty, and you would like to use it urgently. If you find yourself in such a situation and the issue you are facing is a rotated projector screen, you do not have to panic because it is possible to use the buttons on … Read more

Projector Problems Troubleshooting And Solutions

Projector Problems Troubleshooting And Solutions

Projectors have become an essential part of our lives today. People use projectors for various reasons; to watch movies, for presentations in schools and offices, and many others. Just like other electronic gadgets, they are not immune to problems. As a projector user, you are likely to face a number of problems while using the … Read more

NEC Projector Iris Error and How to Fix It

NEC Projector Iris Error

Iris projector error is a common issue you can encounter while using a NEC projector. It can be very frustrating when facing this issue during a high-profile presentation. There are many reasons you are facing an iris error, and in many instances, there are easy solutions. But what should you do if you have an … Read more

Is 800×480 Resolution Good for Projector?

ViewSonic PX701HD 1080p Projector

Not everyone cares about projector resolution settings. While some would settle for low resolution projectors, others will settle for ones with a high resolution. In reality, high-resolution projectors cost more than low-resolution ones; however, the prices will also depend on the projector’s features. When shopping for a projector, you consider what your preferences are as … Read more

BenQ Projector Image is Greyed Out

BenQ Projector Image is Greyed Out

Greying out of certain menu options is something you can encounter while using your projector. It can be very irritating if you have no idea of what is happening, and you have to immediately use the option that has been greyed out. If your menu shows a list of options highlighted in grey, that option … Read more

How to Make 3D Hologram Projector

How to Make 3D Hologram Projector

Holograms are making a massive impact in the world. Typical examples are 3D holograms that make visuals appear more realistic. What makes it mind-blowing is when the visuals are projected. Normal projections on projector screens are in 2D. But imagine viewing it in 3D; awesome. There are a few hologram projectors available on the market. … Read more

How to Use a Projector to Paint a Mural

how to use a projector to paint a mural

Murals can add a nice touch to your room wall or outdoor wall. These drawings look very colorful and beautiful. How they are drawn varies between muralists; some use projectors, and others use gridlines (most common). Using a projector is the easiest of all the techniques used. To use a projector to draw a mural, … Read more

How To Focus Sony Projector (Pro Tips)

How To Focus Sony Projector?

Using a projector is a great way to view your favorite movie on a larger screen or to show a large audience a video or a picture. However, we could encounter some problems with their usage. One typical problem is a blurry image from your projected image. This happens when your projector is out of … Read more

How to Focus RCA Projector Properly!

How to Focus RCA Projector

RCA projectors can offer you a real theatre experience in your home theatre. RCA is notable for multimedia projectors, and people enjoy using them for their home theatre. Regardless of the quality, you may purchase one, set it up at home, and realize that the projection appears blurred. If you notice something like this, do … Read more