How to Pair a Roku Remote that Doesn’t Have a Pairing Button

Streaming your favorite TV shows and videos on your Roku device using a Roku remote is a convenient way of enjoying such shows since you can comfortably navigate your device or TV from anywhere in your room without distractions.

However, you may feel disappointed after you discover that your newly purchased Roku remote has no pairing button with which you can sync to your TV.

The trick to pair a Roku remote that doesn’t have a pairing button in such a case is to sync your Roku remote with the Roku device using the Roku app on your smartphone. You can also pair the Roku remote with your TV directly with the buttons on your TV. 

In this article, I will be exploring both options with you with simple steps that will help you overcome this challenge. So, relax and continue reading as we go through the guidelines for syncing a Roku remote that has no pairing button to your TV.

Where is the Pairing Button on a Roku Remote?

Before we delve into how to fix a Roku remote without the pairing button, let’s take some time to find out what the pairing button actually is and where it can be located on the remote. 

The pairing button is just like any button on the front side of your remote control that connects the remote to your TV after it is pressed for a few seconds.

Sometimes, the pairing button will be located at the backside of the remote, close to where the batteries are. 

How to Pair a Roku Remote that Doesn’t Have a Pairing Button

A light beeps from the top of the remote after pressing the pairing button to indicate that the remote has been paired and is ready for use.

Using the pairing button is the fastest way to pair your device and Roku remote so you may want to check for it on your remote before resorting to the options that we will discuss soon.

How to Pair a Roku Remote that Doesn’t have a Pairing Button Using Your TV buttons

If you are using a newer model of Roku TV, you do not have to pair the Roku remote since the remote pairs automatically with your TV when you turn it on. 

However, you will have to manually pair your Roku remote with your Roku device if you are using a Roku Stick. 

In the absence of a pairing button on your Roku remote, you can follow the following steps using the buttons on your TV to pair the Roku remote. 

  1. Go to Home on your TV/device.
  2. Scroll down or up to Settings.
  3. Search for the Remotes option in the Settings menu.
  4. Select the Pair Remote option.

Your device will pair automatically with the Roku remote at this point. In case it fails to pair with your device, you may try restarting your device and go through the above steps again. 

How to Pair or Sync Roku Remote using the Roku App on Your Smartphone

You may use this option if your TV does not allow you to navigate its settings with the TV buttons. 

The Roku app from the app store comes with a lot of useful features which allow you to pair the Roku remote with your device. 

You can also control your Roku TV remotely from your smartphone using the app if the app and the device are both connected to the same WiFi network. 

The guidelines to pair your remote with the app are as follows:

  1. Download and install the Roku app from the Google Play Store or Apple store on your smartphone. 
  2. Connect your Roku device and your smartphone to the same WiFi network. 
  3. Open the Roku App and select the Remote option.
  4. After selecting the Remote option, you can use your smartphone to remotely navigate the options on your Roku TV.
  5. Go to Settings on your TV using your smartphone. 
  6. Scroll to Remotes and Devices.
  7.  Choose the Pair New Device option on your TV. 

The Roku TV at this point will scan for nearby compatible remotes and will automatically pair up with your Roku remote if it is not faulty. 

Roku TV Remote Buttons not Working 

You may experience the problem of your Roku remote not working from time to time. This is not unusual although the remotes are designed to last for quite a long period of time. 

If your remote buttons do not work after syncing with your Roku device, you may consider checking up on your remote’s batteries to see if they have died out. 

You should replace the batteries if they are dead before starting the syncing process again.

You should also check to see if the batteries are correctly placed in its compartment. 

Overheating of Roku Remote

The Roku remote, like any electrical gadget, is prone to overheating by the heat from its electrical circuit. 

Overheating of the remote is one of the major causes of internal malfunctioning of the remote. 

You should remove the batteries from the remote and allow it to cool off for some minutes anytime the remote experiences overheating. Reinsert the batteries and pair them with your device when it is done cooling off. 

When your remote overheats consistently for quite a long period of time, you should consider replacing the remote.

How to Check for Faulty Simple Roku Remote

Simple Roku remotes use infrared rays in their operation. This demands that you point the remote in the line of sight towards the Roku device before it can work. 

You can perform this initial troubleshooting technique to ascertain if your Roku remote is faulty after you pair it with your device.

  1. Remove the batteries from the remote. Press and hold any button on the remote for a few seconds.
  2. Reinsert the batteries correctly into the remote.
  3. Try to pair your remote again with your device using the steps that have been discussed earlier.
  4. Point the remote in the line of sight to the Roku device or TV. Get close enough to the device since the remote may not respond if its batteries are half-dead.
  5. Observe the appearance of the status light on your device as you press a few buttons on the remote. Your remote is probably faulty if the status light does not flash on the device. 

You can confirm if the remote is actually faulty if you are able to use the Roku app to navigate your device or TV after the light fails to flash on your device. 

You should consider replacing your remote at this point or using alternatives such as the Roku app.

Roku Remote won’t Stay Paired

If you experience intermittent disconnections after syncing your remote, you should restart your device/TV and go through the pairing process once again. 

To restart your device, 

  1. Go to Settings on your device
  2. Select Restart from the Systems Menu 

In a situation where you can not locate the Restart option, simply restart the device manually by putting the TV off and back on. The process is as follows:

  1. Put the device/TV off and unplug it.
  2. Press and hold the power button on the TV for a few seconds.
  3. Plug the TV back and turn it on.
  4. Go through the steps that have been mentioned earlier on how to pair the Roku remote with your device.

Can You Replace a Remote for Roku?

You can always replace your Roku remote if it develops a fault or stops pairing with your device by purchasing a new one.

Roku remotes are cheap and can be bought on Amazon, Roku, and most online stores. 

You should however be sure that your current remote is actually faulty by testing it using the earlier troubleshooting technique before buying a new remote.

Does any Roku Remote Work with any Roku?

Roku remotes are of two kinds: Simple and Enhanced. 

Simple remotes use Infrared rays in their operation and work with most Roku players except Streaming Stick models like the Roku Streaming Stick 4K.

The enhanced remotes usually have the pairing button and work with all Roku models except the very old models. 

So, if you have intentions to buy a new remote, you should consider buying an enhanced remote or buy a simple remote if you are not going to be using a Roku Streaming Stick. 

Can You Reprogram a Roku Remote?

The buttons on your Roku remote can not be reprogrammed. Therefore, you can not change the functions of your remote buttons or change how it operates.

You may either purchase an upgraded remote or use the Roku app instead. 

Can You Use Your Phone as a Universal Remote for Roku?

You can use your Android or Apple smartphone as a remote control for all models of Roku device. The Roku app can be used as a replacement for both the simple and enhanced remotes since it has no limitations. 

It only requires WiFi and works on all Roku devices including the Roku Streaming Stick+ and the Streaming Stick 4K+. 

What Happens If You Lose Your Roku Remote?

There is no need to worry if you lose your Roku TV remote. As I said earlier, Roku remotes are not expensive and can be purchased on Amazon and online platforms for $15 or less. 

The Roku app for smartphones also serves as a good alternative for the Roku remote. 

You will need to download the Roku app on your smartphone and go through the process I described above in order to use the phone as your remote. You should always ensure that both the smartphone and your Roku device/ TV are connected to the same WiFi. 

Final Thoughts

You should not be so concerned if your Roku remote does not have a pairing button. On most occasions, your remote will automatically pair with your Roku device even if it doesn’t have the pairing button once you turned it on. 

In case it refuses to sync automatically, you can always pair it yourself by using the buttons on your TV to navigate to Settings and selecting Remote Devices. 

Finally, your last and most reliable resort will be to download the Roku app on your smartphone and decide whether to use it as your remote or use it to navigate to your TV’s Settings menu in order to pair your remote.


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