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Do Laser Projectors Run Hot

Do Laser Projectors Run Hot?

Electronic devices are much more part of our everyday lives. One thing that people are concerned about when using electronic devices is they become hot when in use. Projector users often complain about their...

Can A Projector Be Hacked?

Can a Projector be Hacked?

Schools, cooperate settings, outdoors, homes, and cinemas use projectors. Some projectors even allow connection to the internet. In as much as projectors are simple to operate, is it possible to hack them? I know...

Best for Outdoor: Yescom DIY Projection Screen Material, 177″ 16:9

5 Best Projector Screen Materials in 2023

The Elite Screens Designer Cut Series, 135-inch 16:9 projector screen material, should be your top choice if you are considering making a DIY projector screen. DIY projector screens are already widely used nowadays. People...