Mini Projector Sound Not Working- Causes and Fixes

It is disappointing to be plagued by technological issues, such as wondering why your mini projector has no sound coming from its speakers. It might squander your precious time and make you look foolish in front of your audience. When making a professional presentation, this slight issue might be one of your life’s worst days.

Mini projector sound not working. Your mini projector’s sound may not work because of the volume settings. You may also be using the wrong audio input for your projector. Outdated apps on your mini projector can cause the sound not to work. You may not have also selected the mini projector as the audio output for your connected device. You can get your mini projector’s sound to work by changing the volume settings and setting it as the audio output for your connected device.

Using a few straightforward strategies and tricks, you may address the issue of your mini projector not producing sound. Therefore, if you encounter this difficulty in the future, try not to get agitated or irritated because it is not a serious enough issue to warrant calling a professional. You can figure things out by yourself if you follow the guidelines in this article.

Mini Projector Sound Not Working

What Should I Do If My Mini Projector’s Sound Is Not Working?

If you project a video with your mini projector and you realize that the sound is not working, do not think too much of it as a big issue. It could just be a minor issue:

Check to See if the Projector’s Sound Settings have been Set Right

The first thing to do regarding this issue is to check if the settings have been set correctly. In some instances, the projector’s sound may have been turned too low and become inaudible, or it has been put on mute. To fix the volume settings of your mini projector, you should:

  • Adjust the projector’s volume by increasing it. If you have your remote control, you can press the “+” to turn the volume up. If your mini projector does not have a remote control, press the “+” button on the projector’s control panel.
  • If adjusting the volume does not work, then perhaps the sound may have been muted. To unmute it, press the A/V button on the remote control.
  • If you are streaming with an app on your mini projector, check the sound settings on the app to see if it is low or has been muted. If it is, just adjust the sound settings.

Check to See If the Audio Output from the Connected Device

If you have tried adjusting the sound settings and still are not hearing any sound from your mini projector, check the connected device to see the audio output.

Whether the connected device is a computer, smartphone or TV, you may have chosen the wrong audio output. Sometimes, you will still hear the sound from the connected device’s speaker rather than your projector’s speaker.

Regardless of your device, you have to go to the device’s sound settings and check the sound output. Change the sound output to your projector if it has not been set. If you do not see your projector’s name listed in the sound output, check the audio input cable to see that it has been plugged into both your device and projector correctly. If it does not work, try changing the ports or the cable.

How to set the audio output on your laptop to your projector

  • Click on start and scroll down to the “S” column. Click on settings.
  • Click on “System.”
  • Scroll to the input section and click on the drop-down menu
  • From the drop-down menu, select your projector.

Update Outdated App

Your mini projector’s associated applications may not be updated, resulting in minor technical problems that can interfere with your sound. Check your projector to see if these apps have any new updates so that you update them.

Once you are done installing the updates, any issue associated with the projector’s sound will automatically be rectified.

If you have a mini projector that doesn’t get sound, watch this video.

Connect Your Mini Projector to an External Speaker

If all the solutions have failed, you can connect an external speaker to your projector. You can connect your mini projector to an external speaker via Bluetooth or an audio cable (especially an audio jack). You should know that not all mini projectors have Bluetooth features.

Before getting an external speaker for your mini projector, you must consider the connection mode. Almost all external speakers have an audio jack port, so that you can use that as a standard.

What  Kind of Speakers can I Connect to My Mini Projector?

You can connect your mini projector to several types of speakers. You can use stereo speakers, Bluetooth speakers, and sound bar amplifiers.

If you are connecting your projector to a stereo speaker, you may have to use a TOSLINK cable to connect both devices. You can connect soundbar amplifiers using an HDMI cable and a 3.5mm audio jack. As for the connection with Bluetooth speakers, you have to ensure your device has a Bluetooth feature.

How to Connect a Mini Projector to an External Speaker

It is possible to connect your mini projector to an external speaker. You must be aware of the input source you will use, whether it is a TOSLINK cable, HDMI cable, audio jack or Bluetooth. Follow these steps to connect your mini projector to a speaker:

  1. Switch off both devices to prevent any electrical interference.
  2. Identify the port both devices have and use the appropriate connection cable.
  3. Plug one end of the cable into the projector’s port and the other into the speaker’s port.
  4. After connecting both devices, turn them on a play an audio. Once the audio comes, adjust the settings of the sound to suit your preference.

Do Mini Projectors have Sound?

Most modern mini projectors have in-built speakers. However, back in the day, mini projectors did not come with speakers, and the ones that did had a very low sound quality. Even to this day, not all mini projectors come with in-built speakers. The disadvantage of using a mini projector’s speaker is that the sound they produce is not so loud, or the sound quality may be very low.

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Can You Connect a Mini Projector to a Speaker?

Yes, you can connect a speaker to your mini projector. Note that not all mini projectors have audio inputs, and also, while some will have a Bluetooth feature, others will not. Depending on your projector’s port, you can connect to a speaker if you use the right cable.


Mini projectors are very portable because you can carry them anywhere without hassle. While others come with in-built speakers, others do not. It is great if your mini projector has an in-built speaker. You do not have to carry an external speaker with you every time.

However, in-built speakers of mini projectors may produce a low sound that will be barely visible to a large audience. Also, they may come with very low sound quality. I recommend connecting your mini projector to a speaker if you are using it for a large crowd.m


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