Is My JVC Projector’s Warranty Transferrable?

Almost all Manufacturers offer a warranty policy to ensure the credibility of their products. Some warranty duration can span about 20 years, depending on the product. When you purchase an item that comes with a warranty, you can send it back to the manufacturer for servicing, get a replacement part or even get a brand new one so long as you follow their warranty policy.

JVC projectors are no different. JVC offers a warranty for their customers on any projector they purchase. But what if your projector’s warranty is still active, and you gift the device or sell it to someone, is it possible to transfer the warranty to the new owner?

Is my JVC projector’s warranty transferable?. It is technically impossible to transfer the warranty on your JVC projector. According to their warranty policy, it is not possible to change the name present on the warranty claim invoice. Only the person whose name is present on the warranty invoice can claim any warranty servicing.

When your device is still in its warranty period, you can use it carefree because when it breaks down, you can get free or discounted servicing. But selling your JVC projector to someone does not mean that the person can continue enjoying the warranty on the projector.

Is My JVC Projector’s Warranty Transferrable?

Can I Transfer the Warranty of My JVC Projector to Another Person?

You cannot transfer the warranty on your JVC projector to another customer per the terms of JVC Limited’s warranty document/card. In other words, the name shown on the invoice cannot be changed to another person’s name.

Additionally, only the United States or the nation where the device was purchased is eligible for warranty coverage. According to JVC, only the person whose name is on the invoice is authorized to make a warranty service claim.

You may always get in touch with JVC to check the details. JVC can change its policy at any time, so it is worth checking from time to time if they have changed its stance on its warranty transfer policy.

In any case, if you have sold the device to someone and the warranty is still active, you can take the projector for servicing yourself if it is faulty.

Does this mean that other projector brands do not allow the transfer of warranty?

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Can You Transfer the Warranty of Devices from Other Manufacturers?

Typically, other manufacturers can allow warranty transfer. Companies like BenQ and JVC do not allow warranty transfers, and only the original buyer is eligible for the warranty claim.

JVC Projector Warranty Policy

A 24-month servicing workmanship and parts warranty is often included with your JVC projector when you buy it. The warranty, however, has its restrictions though. For example, the costs of repair or restoration won’t be covered by JVC if you were directly involved in damaging your projector.

Additionally, the light or bulb has a separate warranty from the projector guarantee. The projector lamp also has a different warranty from that of the projector.

JVC usually gives a 2-year warranty, but some models could have as much as a 3-year warranty. Ideally, you may not get a JVC projector with a 3-year original warranty. However, it is possible to extend the warranty period once the original one expires.

Please be aware that the projector must only be purchased from or at an authorized distributor or dealer who provides both sales and after-sales assistance for the warranty to be valid.

When you purchase a projector from online sites like eBay and Craigslist, note that you will not be guaranteed a warranty because none are authorized JVC sellers.

Some projectors, too, are only permitted by JVC for offline sales. A projector won’t have an official brand guarantee if JVC forbids the internet sale of such projectors and you purchase it there. JVC will stop doing business with that particular merchant and could even sue them.

How Does JVC’s Warranty Work?

During the warranty term, if a component malfunction or becomes faulty and you are not directly responsible, JVC will replace or repair the defective module with a working one without taking a penny.

Please be aware that the projector’s original warranty will only cover the new part. A warranty will only cover the replacement or reconditioned part for 11 months if your JVC projector came with a 2-year guarantee and a part failed in the 13th month.

You must submit your projector to the service center by mail or send it in person for servicing at a JVC-approved service outlet. The firm will not be liable for any harm done to the item during transportation to and from JVC.

So make sure the equipment is packaged appropriately. It is advised to place the equipment back in its original container. Additionally, you are responsible for paying the shipping and handling fees.

Include the original product receipt and a message describing the issue with the boxed equipment.

Is It Possible to Extend the Warranty Duration of My JVC Projector?

Yes, you may extend the warranty on your JVC projector. Get in touch with JVC support to extend it for up to two years.

When you register the item for warranty, you can request a warranty extension. Speak with JVC to learn more about your alternatives if the option isn’t accessible.

After a specific amount of use, the warranty extension may or may not be available. In other words, extending the warranty for a JVC projector that is already one year old is typically more expensive or unavailable. However, less expensive third-party warranties could be offered.

The warranty extension could cost from a few hundred and several thousand dollars. For models like the JVC-2500L2, a two-year warranty extension can cost between $2,000 and $2,500. As part of a launch deal or if you have a discount code, you might get some free warranty extensions.

By the way, an extended warranty is not available for all JVC projectors. The warranty extension may or may not cover the light as well.

Is It Worth it to Extend My JVC Projector’s Warranty?

An extended warranty is recommended if you want to keep the projector for more than two or three years, especially if the extension includes the bulb.

After a while, projector bulbs typically lose their lustre. However, it seems sensible to forego the additional protection if the cost of fixing the projector is less than the extended warranty price. And especially if you know independent service providers who can fix the projector expertly and affordably.

Seek such unauthorized repair options only after the original warranty term on your JVC gadget has expired.

Final Thoughts

You have to respect the warranty policy of your manufacturer. This way, you can enjoy all the privileges it comes with. JVC is strict on its warranty policies to the extent that your device will only be covered if it was bought in the United States or an authorized country.

Transferring your projector’s warranty is currently not possible with JVC. Perhaps as time goes on, they may review their policy. Until then, only the original buyer or person with their name on the warranty invoice has a claim to the guarantee.


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