How to return DirecTV Equipment

If you have been wondering how to return the DirecTV equipment that you bought for your home, then you’re in the right place.

Today, you will discover all that you need to know about how to return your equipment whether is after cancellation or upgrading your service.

If you are like me, returning a product after purchase back to the company is a hassle. There are times I simply lose money because the hassle I will have to go through to return the unwanted product is a pain in the ass.

Well, returning your DirecTV equipment doesn’t have to be much of a problem provided you follow the instructions here in this guide below.

If you need to return your DirecTV equipment after an upgrade or cancellation of your account, then this article is for you.

All you will need is the returnable equipment, the original receipt, and a box from the home or office supply store that’s big enough to hold all the equipment that needs to be returned.

How to return DirecTV Equipment

What is DirecTV?

With over 200 channels for home and commercial customers across the USA, DirecTV is considered the topmost satellite television provider.

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Customers get to watch all kinds of entertainment options such as television shows, news, NFL Sunday Ticket, etc. You even purchase 4k high-definition images of their channels for an additional monthly fee.

Why Return Your DirecTV Equipment?

There are reasons why someone may want to return their equipment. One of such reasons is the cancellation of the DirecTV subscription and the other reason is if you want to upgrade your service.

If you wish to cancel your service, then here are the steps you need to follow to cancel:

  • First and foremost, call and tell DirecTV that you wish to cancel your subscription at 800-531-5000
  • DirecTV will ask for your reason for cancellation. Simply tell them it’s not a good fit for you anymore.
  • After that, you will be transferred to a customer service representative that will help you with the cancellation. Usually, they are very helpful in making the process straightforward.

Before you cancel, you may need to consider that early termination may affect your fees depending on the contract.

How to Return DirecTV Equipment after Cancellation or Upgrading Your Service

If you wish to return your DirecTV equipment, the process is quite straightforward.  However, there are some rules to adhere to when you are trying to cancel your subscription.

Firstly, keep in mind that if DirecTV provided the equipment as part of your package purchase, you can’t simply return them in the box and the packaging.

Secondly, you must return all the items that were provided by DirecTV. In case you misplace any of the items. Kindly call DirecTV to purchase and replace it before you return the items.

After you’ve got all the items together, then you have to determine how to get them to the warehouse safely to be processed.

Things To Know When Returning DirecTV Boxes?

whether you choose FedEx or USPS to return your equipment, you just need to be sure you have the following details on the label with the required information.

  • Your name
  • Your DIRECTV account number
  • A description of each item being returned, such as the serial number on the devices like the receivers and remotes, extension cords, model numbers or barcodes on equipment such as remotes, and the quantity being returned for each item
  • The reason for returning each used electronics or piece of equipment

In case you choose to return your items via the approved DirecTV carrier (UPS), do not write any information in white lettering on either side or along the bottom of the package. Otherwise, it might prevent your package from being processed correctly.

Here are three ways to send the DIRECTV equipment back:

Method 1: Return DirecTV Equipment Through UPS or FedEx

When using the UPS  or FedEx carriers, all the equipment will be sent to DirecTV company without any shipping fees.

All you have to do is look for the closest UPS or FedEx. Also, the account number on the top of your box is required. It is a 9-digit number. The account number can also be found on the DirecTV bill as well.

Ask for a receipt from the shipping company as proof your equipment was returned.

Method 2: Return the DirecTV Equipment Via Return Kit

Another way to return your DirecTV equipment is to contact their customer support 24-hour a day line and request that you want to return your equipment.

Then wait for the prepay postage shipping label and return the kit to arrive.

Now, pack all the items you wish to return into a box, at the top of the box place the DirecTV return shipping label that came with the package.

Have a mail courier deliver pick up the package or deliver it yourself to the post office.

Method 3: Return DirecTV Equipment Through Return Label

The third method through which you can return your DirecTV equipment is using the materials contained within the box it arrived in.

Make sure to remove the return shipping label’s receipt tab at the bottom, this is the original label with the return shipping label and any other additional postage stamps.

The DIRECTV return equipment shipping label will be required; otherwise, it will not be returned to DIRECTV/AT&T.

Drop it off at any FedEx facility or the nearest post office if you have Fixed Wireless Internet or DIRECTV.

Drop the box off at an official UPS drop-off location if you have AT&T Internet or AT&T U-Verse TV for existing customers.

Do I need to Return the HDMI Cable to DirecTV?

The answer is No. You are required to return the AT&T DirecTV receiver. However, you are not required to return the HDMI cable, remote, cables, manual, etc.

What Happens if I Don’t Return my DIRECTV Equipment?

If you don’t return your DirecTV equipment, then you will incur charges and they are usually costly. Which is generally not necessary especially if the account is closed or paid off.

If there is a clause in the service company contract that says you must return the equipment, then it’s important you do so. Also, make sure the contract is complete and up-to-date before you return any DirecTV equipment.

Final Thoughts

It’s important to keep in mind that you don’t need to return the remote controls or satellite dish and accessories like the remote, HMDI, and manual.

However, you need to return the receivers you rented from the company and the wireless bridge that was rented for the video signals.

If you have done the cancellation of your service, then you need to get in touch with the company for the latest within 7 days. If not you could attract charges after one week.

Before returning the DirecTV equipment, you may also want to reset the receiver box. This you can do by holding down the red: “reset” button located inside the access card door for about a few seconds.

Always return equipment that’s on loan to you if you cancel your DIRECTV service. It makes it easier for them to do an accurate product inventory and allows customers who want working devices to get one.


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