How to Program DirecTV Remote to LG TV

Using one remote to control your home theater system is very convenient. If you have many devices with different remotes, it can be frustrating having to reach out for each remote anytime you need to control the device.

Besides that, you also need to replace the remote batteries of any of them that might have low strength. This is not only time-consuming but also comes with costs.

It is much easier to control your TV and other devices with your DirecTV remote.  If you already have a DirecTV receiver, then you are good to go.

DirecTV is a broadcast satellite provider that has a lot of channels to view at your choice for a monthly subscription. It is a great service to have at home.

Today, in this guide you will learn how to program your DirecTV remote to your LG TV.

How to Program DirecTV Remote to LG TV

How to Tell Which DirecTv Remote You Are Using

There are two main types of DirecTV remotes namely the DirecTV universal remote and the Genie DirecTV remote.

the Genie remote has a more hourglass shape with the top half black and the bottom half white. The Universal Remote looks like a long thin rectangle.

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The Genie remote feels better in the hand because of its ergonomic design. They are available with or without the backlit option.

It uses infrared (IR) and radio frequency technology ( RF). The radio frequency allows you to use the remote without pointing the remote to the device.

However, remotes that use only infrared technology will work in a line of sight.

With the universal remote, there are two types. The standard universal remote is only IR compatible while the universal RF remote can operate without it being pointed at the device.

DirecTV labeled the remotes with the model number to make it easier for you to program. You can find the model number in the upper left-hand corner of the remote.

The universal remote can control your DirecTv receiver, VCR, DVD player, and your TV.

How to Program DirecTV Remote to LG TV

Here, we will look at the different DirecTV remotes and how to program them. Depending on which type you have then you can choose the steps accordingly.

How to Program Your DirecTV Genie Remote to Your LG TV Using the IR/RF Method

Below are the steps to follow if you choose to program your remote using the IR/RF method.

Step 1: Point the Genie remote to the Genie mini or Genie HD DVR.

Step 2: Hold down the Enter and Mute buttons at the same time until the green light indicator on the remote flashes twice.

Step 3: The device screen should indicate you are entering the IR/RF setup mode.

Step 4: Now,  turn on the LG TV.

Step 5: Press the white  Menu button on the remote and select settings

Step 6: Choose the remote control  and select program remote

Step 7: On the list of TV brands that will show up, you should see LG TV.

Step 8: Follow the prompts on the TV to finish pairing the Genie remote to your LG TV.

If you don’t want to use the automatic method using the IR/RF mode, you can also program your Genie remote the manual way.

How to Program Your DirecTV Genie Remote to Your LG TV Using the Manual Method

Step 1: Point the Genie Remote to either the Genie HD DVR or Genie Mini.

Step 2: Press both the Enter and Mute buttons simultaneously until the green light indicator flashes twice.

Step 3: Now, press the numbers “9,6,1” on the remote.

Step 4: Press the Channel Up button and press Enter.

Step 5: A prompt will pop up on the screen to indicate that the remote is not configured for RF mode.

Step 6: Select OK.

Step 7: Now, turn on your LG TV.

Step 8: Press Menu on the Genie remote

Step 9: Select Settings, and choose Remote Control.

Step 10: Choose Program Remote and You will see a list of devices that you can pair to the remote. Choose your LG TV brand.

Step 11: Now, follow the prompts on the TV screen to finish the pairing of your remote to your LG TV.

How to Program Your DirecTv Universal Remote to Your LG TV

If the DirecTV remote you have is the Universal remote, then you will need to follow these steps.

Step 1: Turn off your TV, and slide the manual button to the TV if it isn’t already. Turn the TV back on.

Step 2: Press the Menu button on the universal remote.

Step 3: Choose Settings on the TV.

Step 4: Select the Remote Control and then Select Program Remote.

Step 5: Enter the DirecTV remote code. If you are not sure, you can look it up online.

Step 6: Next, follow the prompts on the screen until you finish the pairing process.

Note: You will need to point the remote directly to the receiver if your remote does not have RF technology.

Below is a video on how to program DirecTV RC71 remote to your LG TV.

Where Can You Find the Codes to Program Your DirecTV Remote to LG TV?

You can find the codes to program your remote to LG TV by visiting their online site on remote codes. This website will tell you how to find the codes to program the remote to the TV.

Final Thoughts

With the above instructions, you can program your DirecTV remote to your LG TV successfully without any problem. Choose the steps based on your remote type.

If you are unsure of the codes, kindly you the code lookup link above to help you in finding the right code.


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