How to Mount a TV on Drywall Wall With No Studs

Wondering how to mount a TV on drywall without studs?. Great, then after reading this guide, you will find the best way to mount a TV to drywall with no studs.

Maybe you recently bought your flat screen TV and looking for how to mount it on your wall which happens to be drywall with no studs.

In a situation like this, it may appear as though it is an impossible task to accomplish. But not to worry. Today, you will learn how to mount your TV on drywall with no studs. It’s actually easy to accomplish. Keep Reading!.

tv wall mount drywall no studs

How to Mount a TV on Drywall Without Studs

Mounting a TV on the wall is traditionally done by drilling into wood studs behind the drywall. But what happens if your wall doesn’t have studs?. What if your annoying landlord says no drilling allowed?. This will leave you with only the traditional option of placing your TV on a stand.

Fortunately, with innovation, there are now drywall mounts that have enough strength to support TVs up to 200Ibs. This includes almost any size of TV under 200 Ibs. So if you’ve got screen sizes like 55″, 70″ or even 77″ TV, it will be able to support it. The support ranges from 30″ to 80″ screens.

If you are interested in getting a TV wall mount on drywall with no studs, then I will recommend this AmazonBasics No Studs Low Profile Tilting TV Wall Mount. This No stud TV wall mount accommodates 32- to 80-inch TVs; can hold up to 150 pounds in drywall and 200 pounds in wood, concrete or concrete block.

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Amazon Basics No Stud TV Mount Installation

With these three steps, you will be able to mount your TV to drywall with no studs easily and securely.

Step 1: Attach the Brackets to the Back of the TV

This TV mount comes with all the hardware that is needed to attach all TVs. There are enough screws to ensure that it is compatible with the top TV brands. This includes Samsung, Vizio, TCL, Sony, and more. Once the TV has got mounting holes, it will work.

Naturally, drywall mounts will tilt down because the bottom of the screen is not supported by anything. Actually, it’s a good thing because it reduces glare and looks cool in most setups.

This TV mount is a low-profile one which only extends only 1 inch from the wall for a clean appearance and can tilt up to +5 degrees.

Step 2: Nail the Wall Plate into the Drywall

This is where you can take all your frustration out. You will need to nail a couple of nails and it wouldn’t take much time. The nails will drive in smoothly without messing it up. In the end, you will end up with a perfectly straight-mounted TV.

Step 3: Attach the TV to the Wall Plate

Depending on how big your TV is, you might need the help of a friend in this step to help you out. You need to mount the TV from the wall plate. Unless you are very strong and trust you can lift it up by yourself.

Final words on TV Wall Mount Drywall no Studs

When it comes to choosing a TV mount for drywall no studs, ensure you choose one that is safety tested to be able to hold your TV securely. Because the last thing you want is to mount your brand new TV on an unsecured mount that will cause it to fall.

Luckily, there are solid and secure TV mounts for drywall around like the one I recommended above that is made of heavy-duty steel for reliable strength that will mount your TV securely.


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