How to Modify EPSON Projector to Fit Screen Small/Bigger

It can be frustrating when you turn on your projector and realize that the projected image appears so big that it has extended from the screen onto another surface. There could be times when the projected image will appear very small on the screen, and your audience will have to strain their eyes before seeing what is on the screen. These are occasional problems you can encounter if you are not the only one using the projector or have just bought a new one.

How to Modify EPSON Projector to Fit Screen Small/Bigger. To adjust your EPSON projector to fit your screen; you must resize the image your device is projecting or reposition your device. You can adjust your EPSON projector to fit your screen by using the Zoom ring (not available on all Epson projectors); using the Wide and Tele buttons; changing the aspect ratio; moving or repositioning the projector or using the zoom buttons on your remote control.

Repositioning the projector only applies to devices mounted on tables or tripods. Moving them about is easy, unlike ceiling and wall-mounted projectors that you must go through a fuss to unmount before repositioning them. This article talks about diverse ways in which you can get your projected image from an EPSON projector.

How to Modify EPSON Projector to Fit Screen Small/Bigger

Ways You can Adjust EPSON Projector to Fit Screen Small/Big

If you are facing difficulties in getting the right image size from your EPSON projector, you can try out these solutions:

  • Moving or repositioning the projector
  • Using the Wide and Tele buttons
  • Using the Zoom ring (this feature is not available on all Epson projectors)
  • Changing the Aspect ratio
  • Zoom buttons on remote

Move or Reposition Your Projector

This solution should be the first to try if your projector has not been mounted to the ceiling or the wall. If your projector has been mounted on a tripod or a table and you are repositioning it, consider the throw distance and the throw ratio.

The throw ratio is matched by adjusting the distance between the screen and the projector. Every Epson projector has a throw ratio calculated by comparing the throw distance to the image width.

The throw distance measures the separation between the projector’s lens’ tip and the screen, whereas the throw ratio measures the image’s width concerning the throw distance. The throw ratio is frequently expressed as D/W.

Suppose your projector’s throw ratio is 2.1. That means your projector and screen must be two feet apart to project an image one foot wide. You can either increase or decrease the size of your image by using the throw ratio, a straightforward formula.

Moving the projector away from your screen will enlarge the image it projects; likewise, moving it closer to the screen will enlarge the image it projects. The image size can be changed more quickly this way.

Using the Wide-angle (W) and Telephoto Projector (T) Buttons

Using the W and T buttons is one of the quickest ways to change the size of a projected image. The T button has a narrow field of view, making photos appear closer, while the W button has a short but wide view. These steps will guide you to use the T and W buttons to resize your projector’s image:

  • Turn on your projector and wait for about 15s
  • Press “TEST” on your projector’s remote to display a test pattern.
  • Select any image to project if your projector’s system does not support a test function.
  • Locate the T and W buttons on top of the projector.
  • To enlarge the image, constantly press the T button on the projector. Once you get the desired image size, you can stop pressing the button.
  • Press the W button constantly to increase the image size until you reach the desired size.
  • Press “ESC” to leave the menu after repositioning the image.

Using the Zoom Ring

This feature is not available on all EPSON projectors and is also one of the easiest ways to adjust a projected image with your EPSON projector. This feature allows you to adjust your projected image using a zoom ring or slider instead of the W and T buttons discussed in the previous point. The EPSON EB-E01, for instance, has this feature.

To adjust the zoom ring on your EPSON projector, move the zoom ring forward to enlarge the image and backward to decrease the image size. Keep moving the ring back and forth until you get your desired image size.

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Changing the Image Aspect Ratio

You can resize the image on your Epson projector by changing the aspect ratio. An image’s width-to-height ratio is known as the aspect ratio. The size and shape of the image are distorted when the aspect ratio of the projector and the viewing screen does not match, even though this does not directly influence the projected image size.

Here’s how to change the aspect ratio to resize the image:

  • Turn on your projector and select an image to project.
  • The image’s size and shape will change after pressing the aspect ratio button.
  • Press the Aspect button several times to select different aspect ratios.

Using the Zoom Buttons on the Remote Control

You can equally use the zoom buttons on your EPSON projector’s remote control to adjust the image’s size:

  • Project an image with your projector.
  • Continually press the projector’s zoom button to acquire the desired image size.
  • The “-” button will decrease the size of the image while the “+” button will increase the size of the image.
  • Press the “ESC” button to exit when you are done.

When using the Zoom feature on your projector, be sure to turn it on at least 30 minutes in advance.

How to Adjust an EPSON Projector to Fit a Specific Screen

Use the Screen Fit and Quick Corner functions to resize your image. On the remote control, you can find both features. On some Epson projectors, you’ll need to adjust manually by accessing the settings menu.

Using the Screen Fit tool is easy to get your image to fit your screen quickly and properly. It adjusts the image’s size, shape, focus, and keystone simultaneously. Here’s how to adjust the image size with the screen fit feature:

  • Press the Screen Fit button on the projector’s control panel or on your remote control.
  • For the image to appear in the center of the screen, adjust the projector as necessary.
  • Zoom the picture until you notice a yellow frame that reaches past the boundaries of the screen.
  • When you’ve achieved your desired image shape and size, press “ESC” to exit.

You can also use the quick corner function to help you resize your image to achieve a perfect rectangular shape by moving the four corners of an image. This is how to go about it:

  • Turn on your projector and either display any image or pattern aid to guide you
  • Access the projector’s menu by pressing on “Menu.”
  • Select Settings and press “Enter”
  • Select Keystone and press “Enter”
  • Select Quick Corner and press Enter. Press Enter again to see the Quick corner adjustment screen
  • Using the Arrow keys, select the corner of the image that you wish to adjust, and press Enter
  • Repeat for all corners, adjusting as necessary until satisfied. Finally, press Esc to exit the menu.

Final Thoughts

Getting your projected image to fit a screen is an issue we can encounter often. In these instances, there are a lot of solutions to try. You can try repositioning the projector; using the zoom ring; using the zoom buttons on your remote control; using the W and T buttons and even changing the aspect ratio.

If none of the solutions works for you, try rebooting your projector, changing your remote-control batteries or trying a hard reset. If you are still unable to adjust the image size, your projector might be faulty and would require a hardware technician’s attention.


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