How to Make a Cooler Speaker (Helpful Guide)

Cooler speakers are not only fashionable but also serve as a better option for minimizing heat around speakers. They can be used in your home, for outdoor events, picnics, bonfires, etc. If you are intrigued with cooler speakers and wish to make one for yourself, keep reading this guide because I’ll show you how to make one. 

How do you make a cooler speaker? Well, making a cooler is quite easier than you thought. You can make cooler speakers from plastic containers or ice chests. Cut out holes around the plastic container and fix your speakers in the holes. Run speaker cables from a power source through the container to the speakers and tape the cables in the container. 

Cooler speakers are fun to use and remain cool while they are in use. This makes them a bit safer to be used by all age groups. In this guide, I’ll focus on how to make a cooler speaker from a plastic container, so if you are ready to learn, read on for information on how to make these trendy speakers. 

What is a Cooler Speaker?

Before we hop into the crux of this article, let’s take some time to know what cooler speakers are. 

A cooler speaker is a speaker that is specially made to remain cool while in use. This is basically the edge that cooler speakers have over other speakers. 

Other speakers often produce heat when you use them. You can feel this heat around them when you touch them with your palms. 

Cooler speakers come in all shapes and sizes. Some are big and while others are small. 

When it comes to shapes, you may have a cooler speaker which is round or even square. Since cooler speakers are portable, you can easily make different shapes of speakers and use them without any complications. 

How Do Cooler Speaker Speakers Work? 

Cooler speakers work pretty much like ordinary speakers. They produce sounds from electrical signals from an amp or music source. 

They will require some sort of amplification and power source in order to function properly. You should therefore include an amp when you are building a cooler speaker. 

Since different speakers meet different needs, you should always use quality speakers in your cooler speakers in order to meet your audio demand. 

If you use a square-shaped speaker as your cooler speaker, you may have trouble using them in different rooms. However, a round speaker can almost be used in every room regardless of the shape. 

How Do I Make a Cooler Speaker?

Now that you know what a cooler speaker is and how it operates, let me show you how to make one for yourself. 

You’ll need a couple of materials if you want to make a cooler speaker. Below are some of the materials that you’ll need: 

  • Cooler or plastic container
  • Speakers
  • Amp
  • Speaker wires
  • Battery
  • Battery maintainer plug
  • Silicon
  • Abs plastic 

When it comes to the tools that you’ll need, don’t worry, I got you covered. You should get the following tools: 

  • Knife
  • Dremel
  • Drill and drill bit
  • Spring clips
  • Wire stripper
  • Electronic tape

Now that you have the tools and materials in place, let’s see how you can make the cooler speaker.

Step1: Measure the Speakers

The reason for making the cooler speaker is to fit the speakers into the cooler or plastic container. Therefore you should measure the width of your speakers and then mark the dimensions on the cooler. 

Step 2: Cut Out the Holes

After marking the desired areas on the cooler, pull out your dremel and cut out the holes from the cooler. These holes are where you will insert your speakers. 

Step 3: Drill Holes for Switches

Your cooler speaker definitely needs to be connected to a power source and an amp. These components need to have their switches on your speaker so that you can easily control the volume of the speaker. 

The speaker will also need to have an input jack, that’s a connection point to which you can connect the amp to. 

Use your drill to drill as many holes as you may need. For aesthetic purposes, try as much as possible to separate the holes in a uniform manner so that you can enjoy the view of the cooler speaker once you are done. 

Step 4: Connect the Cables

This is the most important part of the setup. At this point, what you should do is connect all the components of the speaker together. 

The components include the speakers, amp, switches, and battery. For the battery, you can use a motorcycle battery to power up the speaker.

First of all, you need to connect your amp to the switch. What you should do is wire some cables from the amp to the switch. 

Connect ground wire, power, and remote wires from the amp to the switch. If your amp has spring clip connectors, just hold the clips down to keep the wires in place otherwise use a soldering iron to solder the ends of the wires. 

Now get to the switch and connect a power and ground wire from the switch to the motorcycle battery.  

 Next is to connect the amp to the speakers. Use speaker wires to connect the output port of the amp to the input port of the speaker. 

When you are done, connect the battery maintainer plug to the battery via cables. Make sure to connect the poles of the battery correctly. Wire the red cable to the positive terminal of the battery and connect the black cable to the negative terminal of the battery. 

Step 5: Put the Components at their Permanent Places

Now that you are through with your connections, it is time to get the components at their right locations. 

You need to put the amp and battery at their designated places in the cooler. 

You can use glue to hold down a wooden strip to the bottom of the cooler and then screw the components onto it. This will keep the components intact and prevent them from moving about in the cooler. 

Screw down the amp and the battery to the bottom of the cooler using screws and a screwdriver. 

Step 6: Use Abs Plastic and Silicon 

Since you want the cooler speaker to be cool while you use it, it is important for you to mount an abs plastic in the cooler in order to help it cool. After all, what’s the use of a cooler speaker that doesn’t coils\ down. 

To use the abs plastic efficiently, measure the size of the cooler surfaces that you want to apply the plastic to and cut the same size of the plastic appropriately. 

Sometimes, you’ll have to bend the abs a bit in order for it to fit properly on in the cooler. In such cases, gently apply steady pressure on the abs to get them to fit in the cooler properly. 

When you are through with the abs, use silicon to seal off the abs. This will prevent abs from breaking down and will also seal off any leakages in the cooler. 

Step 7: Tape the Cables

Now, everything is set and we are almost through. If you do not want your cables to lay idly in the container, you can tape them to the sides of the plastic using electrical tape. This will keep them intact and make the cables less messy in the cooler. 

With cables tapped, you’ve finally succeeded in making your cooler speaker. These kinds of speakers are fun to use. To brighten up the picture, you can even decide to connect LED lights to the speaker, so that the lights flash anything the music comes up. 

Final Thoughts

As you can see, cooler speakers are one way to spice up your audio experience. If you followed the steps I described above, you should have no problems making your own cooler speaker. 

In fact, you can go on to add other auxiliary components that I didn’t even mention in this article. 

Just make sure that you design the cooler speaker to meet your needs. The trick to making the best of cooler speakers is to use too quality speakers and an amp.

You can mix different kinds of speakers on the cooler so that you get a variety of audio when you use the speaker for your outings and parties. 


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