How To Focus Sony Projector (Pro Tips)

Using a projector is a great way to view your favorite movie on a larger screen or to show a large audience a video or a picture. However, we could encounter some problems with their usage. One typical problem is a blurry image from your projected image. This happens when your projector is out of focus.

A projector that is out of focus is very frustrating as the projected images will appear fuzzy and blurred. If you are using a Sony projector and it is out of focus, it can be due to many reasons, but the main thing users will be looking for is how to focus their projector.

The best way to focus your Sony projector is to activate the autofocusing feature of the device. You can also focus your Sony projector by adjusting the mounting distance of the device from the screen. Changing the resolution of your computer to match your projector’s resolution can solve the issue. Sometimes, it can be done by simply adjusting the zoom or using a smooth projector screen. Most often, cleaning the projector’s lens can help.

If you are faced with such a problem, you have found the right blog to address the problems and provide you with a solution. You will find out why your Sony projector is out of focus and solutions.

How To Focus Sony Projector?

Why is My Sony Projector Out of Focus?

It becomes difficult to see the details of an image that is out of focus. The image will appear fuzzy and blurry. Several reasons can contribute to this:

Dirty Lens

When your projector’s lens is dirty, it can interfere with the lamp’s light path, causing certain parts of the image to be blurred. Cleaning the lens with a cotton swab can quickly solve the issue.

Damaged Lens

If your projector is still out of focus after cleaning the lens, then perhaps the lens is damaged. The lens is very delicate, and any slight pressure can damage it. In this case, simply replace the lens and keep the lens cover on at all times if it is not in use.

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Projector Distance from Screen

Sony has a recommended distance you should place your projector according to your screen’s size to get a clear and sharp image. Anything beyond the recommended distance will make your image appear blurry.

If you have a spacious viewing room, you can adjust the projector’s distance from the screen until you get a clear image. If you have a restricted viewing room, read on to find other ways to focus your Sony projector.

Uneven Projector Screen

Suppose the projector screen you are using does not have a smooth screen and a uniform texture. Screens play a role in the projected image’s quality, so make sure you use a uniform and smooth screen.

Guide on How to Focus Your Sony Projector

Follow the guide in this post to correctly focus your Sony projector;

Autofocus Feature

Sony has an autofocus feature built into its projectors that takes care of focusing on its own because the company is aware of such focus concerns. Such projectors use a range sensor at the back of the device to determine how far the lens is from the projected screen to change focus automatically.

The unique internal motor will also spin the lens components, giving the projector control over the focus component.

Press the “Auto Focus” button on your Sony projector to automatically focus the device.

This feature is not always reliable, though, and this could be a result of any of the following reasons:

  • The surface or screen is not suitable for projection.
  • The projector’s lens could be covered with dirt, damaged, or broken.
  • The projector is placed in such a way on a table or stands that auto-focusing is challenging.
  • The range sensor is being blocked by the projector’s adapter.
  • The projected image exceeds the projector’s recommended maximum size of 60 inches or greater.

If the autofocus feature does not work, it is not the end of the road. There is still an option for manual focusing, which can also work.

Change the Connected Device’s Resolution

Ensure the resolution of your computer matches the projector’s native resolution. Your projector may upscale or downscale the projected image when there is a resolution discrepancy, producing a fuzzy image.

Using the Zoom Feature

Focus issues can sometimes be fixed by adjusting the projector to be parallel to the screen. Use the device’s “zoom” feature instead if it doesn’t, or if physically moving or altering the projection angle is not an option.

To access the onscreen menu, press the Zoom button on your projector or the Lens button on your remote control. Use the navigational keys/arrow keys to adjust the zooming.

To magnify the image, use the Up or Right arrow button. The Down or Left key reduces the size of the image.

Find the focus ring on your projector and turn it to the left or right if the image appears hazy. This will help you get a sharp image.

Note these before/while adjusting the focus

  • Use the remote controls to make necessary modifications to the lens’ alignment. The retracting/extending glass module may harm your fingers and leave streaks on the glass if you touch the lens.
  • When you first turn on the projector, the focus might not be precise. Before taking things into your hands, leave the projector for a few seconds to adapt to the screen.
  • Make sure the hardware-related components of the setup are taken care of before altering the focus by looking into your Sony projector’s settings.
  • Unlike projectors from other brands, Sony’s aspherical lens does well at both ends of the physical distance spectrum.
  • Sony also offers projection simulator software to help you choose the appropriate projector and screen distance for your space.
  • It also makes it much simpler for the auto-focus feature to function properly if the spacing between the projector and screen is correctly specified.

Final Thoughts

TVs will not directly give you a blurry image. However, a projector can give you such issues. These issues can be fixed to get a clear image to suit your preference. Things become easier if you are using a Sony projector.

Sony’s autofocusing feature is a great innovation that has helped its users. With the push of a button, your projector will automatically focus the image for you. To make the autofocus work, you must ensure that nothing is blocking the sensor of the device. Most importantly, ensure you mount the projector at a recommended distance from the screen.


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