How To Focus EPSON Projector

There could be times when you turn on your projector, and the image on the screen appears blurred and fuzzy. This can make viewing difficult and strain your eyes whenever you watch the projector screen. This is one of the problems you can encounter while using an EPSON projector.

If your EPSON projector’s image appears blurred or fuzzy, the image’s focus is poor, or your projector’s distance is too long. A distorted image angle and wrong resolution settings from your computer can also be a cause. Another possible cause is a damaged or dusty projector lens. You can focus your EPSON projector by adjusting the lens, adjusting the digital focus using the lens button on your projector, cleaning a dusty lens, and replacing a damaged lens.

When you turn on your projector and the image appears fuzzy, there is no need to be alarmed or call a technician. Even the most complicated solution to focus your projector’s image may not require a technician. In this post, you will find the causes of a blurred projector image and how to focus your EPSON projector on getting a clear and sharp image.

how to focus epson projector

Why is My EPSON Projector Blurred?

Before we look at the possible ways an EPSON projector can be focused, we are going to look at the possible causes of a blurred projector image.

A Long Projection Distance

When you mount your projector very far from the projector screen, the projected image will likely appear blurred. Ideally, the size of the projector image increases as you move the projector farther away from the screen. However, the image will appear fuzzy when you cross a certain limit.

You can overcome this by adjusting the projector’s aspect ratio, zoom, and other image settings on the projector. If you do not want to temper the settings on your projector, you should consider a shorter projection distance.

A Distorted Image Angle

The angle of a projected image will appear distorted when one side of the image appears longer than the other side. When you project an image, the shape of the image should appear rectangular. Anything other than a rectangular shape can be called angle distortion.

While one side appears longer than the other side, the distorted side can appear blurred. A possible cause of a distorted image angle is mounting your projector on a surface that is not flat. You can either place the projector on a flat surface to correct this or use the keystone correction.

A Damaged or Dusty Projector Lens

Your projector can produce blurry images when it has cracks or scratches on it. Also, when the lens is dirty, especially with dust particles or moisture, the image will appear blurred because of the foreign materials on the lens.

When the lens has been damaged, you can replace it with a new one. This may not require the assistance of a technician because you can change it yourself without any difficulty. If the lens is just dirty, you can get a cotton swab to clean it.

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Your Computer’s Resolution

If a computer is your connected device, its resolution should match your projector’s resolution settings. If the resolution settings do not match, scaling can blur the image, especially if the computer’s resolution setting is lower than that of the projector.

Fix this by adjusting your computer’s resolution settings to match your projector’s.

Step-to-Step Guide to Focus EPSON Projector

The solutions here will guide you to adjust an EPSON projector’s focus so that your image can appear sharp:

  • Manually adjusting the projector’s focus

There are usually two ways to manually adjust the focus on EPSON projectors; by using the projector lens adjustment or adjusting the interchangeable lens.

Using the Lens Adjustment on the Projector

Most EPSON projectors have either a slide or dial on their control panel that can adjust the projected image’s focus. Models with this feature are in high demand because of the easy way to adjust the projector’s focus.

It may be difficult to make the adjustment if the projector is mounted to the ceiling. You may have to unmount it or climb up to the projector to make the adjustments.

Adjusting the focus can be done by turning the dial or sliding the lever upwards or downwards to get your preferred focus point. Manually adjust the focus of your EPSON projector with the lens adjustment with these steps:

  • Switch on the projector and let it settle for a while, usually for about 5-10 minutes.
  • Connect an input source and project an image.
  • Check on your projector’s control panel for a dial.
  • Turn the dial clockwise or anti-clockwise to adjust the focus of the image.
  • If your projector does not have a dial, it may have a slide lever instead.
  • If your projector has a cover, open it. This could be either the front or the back.
  • Look for a small metallic or plastic piece after removing the cover. This is the focus lever.
  • Slide the lever up or down to focus the image.
  • Once you are done, place the cover of the projector back.

Adjusting the Interchangeable Lens Adjustment

In some EPSON projectors, in addition to their lens, have interchangeable short-throw lenses. Adjusting the focus here can be done using the focus and distortion rings. Here is how to manually adjust the distortion and focus rings to focus your projector image:

  • Switch on your projector and let it settle for a while.
  • Connect the projector to a source and project an image.
  • Locate the distortion ring and turn it anti-clockwise to the end.
  • After that, turn the distortion ring in a clockwise direction slowly to focus the image.
  • You can adjust either of the rings to get a focused image.

Focusing the Projector Image with the Lens Button (Digital Focusing)

This feature is also available to focus images on your EPSON projector and you can do it with your remote control or buttons on your projector’s control panel.

Follow these steps to do digital focusing on your projector

Using the control panel buttons

  • Switch on your projector and wait for about 20 minutes for best results.
  • Connect the projector to an input source and project an image.
  • Locate the “Lens Button” on the control panel and press it repeatedly to get a focus adjustment option that appears on the screen.
  • With the left and right arrow keys, adjust the focus by increasing or reducing the focus.
  • Press “ESC” once you are done.

Using the remote control

  • Turn on the projector and wait for 20 mins.
  • Project an image.
  • Locate the Focus button and press on it
  • Use the left and right navigational keys to increase or decrease the image’s focus from the menu.
  • Press “ESC” to exit when done.

Projectors with this feature can request you to correct the image distortion after focusing it. You have located the distortion button on either the control panel or the remote control. When the menu pops up, use the arrow keys to adjust the distortion.

Replacing or cleaning the lens

If you realize the lens has a scratch or crack, you must replace it to get a clear image. You can contact a technician to replace the lens, but that will cost you a few bucks. However, if you want to replace the lens yourself, you can follow these steps:

  • Use the Lens shift (on the remote control) or Lens (on the control panel) to center the projector’s lens.
  • Turn off the projector and unplug the power cable.
  • To remove the projector’s lens cover, pull it.
  • Slide the lock lever to release the lens’ position. You will hear a click if the position has been released.
  • Slowly pull the lens from the projector.
  • Slowly fix the new lens in the projector.
  • Hold the lens and slide the lever to lock the position of the lens.
  • Fix the lens cover of the projector back.

If the lens is dirty, use a cotton swab to clean whatever dirt there is on the projector lens.

Final Thoughts

A few things can make your projector image appear blurred. When this happens, common solutions can be used to correct this. Correcting the focus on EPSON projectors are particularly easy as they have certain features that you can easily use to adjust the image’s focus.


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