How to Flip Projector Upside Down NEC

The issue of people wanting to flip their projector images upside down is common. One thing is that the procedure you must follow differs slightly between projector brands.

Although with all the procedures you have to access the main menu, the next steps to get to where the projection mode menu is located are different. With some projector brands, it is even possible to flip the image of your projector upside down with a single button on the remote control.

How to flip a projector upside down NEC. To flip the image of an NEC projector upside down, you have to go to the “Orientation” menu within the Installation submenu of the “Setup” tab and change the viewing mode from Desktop Front to Ceiling Front. If you have plans to place the projector behind your screen, you must choose the Ceiling Rear.

You don’t need any specialized or technical skill to set your projector to project an upside-down image to suit your projection preference. With this guide, you can turn the image of your NEC projector upside down for your ceiling-mounted device.

How to Flip Projector Upside Down NEC

How do  I Turn the Image of My NEC Projector Upside Down?

Checking several online forums, I noticed that people complained that the technicians who came to fix their projectors to the ceiling did not make the necessary adjustments. This can be quite frustrating, but follow the guide I have provided here if you have to change the projection mode:

  1. Go to your NEC projector’s main menu and select “Setup.”
  2. From the Setup menu, select “Installation” or “Installation 1,” depending on your model.
  3. In the installation menu, select the orientation.
  4. It is from this menu that you will adjust. You should find a box there with the Desktop font selected within it, select it and choose either Ceiling Front or Ceiling Rear, depending on the direction of the projector and the screen.

Where Can I Plug My PC or DVD Player into My NEC Projector?

Behind your NEC projector, where the input panels are located, there are ports for RBG computer inputs, an S-Video, and composite video input. You can use the Blue cable of the RBG computer input in addition to a component video adapter if you want to connect to a DVD player or another video device source.

When should I Reset My NEC Projector to Factory Settings?

You can reset the device to factory settings when it is malfunctioning all of a sudden after making some setting adjustments and reverting it is not helping. You can also do it when facing issues with your input signal, image quality, and colors.

In the NEC factory reset menu, you will find two types of factory resets: All data and Current Signal.

All data factory reset removes any changes and settings: only the Language, Remaining Lamp time, communications speed, Projector usage, and Lamp hour meter.

The Current signal factory reset removes changes for the current input signal. The removed changes will affect any adjustments made to white balance, gamma correction, aspect ratio, and other settings that affect the image display.

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How to flip the NEC projector upside down

Why is My Projector Showing an Upside-Down Image?

A projector whose image is upside down has had its projection mode changed to Front Ceiling. You mistakenly could have done it, or the last projector user mounted it to the ceiling, so they had to change the mode to view the image properly. An upside-down image is viewed properly or upright when the projector is mounted to the ceiling.

When your projector is projecting an image that is upside down, do not think that you have mounted the device wrongly. Instead, each position you decide to put your projector in has its corresponding projection mode.

You can fix this by going to the projection menu inside your system’s menu and changing the mode from Front Ceiling to Front.

What Can I Do to Increase the Life Span of My Projector Lamp?

Ideally, lamps can be used for about 2000 hours before going out. To help extend the life span of your projector’s lamp;

  • Keep the device’s surrounding clean of dust.
  • Clean the projector’s air filter’s after every 100 hours if the surrounding where you have your projector has a lot of dust.
  • If your projector has the Eco-Mode feature, enable it.
  • Do not use your projector in places where the temperature is very high.
  • Only turn on your projector when you want to use it to prevent on/off cycles.

What Type of Screen Should I Use for My NEC Projector?

The type of screen you want to use for your projector depends on your budget, where you plan to install it, and the conditions of the room where you want to install it.

How Should I Dispose of My Projector Lamps After Replacing Them?

Some projectors, they state in their manuals how to carefully dispose of the lamps because they contain harmful substances. Most projector lamps contain mercury, hence the best way to dispose of them off is by recycling them. You can also contact your projector brand’s technical support team so that they can take your lamp and recycle them into new ones.

How Do You Flip a Projector’s Image?

Flipping a projector’s image is simply changing the position in which it appears. You can flip the image by Menu > Extended /System > Basic > Projection method. In the projection mode, choose from the list the mode that suits your preference:

  • Front – when the projector is placed upright in front of the screen.
  • Rear – when the projector is placed upright behind the screen.
  • Front Ceiling – when the projector is mounted to the ceiling in front of the ceiling.
  • Rear Ceiling – when the projector is mounted to the ceiling behind the screen.

Can You Use Projector Upside Down?

Yes, it is possible to use a projector that is upside down. Projectors that have been mounted to the screen have all been turned upside down. This is because the point of attachment on the projector is under it.

However, if you would like to use a projector upside down, you have to change the projection mode to view the image upright while the device is upside down. Projectors offer several projection modes to choose from depending on the position of the device. Choose Front Ceiling for an upside-down projector mounted to the ceiling.

Final Thoughts

Projectors have a lot of features that you may not know about. Hence, when you notice that something is wrong with your device, you can check online forums and blogs or even check the device’s user manual.

The guide has provided a step-by-step guide on how to flip images upside down on your NEC projector. The steps are easy to follow and there is no need to contact a technician just to come and help you flip your image upside down.


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