How to Flip Optoma Image Upside Down

You will usually find projectors mounted on ceilings in rooms, classrooms, conference rooms, offices, and other places. Mounting your projector this way conserves space, lessens wire clutter, and is widely regarded as the best method of projector installation.

If you want to mount your Optoma projector to the ceiling, the following steps will guide you to change the device’s projection mode to make the image appear upside down:

  • Access the projector’s “menu.”
  • Navigate to the “Setup submenu” (the wrench and screwdriver icon).
  • Navigate to and select “Projection.”
  • Under the Projection menu, you will find Front, Rear, Front-Ceiling, and Rear-Ceiling. Select “Front-Ceiling to flip the image upside down.
  • Choose “Yes” to apply changes.
  • Your image should flip upside down.

With your Optoma projector, you can do this with the device’s remote control or directly with the buttons on the projector. Most projectors have default settings for their projection mode set to Front for tabletop projection.

If you plan to use your projector by mounting it to the ceiling, you must change the projection mode to make the image appear upside down. In this article, you will learn the various ways to flip your Optoma image upside down with ease.

How to Flip Optoma Image Upside Down

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Flip Images Upside Down on Your Optoma Projector

If you are planning to mount your Optoma projector to the ceiling, you can follow this guide:

  • Access Your Projector’s Menu

You can access the menu by pressing “Menu” on the projector or on the remote control.

  • Navigate to the “Setup submenu”

The Setup submenu has the wrench and screwdriver icon. If you are using the projector instead of a remote, you can use the arrow keys on the projector for navigation.

  • Select “Projection”

Under projection, you will see four options; Front, Rear, Front-Ceiling, and Rear-Ceiling. Select Front-Ceiling to flip the image upside down. In some instances, you will see only icons under projection. Amongst the icons, choose the eyeball and the mounted projector facing the same direction to implement the Front-Ceiling projection mode.

  • Choose “Yes” to apply the changes you have made.

How to Fix Optoma Projector is Showing a Backward Projection

If your Optoma projector is projecting an image that appears to be flipped backward or horizontally, there is no cause for panic. This happened when the projector was previously used for a backward projection; thus, the projection mode has been set to Rear.

To fix this issue, you have to change the projection mode from Rear to Front or the icon that shows the unmounted projector and eyeball facing the same direction.

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How Do You Flip a Projector?

Flipping a projector means rotating the device’s screen for the image to appear upside down. You must access your projector’s menu and locate the “Projection” menu to do this. In the menu, change the projection mode from Front to Front-Ceiling.

If you use an EPSON projector, you can flip the image by pressing and holding the A/V button on the remote control for five seconds. The image will disappear and reappear flipped.

How to Reset Your Optoma Projector

An Optoma projector can be quickly reset if something goes wrong with it: It should be switched

  • Turn off the projector and disconnect the power cable from the power outlet.
  • Wait for about 30s and then reconnect the power cable. After, turn on the projector.
  • To perform a factory reset, simply select Factory Reset from the Settings menu in the Main Menu of your device.

How to Reboot / Relaunch Optoma

Your projector may become difficult to operate, has stopped working suddenly, or not turn on or off when you press any button. You can try a few quick fixes when these things happen.

  • Make sure your device isn’t on Standby mode first before you reboot it. The projector will be on standby mode if the orange light on the power button is on.
  • Try to make sure the projector is properly plugged into the power outlet. Perhaps there is damage to the plug, power cable, or socket.
  • Make sure the batteries of the remote control are functional if not replace them.
  • It might be necessary to restart your projector if these fixes don’t work. Disconnect the power cord of your projector from the power source to restart it. Prior to plugging it back in and turning the projector on, wait at least two minutes.
  • There may be a problem with the HDMI or VGA connection if you can’t plug the projector into your laptop or computer and use it. After restarting the projector, try restarting your laptop as well.

Can a Projector Work Upside Down?

Yes, a projector can work upside down. For it to be upside down, it has to be mounted to the ceiling. You also have to rotate the screen while it is mounted to be able to view the projected image properly. For you to view the projected image properly, you will have to change the projection mode from Front to Front-Ceiling.

When Do You Perform a Hard Reset on Your Projector?

A hard reset can be useful on occasions where a normal reboot is ineffective. A hard reset, also referred to as a factory reset, is the process of returning a device to its factory default settings or to the condition it was in when it left the factory. All previously added data will be deleted when you perform a hard reset on your projector.

You must first enable the on-screen display (OSD) using the remote control or, if accessible, the unit’s panel, before performing a hard reset. You can choose viewing choices and modify components using the OSD, which is a control panel on a screen.

How to Do Keystone Correction with Hard Reset on Optoma Projector?

You must reset your Optoma projector’s settings back to factory settings in order to adjust the keystone:

  • Press the “Menu” button on the remote control to display the Main menu will be
  • Select “Setup” at the bottom of the screen.
  • Choose “Reset”, then click Yes to confirm your selection in the pop-up window.
  • On the Main menu page, select “Display” to change the keystone correction.
  • Toggle Auto Keystone on if you want to use the auto-keystone correction function of your projector. Keep in mind that only the vertical keystone correction will be changed by this.

Why is the Image on a Cinema Screen not Inverted?

This is because multiple mirrors are used in a movie theatre projector, hence, it produces real images.


Optoma manufactures some of the best projectors worldwide. Their projectors deliver the good image quality and high brightness. Their projectors have a lot of features that allow you to use the device to its maximum potential.

Most projectors have their projection mode set to Front as default. You can use this mode without any modification by mounting the projector on a table. If you wish to mount the projector to the ceiling, where it will appear upside down, you must change the settings to view the image properly by setting the projection mode from Front to Front-Ceiling to make the image appear upside down.


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