How to Flip Image Upside Down with a Panasonic Projector

Panasonic is one of the oldest device brands in the world. Most people have switched from old to new brands with the world evolving.

Panasonic is amongst some of these brands that people are switching from because I realized that it is difficult to come across online solutions and forums concerning issues related to Panasonic projectors.

I did find people asking for solutions for various issues they were facing with their Panasonic projectors; one of the most pressing issues was how to flip the projector’s image upside down.

How to flip an image upside down with a Panasonic projector. The primary reason why you would want to flip your Panasonic projector’s image upside down is that you want to mount the device to the ceiling. To flip your Panasonic projector’s image upside down, you need to change the projection method or mode from Front/Desk to Front/Ceiling. The projector method menu can be found by accessing “Projector Setup” in your projector’s main menu.

As you read on, In this article, I have provided a detailed guide on how you will be able to change the projection method to make your image appear inverted or upside down.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Flip Your Panasonic Projector’s Image Upside Down

It is possible to change the projection method using the remote control or the buttons on the projector. The procedure does not differ, regardless of whether you are using the remote or not. To change the projection method, follow these steps:

  • Access the Projector’s Menu

On your remote control and the control panel of the projector, you will find the “Menu” button.

  • Select “Projector Setup” from the Main Menu

The arrow keys on the projector and remote can help you with navigation. Navigate to the “Projector Setup” setup.

  • In the Projection Setup Menu, Select “Projection Method”

Once in the Projection method menu, pressing the left or right arrow button will switch between the various projection methods. Keep pressing until the “Front/Ceiling” projection method has been selected.

  • Press “Return” to Exit the Menus

How to Set the Screen to Portrait Mode Panasonic

Follow these instructions to change your projected image’s orientation from landscape to portrait mode:

  • On your remote, press “Input.”
  • Select “Open Port Mode.”
  • Select “Setup.”
  • Locate “Display Orientation” by scrolling down.
  • You can use either the left or right arrow keys to switch between the orientation mode. Switch to portrait to change it.
  • Confirm the changes.

How Do You Flip a Projector Image Upside Down?

Flipping your projector’s image upside down is no difficult task. Most projectors come with their projection mode settings set to Front as default. If you want to mount the projector to the ceiling, you have to change the projection mode from Front to Front-Ceiling to flip your image upside down.

This will enable proper viewing of the image when the projector is mounted. Follow the following steps to access your projector’s projection mode menu to change the settings:

  • Press the menu button on either your remote control or on the projector.
  • Select “Extended” from the main menu.
  • From the Extended menu, select Front-Ceiling from the list to flip your image upside down.
  • Press “Menu” or “ESC” to exit.

This procedure could differ slightly depending on the projector brand you are using. With some projector brands, you will have to access a different option from the main menu to get to the Projection mode menu. On some projectors, you will have system settings instead of Extended. In the System settings menu, select “Basic” to find the projection mode menu.

Projectors like EPSON offers a shorter way to flip your projected image upside down using the remote control: the image will automatically flip upside down when you press the A/V button for 6s.

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Why is My Projector Image Upside Down?

If it is a brand-new projector, the reason could be that the default projection mode of the device was set to Front-Ceiling. In cases where you use the projector with other people, it is possible the last user mounted the projector before using it.

You could have also changed the projection mode yourself or anyone else by mistake; projector brands like EPSON have a shortcut on their remote controls that can flip the image upside down when you press and hold it, thus the A/V button.

Regardless of what the reason is, know that the projection method has been set to Front-Ceiling. To fix this, access the projection method menu and change the settings to Front to have an upright image when mounted from a table.

How Do You Flip the Screen Upside Down on an EPSON Projector?

With EPSON projectors, there are two ways you can flip your image upside down. The first and easiest way is using your remote control; the A/V button can flip the image upside down when pressed down for 6s.

The other alternative is to access the Projection method menu. You can get to the menu with either the remote control or the buttons on your EPSON projector. Access the menu and select the “Extended” menu. Here, you will find the Projection menu. Select it and choose the Front-Ceiling mode.

Final Thoughts

In as much as finding solutions for common problems on old brand devices is difficult, it should not rule out using them at all. Some of these devices are of high quality and can still work fairly efficiently for you. They may not have some modern features like other projectors, but they can be very durable.

People have different ways they will want to mount a projector, and with each way, you have to change the projection mode accordingly to be able to view the projected image properly.

When your projector has projected an image that appears in a different direction, know that it is perfectly normal for that to happen. You just have to follow guidelines and procedures that will help you change the projection method to suit your needs.


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