How to Flip Image Upside Down on BenQ (Fixed)

Most projector manufacturers add the option to change image orientation on their projectors. People would like to mount their projectors to the ceiling. Others would like to place it on a table in front of the screen. Perhaps you may not know, but others even place their projectors behind their screen! Please bear in mind that most projectors come with the feature to modify the projected image’s position so that you can view them properly.

How to Flip Image Upside Down on BenQ. If you have mounted your BenQ projector to the ceiling, go to the projector’s main menu. Select “System setup.” Look for “Basic” in the submenu. Select “Projector position” from the “Basic” submenu. The projector position menu will display a list of positions to choose from; select Front Ceiling and exit the menu to save your changes.

This is a common issue that requires little effort to fix. I will walk you through a step-by-step guide to assist you in changing the projector’s image position when you have mounted the device to the ceiling.

How to Flip Image Upside Down on BenQ

How to Flip Images Upside Down on a BenQ Projector

You may have mounted your projector to the ceiling and realized that the image is not upright. Images appear that way because most projectors have been set to project upright images when placed on a table or any elevation before the screen. When mounting a projector, it has to be turned upside down; you then have to change the position of the image to suit that type of projection. Here is a solution to it:

  1. Go to the device’s menu; on the projector’s control panel, press “Menu/Exit.” If you have your remote, you can also use the “Menu/Exit” button to get to the menu.
  2. Select the “System Setup” submenu. In the submenu, select “Basic.”
  3. In the “Basic” submenu, locate “Projector Position.”
  4. Once you get to the Projector Position menu, you will see a list of projection methods; select “Front Ceiling.”
  5. At this point, the image should have flipped upside down. Press on the “Menu/Exit” button again to save and exit the menu.

How can a BenQ Projector’s Screen Aspect Ratio be Changed?

Changing the aspect ratio on your BenQ projector is easy. BenQ offers a direct button to access the aspect ratio on your remote control

  1. Press the “Aspect” button on the remote. The button is usually labeled “8.”
  2. Press the button several times to choose an aspect ratio that is appropriate for your display.

If you have lost your remote control, it is possible to use the menu to change the aspect ratio:

  1.  Press MENU/EXIT, choose Display Menu > Select Aspect Ratio and then pick an aspect ratio that is compatible with the video signal format and your display requirements.
  2. To exit and save the settings, press “Menu” twice.

The projector image is upside down

If your projector is projecting an image that is upside down, it means that the projection method has been changed to Front-Ceiling. This type of projection mode is used when you have to mount your device to the ceiling.

You can fix this by going to the projector’s menu and changing the projection mode to Front. Depending on what brand of projector you are using, you will find the Projector Position submenu in the “Extended” tab or “System Setup > Basic.”

How to Change the Focus on My BenQ Projector?

Your BenQ projector can be focused using the focus dial. BenQ projectors have a focus dial on top that can be used to focus the screen, unlike other projector brands that need you to utilize the remote or settings.

To manually calibrate the image, turn the focus dial on your BenQ projector in either direction. Please be patient, as the image may take some time to focus. Try sitting close to the screen to easily see the results when you slowly turn the dial to adjust the image.

Make sure the projected image is clear when you are focusing the projector because this will prevent you from accurately calibrating your device.

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How to Know If Projector is Focused?

Using test patterns, you can determine if your projector is focused. Fortunately, projector manufacturers have a solution for this issue. The settings of the majority of projectors contain a test pattern. The test patterns help you display a grid of small lines on your screen.

The test pattern can guide you to adjust the projector’s focus. The image usually contains lines that you can adjust the focus to make as precise and distinct as possible. You can use this image to help align the projector screen if necessary.

If your projector does not have a test pattern, you can download similar ones onto your computer and then project the image to assist you.

What Cause the Blur on BenQ Projector?

There are numerous causes as to why your BenQ projector appears blurry. You can typically identify and resolve the cause of your projector’s fuzzy image, whether a weak Wi-Fi signal or a dirty projector lens.

  • Poor Wi-Fi signal

You must pause and assess your internet’s strength or signal when you notice any distortion or fuzzy image while streaming the web, especially while watching a video. A weak signal will stream the video at low quality.

Restart your internet router to see if it fixes the issue. You can equally use an ethernet cable for a direct connection (recommended). Try exiting the site or app you are streaming on and opening it again. If your Wi-Fi is still not giving you a better connection, you can try using your mobile Hotspot.

  • A dirty projector lens

If you want a clear picture, your projector’s lens needs to be cleaned regularly. Although cleaning the projector lens is a delicate task, it is necessary to perform it frequently to guarantee a picture free of blur.

Use a gentle microfiber cloth and a non-abrasive cleaning agent to clean the lens of your BenQ projector. To avoid harming your lens, make sure the cleaning solution is alcohol-free. Wipe the lens in circular motions after spraying the cleaning solution onto the microfiber cloth.

Try using a can of compressed air if your lens is especially dusty. Release short bursts of compressed air while holding the object several inches from the lens. Since the compressed air is so pressurized, holding it too close to the lens could cause it to break. Before turning on the projector, make sure the cleaning solution and compressed air have dried fully.

Final Thoughts

It is a great choice if you have chosen to mount your projector to the ceiling. This is because it creates space and reduces wire visibility. However, when you buy the device, please don’t install it to the ceiling without changing the projection mode of the device. Each way you want to install your projector, it has its corresponding projection mode you must use.

If you fail to change it, your images will appear in an awkward position. Going to the menu and navigating for the projection mode, you will be able to change the mode to suit your preference.


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