How to Fix Vertical Lines on a TV Screen

Looking for a solution to the vertical lines on your TV screen? TVs, like most electronic equipment, are prone to technical faults once in a while, so it is not unusual that your TV has developed one. Fortunately, the lines on your TV do not necessarily mean your TV has totally broken down or needs replacement since there are several ways of fixing this problem and getting rid of the lines on the screen. 

You can fix the vertical lines on your screen by checking the cable connections, restarting the TV, and updating the TV’s software. You may have to change your picture settings and alternate between your TV inputs if necessary. 

Generally, the issue may be caused by either a software or hardware problem. Hardware issues normally require the expertise of a TV technician. The software issues are quite easier for you to handle, so continue reading this article as I discuss some of the causes of this problem and how you can fix them. 

How to Fix Vertical Lines on a TV Screen

What Causes Vertical Lines on a TV?

The vertical lines on your TV may be caused by several underlying issues. The issues include both hardware and software as I stated earlier. Below is a list of some of the common reasons why you may be experiencing vertical lines on your TV screen: 

  • Faulty cable connection
  • Damaged TV Hardware
  • Outdated TV Software 
  • Wrong Picture Settings
  • Exposing the TV’s screen to water
  • TV is on for a very long time 

Faulty Cable Connection 

Faulty and loose cable connections can create vertical lines on your TV screen. A faulty power cable to your TV may cause the power supply to the TV’s system to fail slowly and consequently cause the vertical lines to appear on your screen. 

You will also experience this problem when there is poor or no connection between the processing board, also known as T-Con of your TV and the TV’s display panel. 

Poor connection of your HDMI cables to the TV is also a common cause that you should watch out for in order to get rid of the lines on the screen. 

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Damaged TV Hardware 

A damaged Timing Control is the major reason for vertical lines on  TV screens. The Timing Control, also called T-Con is what processes the video signals to your LED or LCD screen. 

You will have problems such as the vertical lines on your screen if the T-Con board is damaged or not well connected to the LED and LCD panel.

The T-Con may be damaged by rust from the LED frame since the frame is metallic and can easily rust with time.

The LED or LCD panel itself may also be damaged if you accidentally hit your screen with a hard object. This will eventually cause those vertical lines to appear on your screen. 

Outdated TV Software

Using outdated software on your TV can equally land you into the problem of vertical lines on the screen. 

This will also prevent you from using other apps on your TV as well as reducing the picture quality on your screen. 

Wrong Picture Settings 

The pictures on your screen are generally affected by settings such as the aspect ratio and picture resolution. 

You may experience the vertical lines on your screen if you do not adjust the picture settings correctly to suit the picture from the external devices you have connected to your TV.  

Exposing the TV’s screen to water

When you expose your TV’s screen to water by cleaning it with a wet cloth, especially while on, you may actually be short-circuiting the TV’s screen. The short circuit will then cause the vertical lines to appear on screen. 

TV Being On for a Very Long Time

It is very common for us to leave our TVs on for hours and days even when we are not actively watching. However, TVs were not designed to be used that way and they need to be turned off for a long period of usage. 

You are likely to experience the vertical lines on your TV screen if you normally keep the TV on for as long as days without turning it off. 

How do you Fix Vertical Lines on a TV Screen? 

Now that we have identified some of the causes of the problem you are facing, I would like to share with you some tips by which you can fix the vertical lines on your TV screen. 

1. Check Your Cable Connections

If you are experiencing vertical lines on TV screen, you need to check if all your Cable connections are right and tight. 

Most important among them is your power supply cable, which is normally located at the back of your TV.  You need to ensure that is not faulty and firmly fitted to the back of your TV. 

You should also check to see if other cables such as the HDMI cable is fitted firmly to its input and output sources. 

Also, ensure that your HDMI is not faulty. You can do this by using a different cable other than the first, but make sure to maintain the same device in your test.

An external device such PlayStation console that is connected to your TV may be the cause of the vertical lines. So you may want to check if the device is actually faulty by removing the console and connecting another device. 

2. Soft Reset Your TV

A quicker way of troubleshooting the problem is to restart your TV. You can restart or perform a soft reset on your TV by:

  1. Switching off your TV and unplugging it from the power supply.
  2. Wait for about two minutes
  3. Plug your TV into the power supply and turn your TV on.

This should help fix the vertical lines on your screen. Otherwise, you may continue any of the tips below. 

3. Adjust Picture Settings 

As I said earlier, the picture settings on your TV should fit the format on your external devices in order to save yourself from experiencing the vertical or horizontal lines on the screen. 

To do this, you should consult the user’s manual of the external device in order to get the correct aspect ratio and picture resolution you should set your TV to. 

You can even switch between channels to see if the vertical lines appear on the other channels. 

You should also ensure that the input source of your TV is set to the same source as your external device. You can then switch between the input sources like HDMI 1, HDMI 2 and HDMI 3 to see if the lines appear on the other sources. 

4. Update Your TV Software 

Outdated TV softwares often contribute to errors on your screen. The errors affect the picture quality and create problems such as the vertical lines on your TV’s screen. 

You, therefore, update your TV software regularly. Instructions for updating differ from TV to TV so you may have to resort to your TV’s manual for its instructions. 

5. Check for Damaged Hardware Components 

As I said, hardware such as T-Con affects the visuals of your TV. When the cable connected to the T-Con is loose, you may face the problem of the vertical lines on your screen. To solve this, you can give the back of your TV a hard knock to tighten the cable. 

The cable was probably loose if the vertical lines disappear after the knock. However, if the vertical lines still persist, then the cable connected to the T-Con and the display is either disconnected or broken. 

In such a case, you will have to replace the cable. This may require the expertise of a TV since you don’t want to destroy anything else in TV by trying to replace the cable. 

Sometimes, the T-Con board itself may be the damaged component. It may have been damaged as a result of rust or dirt. You will still need the assistance of a TV technician to replace the board in this case.

6. Factory Reset Your TV

Sometimes, you will be left with no option but to reset your TV to factory settings. This may be an unpleasant approach as it wipes all your data. However, you should consider the brighter side, where you have a clean start to begin your TV experience with. 

You should only factory reset your TV if all the above tips do not work and you are absolutely sure that the problem is with your TV. This is because you do not want to be losing your data or settings over mere guesswork. 

How Much Does It Cost to Fix a Vertical Line on a TV?

The cost of fixing the vertical lines on your TV screen varies according to the cause and degree of damage to your TV’s components. 

If the problem is caused by a software glitch, you might just fix it for free yourself by following some of the tips I have shared above. For instance, a mere adjustment in the picture settings of the picture format is absolutely free of charge.

However, underlying causes which are hardware-related will often attract the cost of its replacement and service fee from your TV Technician. You should expect to pay between $150 and $400 in order to get your screen fixed by a technician if it is not under warranty. 


Fixing the vertical lines on a TV screen is something you can actually do by yourself so you should worry if encounter such a situation. The tips I have shared with you should be able to guide you through the process depending on the cause of your issue. Checking the cable connections and restarting your TV should be among the first few things to do in case you experience a problem. 

In a case where the problem is hardware-related, the T-Con board will be the likeliest component to be faulty so you may contact a TV technician to fix that for you.  


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