How to Control Projector with Phone Effectively!

Electronic devices like TVs, DVD players, projectors, and speakers usually have remote controls. The remote control gives users access to make various adjustments to the device to suit a need. Although some of these devices have similar buttons on their control panels, the devices are usually placed a bit further from where we sit or stand to use them.

In the advent of this, the remote control comes in handy so that we do not have to walk to it anytime we want to use it. But what happens when your projector’s remote control gets faulty or the battery dies, and you cannot replace it for one or two reasons, can you use your mobile phone instead?

It is possible to control your projector with your smartphone. You must visit your projector’s brand website and check for their recommended mobile projector remote control app (this gives the best results). You can subsequently visit Play Store or App Store and search amongst several projector remote control apps. After installing the app, follow the on-screen instructions to set it up.

Using a brand-specific projector remote control app is recommended; however, other app developers have designed apps that can play similar roles. Read on to learn more about using your smartphone as a remote control for your projector.

Controlling Projector With Phone

You may want to use your smartphone as a remote control for your projector for a reason; perhaps you have misplaced your remote control, you bought a second-hand projector that came without a remote control, the remote is faulty, or perhaps you prefer to use your smartphone to control the device. Whatever your reason is, this is possible, but you will need an application to make it happen.

Most projector brands like Panasonic, BenQ, and EPSON come with their respective remote-control mobile apps (usually for Android and iOS). Other projector brands do not come with their apps; in such a case, what will you do?.

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Well, several mobile apps can enable you to use your phone as a projector remote control. The developers add projectors compatible with the app, so consider your projector’s brand when searching for an app for your phone. These apps offer an advantage over brand-specific apps because you can use them to control more than one projector brand.

However, brand-specific remote-control apps offer greater functionality and more features. You will also get access to the company’s support team when you encounter any issues when setting up or using the app.

To use the app on your smartphone to control your projector, you must ensure that your phone and the projector are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Others may allow pairing via a Bluetooth connection.

It is, however, possible to control your projector with a smartphone without an app, but in this case, your phone does not act as a remote control; instead, it will allow projection from your device. This way, if you are having a PowerPoint presentation, you can change between the slides. You can also make video adjustments on your phone that will reflect on the projector while watching a video.

This feature can be done by using Airplay, Casting, or connecting your device with an HDMI cable. You will need an HDMI adapter to connect to your phone since phones do not have an HDMI port.

One interesting thing is that some projector apps that require pairing via a wireless network can allow sharing of content from your phone to the projector.

Can I Use My Phone as a Remote Control For My Projector?

Yes, all you have to do is install a projector remote control app on your phone. This app provides a remote-control interface on your phone when you open it. For this to work, ensure your phone and the projector are all on the same Wi-Fi network.

Brands like Panasonic provide their customers with remote control applications specific to their brands. You can find universal remote-control apps that will allow you to use it on more than five different projector brands.

Before you download an app, I recommend you check with your projector brand’s website to see if they have any recommended apps you can install. If you find one, install it and use it. If you do not find any, then you can go ahead and try out other ones.

How Do I Connect My Phone to My Projector Without HDMI?

An HDMI connection is not the only way to link your phone to a projector. You can use other cables and adapters like USB-C to VGA, USB-C to USB-C, and MHL. A wireless connection is also possible; Apple Airplay for Apple devices, Miracast, Chromecast, and Wi-Fi Direct.

When making a wireless connection, ensure your phone and the projector are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.


Improved technology has made it possible to control your projector with just the swipe of your finger on your smartphone. This can be very convenient as most apps allow you to share media with your projector.

For the best experience, you need to use a mobile app. You can find universal projector remote controls on your phone’s app store but know that brand-specific app gives you better functionality than universal ones.

So now, when you don’t have access to your projector’s remote control, your smartphone can come on handy.


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