How to Control a Samsung Soundbar with an iPhone

There are tons of tips for handling a Samsung Soundbar. With many being largely recommended for their unique features. It has also become really easy to pair different devices together with your Samsung Soundbar.

How to control a Samsung Soundbar with an iPhone is so easy and fast. To do this, download your SmartThings app. After, opening the app, go to the soundbar, and press the Source button. Choose either Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, since your soundbar accepts both options. Lastly, link your soundbar to your SmartThings app. Always link the same Wi-Fi network to all devices being used.

Can You Control Your Samsung Soundbar With an iPhone?

You can quickly control your Samsung Soundbar from your iPhone using the SmartThings app for iOS. This result allows individuals to control multiple devices through a single app.

So, if you want to control your audio system or your smart television, just make sure they’re compatible with the SmartThings app.

How to Control a Samsung Soundbar with an iPhone

How Do You Control a Samsung Soundbar with Your iPhone?

There are two different ways to achieve this task. Nevertheless, despite the approach you choose, you must download and install the SmartThings app on your iPhone.

Steps to Connect and Control a Samsung Soundbar with an iPhone

Using Bluetooth helps establish easy contact between different devices. First, set your Samsung Soundbar into pairing mode. Go to Devices on your SmartThings app( this access is on your iPhone).

Choose (Devices) to include your private device. Click on the ‘ Devices ’ tab to add a new device by tapping on the “addition” sign.

Use the ‘ Scan nearby ’ button to connect with your device. When you see your soundbar’s name, click it to initiate the connection process. Follow the on-screen guidelines to complete the setup.

Steps to Connect and Control a Samsung Soundbar With an iPhone Using WiFi

For an exceptional range likened to what you can attain using a Bluetooth connection, settle for WiFi. Make sure that your Samsung Soundbar and iPhone are using the same WiFi connection and that the WiFi is working correctly. Then get on as follows:

Press the source button on your soundbar’s remote to toggle to ‘ WiFi. ’ Alternately, you can use the source button on the back of the Soundbar. To make sure you’re pressing the right button, go and check the soundbar’s handbook.

Use the same WiFi signal to connect your iPhone. 

  • Tap the “addition” icon on the SmartThings app and press the “device” option. This will increase the list of available devices, ready to connect.
  • Tap the AV option on the right side of the screen and choose the soundbar’sconnect
  • You can choose between Samsung and Samsung Harman Kardon.
  • Then click on choose Soundbar.
  • When you see the ‘ Start ’ button, the soundbar
  • Choose the right location from the list. However, try switching to the 2, If the connection seems inadequate with the 5 Hz WiFi connection.3 Hz bandwidth.

You can follow the same process to connect your Samsung Smart television with the same WiFi connection. This way, when connected to the same router frequency using the SmartThings app, the Soundbar will produce audio from the television.

FAQ: The Samsung Soundbar will not Pair Using Bluetooth

Bluetooth pairing was made to be simple and easy. Put both the soundbar and the television, phone, or tablet in pairing mode. Next, you can confirm a PIN if necessary, and that’s it.

Even so, your device may need to be reset, If the pairing isn’t working. Soundbars will only pair with a Bluetooth device that plays audio, like a television, tablet, or phone. They can not pair with other Bluetooth speakers, headphones, or soundbars.

Place the soundbar in Bluetooth pairing mode. Continually press on the” Source” button visible on the remote or soundbar until the soundbar’s display reads “BT> WAIT> BT PAIRING”( where BT means Bluetooth). As soon as the soundbar shows “BT READY”, keep pressing on Source till “BT PAIRING” shows.

In spite of that, visit the Support Center to request service, If the soundbar doesn’t go into Bluetooth mode after using these different approaches. Confirm that the device you’re connecting is in pairing mode.

The approach for putting a device in pairing mode is different for every device. Check the user handbook for your device if you are not sure how to put it into pairing mode.

Next, choose Cancel and try again, If you’re pairing to a Samsung television and the soundbar’s name isn’t shown on the Bluetooth speaker list. You may need to do this one or several times until the soundbar’s name appears.

Check for a firmware update on your soundbar.

Try to update the firmware on your soundbar and also try to pair it again. Perform a hard reset on the device you’re connecting.

The right process for performing a hard reset on your device is by doing the following.

  • Take out your device’s battery and precisely fix it back in. However, you can take it through a soft reset, If it’s impossible to have a hard reset done. A soft reset is simply done by turning off your device and, after some seconds, switching it on again.

However, if some devices can fluently combine with the soundbar, you can simply relax about servicing it.

Request professional support

There are times you might be unfit to get the specific Bluetooth device you need to fuse with your soundbar. In cases like this, you can fluently get backing from a Samsung support center.

How Do I Control Soundbar Volume with Physical iPhone Volume Buttons?

Soundbars have menu options to turn on Anynet+. This enables HDMI- ARC support for devices with HDMI-CEC. For so many individuals people, it’s been a tough one to pull off. But following the process below will guarantee you success.

  • Plug an HDMI cable into your television and connect the other end to the HDMI Out (TV-ARC) on your soundbar.
  • Turn on your soundbar and hold down the right arrow key on the remote control for about five seconds.
  • Toggle to the right after activation to enable the Anynet settings.
  • Link your soundbar’s optic connection to the television’s audio input.
  • You can use the remote app after switching the television inputs on your Apple TV’s Anynet or HDMI- CEC input!
  • After completing this process, the volume of your soundbar will be controlled by your phone’s buttons.

How Do I Use the Samsung Audio Remote App to Control My Soundbar?

Playing music with the Samsung Audio Remote App is now available. To scroll through available songs, turn the dial.

Your finger will be immediately picked, and the song will start playing as soon as you release it.

Alternatively, you can choose” Songs” from the menu list. There will be a list of all the songs now. Just tap on any song you would like to play. Using the remote control, touch the audio remote to start playing the chosen music.

Choose Remote Control from the menu by touch

Your smart device can now be used to control the soundbar. You can choose an Input Source

Remote Touch Audio

Choose” Source” from the menu.

To start playing music, click on the right source.

This presentation will use D.IN as the chosen platform. Upon connecting an external device, you can begin playing files.

How Do You Connect Your Soundbar to a Samsung TV 

It’s really handy to wirelessly connect your soundbar or speaker to your television or game screen. Nevertheless, you should not worry if the maximum volume differs from what you recall. To fix this issue, just switch the Digital Affair Audio Format to PCM.

How to Use Your Phone as the Remote for Your Android TV

  • Go to the Google TV app on your phone or tablet to navigate your Android TV.
  • Set up your virtual remote
  • On your Android phone, open the Google TV app. Tap on “Remote” near the bottommost right. At the top, choose “Scanning for devices”.
  • Now choose your device from the list. To complete the pairing, follow the instructions on your phone and television. After pairing, you can use your phone or your remote.

If you have trouble setting up the app check your WiFi connection. To connect through Wi-Fi, make sure your device is on the same network as your Android TV.

To Check or Change the Connection on Your Television

  • Press the Home button on your remote control.
  • Move to Settings at the top right, scroll to “Network & Accessories,” and choose “Network Advanced Network status.”
  • Check for the Wi-Fi network name, listed next to “Network( SSID).” Make sure it’s the same as the network on your device.

To Check or Change the Connection on Your Phone

  • Go to Settings on your phone.
  • Choose “Network & Internet Wi- Fi.”
  • Switch off your Android television and turn it on again after ten seconds.
  • Begin setting up your virtual remote again.


The right approach to controlling your soundbar with an iPhone is systematized. You’ll also need the SmartThings app downloaded on your iPhone.

After, you can use the button named” Source” seen on the Soundbar or its remote to choose either WiFi or Bluetooth( both options are applicable and will work). Lastly, add you’re (Soundbar) to the SmartThings app.

No matter which connection you pick, always make sure both the soundbar and iPhone are on the same network. Even with the two connection options available, it’s smart to use WiFi over Bluetooth.


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