How to Connect a Soundbar to a Projector Easily

There are several easy and fast ways to connect these devices. By using an HDMI cable, wireless connection, digital optical connection, or analog connection, you can connect a soundbar to a projector in the shortest possible time. To achieve the best turnout, it is so crucial to follow the correct procedure.

Projectors have been manufactured with little to no support for good sound. For this reason, all projectors work hand in hand with external soundbars or audio players. 

With the continuous increase in technology, most recent sound receivers have been made with high-tech functionalities. Therefore, your projector might be limited when connecting to some modern soundbars.

How to Connect a Soundbar to a Projector


Basic Options for Connecting a Soundbar to a Projector

Currently, most projectors are actively supporting a variety of formats for quick and easy connectivity. Transferring audio from a computer to a soundbar is simple with the help of the following:

  • Bluetooth or Wi-Fi (wireless).
  • Digital Optical
  • HDMI Connection
  • Analog Connection

Smart Ways to Connect a Soundbar to a Projector via Bluetooth

By following the guidelines below, you can simply connect your soundbar to a projector via Bluetooth.

  1. Switch your projector on, then press the menu button (if identified).
  2. Go to the settings menu and search for the Bluetooth feature. (This is done by first choosing the HDMI link, then pressing the Enter or OK button).
  3. Next, you select the “Audio-Out Device,” then select “Projector.”
  4. Keep pressing “Cancel” till you get back to the settings menu. Then, select Bluetooth and press Enter or OK.

How to Connect a Soundbar to a Projector via Digital Optical

Digital optical was initially the format used for audio-visual connections before the growth of HDMI. Due to the high demand for HDMI-supported devices, most new projectors have been made with less focus on the digital optical format. If you have a projector that accepts this format, you can quickly use the procedures below.

To set up a digital optical connection:

  1. Ensure both devices are turned off, then connect the digital optical cable to both port arcs on the projector and soundbar.
  2. Turn on both devices, and alter the projector to the channel of the digital optical.

How to Connect via Analog Connection

Analog connections, amongst the other digital options, deal with lots of cables. But that doesn’t make it confusing since each cable connects to a specific port. Thus, audio sections are different from video sections when connecting.

With analog connections, you can rest assured that devices will work well. You only have to ensure all cables are plugged into the right ports.

There are two (2) types of analog connections. These are RCA cables and Aux cables.

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Connecting via RCA

Working with RCA cables can be quite complicated. It deals with a lot of cables and calculated plugging. It is advisable to seek the assistance of a qualified individual.

The RCA connection allows you to produce different sounds with its arrangements. For example, the 2. x sound requires the white and red ports to work well. For the 3.0 sound, you must connect the green ports. 

For soundbars to produce 5. x sound, you need the addition of blue and grey ports to achieve that.

How to Connect via Aux

Auxiliary jacks can also be identified as mini-jacks. They can be used for analog connections. This option is mostly considered when other formats have proven unsuccessful in connecting to a soundbar or projector.

Connect the cable to your projector’s aux output and your soundbar’s aux input using the appropriate cable. Although you may need to adjust your audio settings, it is a straightforward approach.

The Benefits of Connecting a Soundbar to a Projector via HDMI

An HDMI ARC provides a wide range of options when it comes to the connection of soundbars to projectors. An HDMI cable assists in connecting and transferring audio or digital signals among devices with advanced formats. You must only ensure the HDMI cables are plugged into the right ports on each device.

How to Connect HDMI with a Projector as the Source

Fortunately, many modern projectors are able to use social apps. Despite this, they would still need that extra push for good sound from a soundbar.

Whether your projector has an HDMI ARC port or not, shouldn’t be a problem for quality audio sound. In order to connect HDMI with the projector as the source, you must follow the guidelines below:

  1. Make sure your device is switched off before connecting the HDMI cable to the HDMI port on the projector.
  2. Then fix the other side of the HDMI cable left to the HDMI port on your soundbar.
  3. Now you can switch on both the soundbar and the projector.
  4. Always make sure they are set to the right HDMI channel that you want them on. (It is important to know that most devices operate on an automatic channel sound range of 5.1).

Four Steps to Connect an HDMI with an Auxiliary Source

It is not new to have sound challenges when you use extra sources for media entertainment. Some sources include a DVD or MP3 player, a laptop, a projector, a TV box, and many other audio-visual peripherals. Every setup you must make will depend on the kind of equipment you have.

For this process, your soundbar should have both HDMI and audio-visual ports or input channels to suit the output channels of your auxiliary source. The following steps would help you have an accurate setup.

  1. Check that all devices are turned off, then use a well-suited cable to connect your soundbar (input channel) to your external device (output channel).
  2. Use an HDMI cable to connect the HDMI port from your soundbar to the input port of your projector.
  3. Now switch all your devices on and fix the source of your soundbar to that of your auxiliary source or device’s connection.
  4. Turn the source of the projector’s source back to the HDMI channel the soundbar is also connected to.

You can always go back to your soundbar manual for alternate procedures if your sound and video outputs are poor and unstable.

Check Out These 4 Projector Soundbars

There are so many soundbars available now to choose from. This means that interfaces or manuals would also be different per brand or manufacturer. However, you must always and only select the ones with the right features or specifications you need.

There are four (4) trending soundbar models that connect perfectly with projectors with little to no distractions. They include the following: Sonos Arc, Bose 900, the Bose Smart Soundbar 300, and the Klipsch Cinema 600.

The Amazing Qualities of the Sonos Arc

Sonos Arc was made specifically to suit large screens, making it a great option for projectors. It is a very easy device to install onto a wall or surface. It has outstanding three-dimensional sound quality and strength with a balanced frequency.

It has also been made to be able to tune into the right sound level for various spaces using a remote or voice control. Hence, its suitability for working well with home theatre systems. It produces a much clearer sound output than other soundbars. This is due to its notable technology for speech enhancement.

Advantages of the Sono Arc

  • It gives very good sound clarity for dialogue.
  • It has in-built voice control.

Currently, it has one major challenge. Thus, there’s no connectivity to Bluetooth.

Why is the Bose 900 a Must-Have?

Some basic features of the Bose 900 include a built-in voice control; seven active inner speakers; wireless streaming; multi-connect with other similar speakers; and a noise-reject microphone. Plus, all set-ups are done through the app created for Bose Music.

Bose 900 soundbar

The Bose Smart Soundbar 300

The Bose smart soundbar 300 has a classy appearance that is just three inches high. Thus, it requires very little space to operate. You can even choose to have it mounted on a wall with customized brackets.

It easily operates with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Overall, it is mostly suitable for audiovisual entertainment like movies, instead of audio music only.

Why is the Klipsch Cinema 600 a Top-Rating Soundbar?

The Klipsch Cinema 600 is widely known as a high-quality soundbar for both indoor and outdoor entertainment. The Klipsch Cinema 600 system comes with three distinctive speakers and a wireless subwoofer. It produces very excellent sound with a stable and clear signal. 

An HDMI cord is included, so it is easier to connect your soundbar to a projector. It also comes with a smart remote control that works alongside the Klipsch connect app.


How to Choose the Right Soundbars—Helpful Tips to Get the Best Theatre Moments at Home

Before you get a soundbar for your personal usage, you need to be clear about what you want it for. Since that affects your search for specific features as well as your financial budget.

Thanks to the internet, you can search for the easiest way to find the best soundbar for a projector. There are many online reviews from experts, dealers, and clients about various soundbar models. This helps make your search very easy, fun, and informative.

There are several soundbars that suit different kinds of rooms or spaces. Overall, the basic rule is to choose a larger size for a bigger space and a regular or smaller size for a smaller space. The following tips can help you choose amongst the long list of brands available:

  • Look out for a soundbar model with an aesthetic yet well-structured look. Ideally, a model that complements your home theater set.
  • Check for specific details like its connectivity, power, subwoofer, dimensions, and price.
  • Also, check to see if the model you want has built-in amplification. Why? Because excellent sound quality is the sole purpose of connecting a soundbar to a projector or other audio and video devices.
  • For satellite radio lovers, you should carefully choose a soundbar with access to several channels you always listen to.

What is a soundbar? For Beginners

A soundbar is a slim-shaped device that contains several built-in speakers. It can be used with a TV set, an audio system or player, a computer, and so many more devices. Since its main role is to boost your quality of sound, it can be connected to a projector for maximum sound results. 

It is also a good substitute for a home theater due to its built-in amplifier. The good thing about a soundbar is that it doesn’t use or take up much space.


Connecting a soundbar to a projector gives a better sound quality. In order to connect your soundbar to a projector, you can simply follow the various steps above, and you’re good to go. 

An active analog port will stream sound signals whether devices are connected or not. However, you must turn them off before connecting any external devices. Otherwise, your speakers might easily get damaged.

All the options available for connecting a soundbar to a projector are used for a wide range of devices with different specifications. If you encounter any difficulties while following any procedure, try to start all over again. But check all external plugs that would be connected to see if any are faulty before you proceed. 

You can also check out the manufacturer’s manual to ensure you aren’t missing out on any vital steps.


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