How to Connect iHome Bluetooth Speaker iBT77

iHome’s iBT77 Bluetooth speaker is one of the most sought-after speakers for obvious reasons. It has a very good sound quality when it is paired with any Bluetooth device, be it your smartphone, PC, or any iHome speaker. If you just got yourself one and you are wondering how you could connect it to your devices, then read on because I’m going to guide you on how to do that. 

You can connect your iHome Bluetooth speaker iBT77 to any Bluetooth device via a Bluetooth connection. Turn on the iHome speaker and pair it with your Bluetooth device. You can also connect it to other devices via an aux-in port on the speaker. You’ll need to plug in a 3.5 mm audio cable for this connection to work.

iHome iBT77 Bluetooth speakers are portable and easier to operate. The strap on the speaker makes it easier for it to be carried from one place to the other. If you do not want the wireless connection, there is an option for you to use the auxiliary audio cables. With that said, let’s begin to learn how you can connect the iBT77 Bluetooth speaker to your other electronic devices such as the iPhone, Android, iPad, and laptop.  

How to Connect iHome Bluetooth Speaker iBT77

Which Devices Can You Connect to iHome Bluetooth Speaker iBT77?

The iHome iBT77 Bluetooth speaker has a Bluetooth feature and an aux input port. 

This means that you can connect to any device as long as that device has the Bluetooth feature as well. You can connect the iHome iBT77 Bluetooth speaker to iPhone, android smartphone, laptop, etc. 

The aux-in port on the speaker also allows you to connect it to electric devices that have an aux audio output port. With this, you can connect your iPod, mp3 player, game devices, smartphones, and laptops to the iHome iBT77 speaker. 

How Do I Connect iHome Bluetooth Speaker iBT77 to Other Devices?

Since the iBT77 Bluetooth speaker has Bluetooth and aux in port, you can connect other devices to the speaker in two ways – by Bluetooth or by cable connection. 

There is nothing so special about any of the options except that the Bluetooth connection is wireless, therefore you are able to place the speakers and the devices at quite a distance apart. 

However, if the distance between the two devices does not mean anything to you, you can use the cable connection. Using the cable connection will also require that you have a 3.5 mm aux cable available. If you don’t, then you are better off using Bluetooth. 

Before you even consider using any of the above connection methods, you should prepare your iBT77 Bluetooth speaker. In other words, you should set it up or charge it up for the connection you are going to use. 

So let’s see how that’s done. 

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How to Prepare iHome Bluetooth Speaker iBT77 

As a general rule, always charge the iHome speakers up before you use them. When you charge the iHome Bluetooth speakers, you save yourself from experiencing sudden shutdowns when the speakers are in use. 

If you want to charge your iHome speaker, make sure that the iHome speaker is turned off, so that it can be charged faster. Also, make sure to use a USB cable to charge it. 

You can plug in one end of the USB cable into the USB port on the iBT77 speaker and then plug the other end into your PC in order to charge it. 

If you want to use an electrical power socket, plug one end of the USB cord into the USB power adapter and plug the adapter into your power socket. 

While charging the speaker, the LED light on the speaker will turn red and will turn off after charging is complete.

Usually, it takes about 4 to 6 hours to charge the speaker’s battery fully.

How to Check the Speaker Battery Level

Once charging is complete, you can disconnect your USB cable and then check for the battery level. 

To check for the speaker’s battery level, turn on your iHome speaker and then press and hold down the battery button on the speaker for some seconds. 

The voice announcer of the speaker will announce the battery level to you. You can do this at any time to check your speaker’s battery level. 

If you are using iOS devices, you can also check the battery of your iBT77 Bluetooth speaker on your iOS device. However, you’ll need to pair the device with the speaker via Bluetooth first.

Connecting to Other Devices Via Bluetooth

Once your iHome Bluetooth speaker is fully charged, the next thing to do is to connect it to your devices. 

If you decide to use a Bluetooth connection, you should make sure that the device that you are connecting it to also has the Bluetooth feature. Connecting the iHome iBT77 Bluetooth speaker to other devices via Bluetooth connection is actually simple. Just follow these steps: 

  1. First of all, turn on Bluetooth on your device and make your device discoverable. If you are using a smartphone, go to Settings and enable Bluetooth
  2. Now turn on your iHome iBT77 Bluetooth speaker by pressing and holding the power button. If you are using the Bluetooth speaker for the first time, the Bluetooth status light on the speaker will blink and your speaker will automatically go into auto-pairing mode. The speaker will then begin to pair with any Bluetooth device that’s within its range.
  3. If the speaker is not being used for the first time, then you need to press and hold the Play, Pause, and Bluetooth buttons on the speaker for a few seconds. The speaker will be put in Bluetooth mode and will begin to search for available Bluetooth devices. 
  4. On your Bluetooth device, look for the iHome iBT77 speaker that will be displayed and then tap on it to pair once it pops up. 
  5. While both devices are pairing, if you are asked to input any passcode, just input 1234 and then hit Ok to continue.
  6. When your iBT77 Bluetooth speaker pairs up with your Bluetooth device successfully, you will hear a sound, and the Bluetooth status light on your speaker will turn blue.
  7. Once pairing is complete, you can play audio from your device through the speaker. You can play and pause your music by using the Play, Pause, and Bluetooth button on the speaker. You also adjust the volume of your music by using the volume buttons on the speaker.

Connecting to Other Devices Via Aux Cables

If you want a cable connection between your iHome iBT77 Bluetooth speaker and your device, then the 3.5 mm audio cable is the way to go. 

Below are the steps that you can use to go about connecting the two devices using a cable: 

  1. Plug one end of the 3.5 mm audio cable into the Aux in port of the iBT77 speaker.
  2. Plug the other end of the audio cable into the Audio out of your device and then turn the speaker on by pressing and holding the power button on the speaker.
  3. Turn on your device as well and then play any audio on your device. You should hear the audio on your device play out through the iHome speaker that has been connected to it. 
  4. You can use the buttons on the iHome speaker to control the audio by navigating and adjusting the volume of the audio. 
  5. You should turn off the speaker and the device when you are done listening to your audio. 

How to Activate the Wireless Stereo Mode on Two iBT77 Bluetooth Speakers 

The good thing about the iHome iBT77 Bluetooth speakers is that you can wireless connect two of them and use them as your left and right speakers. 

You can then connect your audio device via Bluetooth to the speakers and then begin to listen to your music. 

This improves the audio experience and makes your audio really enjoyable.

If you are ready for this, then follow these simple steps to do exactly that: 

  1. Get yourself another iBT77 Bluetooth speaker in addition to the one you already have.
  2. Press and hold down the power buttons on the two speakers for about 10 seconds.
  3. Now, place your left thumb and left index finger on the Speakerphone, Bluetooth button, and the Vol– button on one speaker. 
  4. Place the right thumb and index finger on the Speakerphone, the Bluetooth button, and the Vol– button on the second speaker.
  5. Now press on all four buttons at the same time and the two speakers will begin to link together. When they are able to link successfully, the speaker’s in-built voice will announce their channels, that is Left channel and Right Channel. The indicator light will also turn green to indicate that linking was successful.  
  6. Once the two speakers are linked, turn on the Bluetooth on your audio device and then pair it up with the speakers using the method that I described above.
  7. Once your audio device is paired with the two speakers, you can begin to play music from your device through the two speakers. Again, you can use the Play, Pause, and Volume buttons on the speaker to control the music.
  8. Make sure to turn off both speakers when you are done listening to your audio.

Final Thoughts 

The iHome iBT77 Bluetooth speaker is a great speaker to add to your collections if you are an audiophile. Besides the Bluetooth feature, it also has an aux port which offers you two options to connect it to your other audio devices. 

However, before you connect it to any audio device, you should ensure that the battery is fully charged. Charging it for about 4 hours is a good way to ensure that you do run out of battery while the speaker is in use. 

The choice to connect by Bluetooth or aux cables actually depends on you and your preference. The Bluetooth connection is wireless while the auxiliary connection will require you to use a 3.5 mm audio cable.



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