How to Connect Bluetooth to PS4 via These Simple Steps

Cutting cords in gameplay is something most gamers want to do because it has a lot of advantages. When the emotions set it,  you do not need to worry about accidentally pulling your console off its position or even worry about your controller. Fortunately, PS4 has the Bluetooth feature which allows you to wirelessly connect devices to it. 

Connecting your devices to PS4 via Bluetooth is as simple as ABC if you know how to do it. You can connect your Bluetooth headphones to PS4 by pairing both devices in the Bluetooth Devices section of your Settings. Make sure to put the headset in pairing mode before you allow the PS4 to search for it. 

Although PS4 supports the Bluetooth feature, not all Bluetooth devices can be paired with it. The Bluetooth device that you want to pair with your PS4 must be compatible with PS4’s Bluetooth in order to have a successful connection. If you are wondering whether or not your device is compatible with PS4 or want to learn how to connect your Bluetooth devices to PS4, then this article is for you, so read on as I delve deeper into these areas.

Which Devices Can You Connect to PS4 Bluetooth? 

Since PS4 consoles have Bluetooth features, they can connect to almost any device that supports the Bluetooth feature. The only exception is when the Bluetooth feature is not compatible with that PS4, as are some wireless headphones.

You can therefore pair your smartphones, laptops, keyboards, mice, remote controls, and of course your Dualshock PS4 controller with PS4. 

When the pairing mode of the device that you want to pair with your PS4 is active, you will see the name of your device and its associated icon displayed in the Bluetooth Devices in your PS4 settings.

Can PS4 Connect to Bluetooth Headphones?

Playstation can connect to your Bluetooth headphones via Bluetooth. 

Although PS used to support all Bluetooth devices like speakers and headphones in the past, that platform was discontinued after Sony realized that the Bluetooth feature actually interferes with the overall game performance by causing the games to lag.

Currently, very few headphones can connect to PS4 wirelessly via Bluetooth so you should be particular about the kind of headset that you would like to buy for your PS4.

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Which Headsets Can I Connect to PS4 Via Bluetooth?

As you may realize, not all Bluetooth headsets are compatible with PS4 Bluetooth. If the Bluetooth headset that you are trying to connect to PS4 is not showing up in the list of Bluetooth Devices in your PS4 settings, it probably means that your headset is not compatible with PS4. 

Because of this, you need to ensure that you buy Bluetooth headsets that are compatible with PS4 if you intend to use the headsets on your PS4 console. 

Sony has customized Bluetooth headsets for PS4, the PlayStation Platinum Wireless Headset. These headsets are compatible with PS4 Bluetooth and therefore you should not have problems trying to pair one with your PS4. 

Besides the PlayStation Platinum Wireless Headset, there are other Bluetooth headsets like Razer Thresher and SteelSeries Arctis 7, which should also work perfectly fine on your PS4 console. 

How to Connect Bluetooth Headset to PS4 Via Bluetooth

If you are sure that your Bluetooth headset is compatible with PS4 and you want to connect it wirelessly to your PS4 console, you can do so by putting the headset in pairing and allowing the PS4 to search for it. 

So if you are ready, let’s see how you can connect the headset to the PS4 in detail. 

  1. Turn on the PS4 console using the PS4 controller or power button on the console. 
  2. Press the power button on the Bluetooth headset for a few seconds to put it in pairing mode. Different Bluetooth headsets may have different means of activating the Bluetooth mode, so may consult your headset manual for details. 
  3. On PS4, go to Settings and navigate to Devices.
  4. Choose Bluetooth Devices and wait for the PS4 to search for nearby available Bluetooth devices. Your Bluetooth headset will pop up in the list of Bluetooth devices if it is supported by PS4 Bluetooth. 
  5. Select your Bluetooth headset and give the console some time to pair with it. Once pairing is complete, you will see a success message on your screen. 
  6. Launch your game or play any audio on the PS4. You should begin to hear the audio on your Bluetooth headset. 

What Do I Do If My Bluetooth Headset Can Not Connect to PS4

While attempting to connect your Bluetooth headset to your PS4 via Bluetooth, there may be times when your PS will prompt you that it can’t connect to your headset. 

This situation may arise if:

  • Your Bluetooth headset has not been put in the pairing
  • Your Bluetooth headset is not in the range of the console’s Bluetooth
  • Your Bluetooth headset is not supported or compatible with PS4.

If you come across this problem, you can apply the tips below in order to help you work around the situation. 

  • Check to see if your Bluetooth speaker is in pairing mode. If it’s not, you need to put it in pairing mode. Press the Bluetooth button or press the power button for a few seconds until you hear something like “Bluetooth Mode” on your headset. 
  • If you are not close to your PS4 console, try to get a little bit closer to it. This way your PS4 will be able to detect your Bluetooth speaker when it begins to scan for nearby devices.
  • If the problem is not fixed after applying the two tips above, then it could be that your Bluetooth headset is just not compatible with PS4. In that case, you need to connect it to the console via other means such as using an audio cable or USB adapter. 

How to Fix Noise in Your Headphones

Your listening experience with the Bluetooth headphone on the PS4 should be very clear with any irritating noise in the background. 

Any background noise in your headphones will be irritating and may ruin the fun of your game or audio. 

If you want to get rid of noises in your headphones, you should try to remove other electronic gadgets close to you so that the signals from those external devices do not interfere with the headphones. 

You can also lower the volume on your microphone by adjusting the microphone level in Settings. 

If the root cause of the problem is your controller, you should consider replacing it.

Final Thoughts

Although PS supports Bluetooth connections, not all Bluetooth-enabled devices work on PS4. In fact, some work while others don’t.

If you have a Bluetooth speaker that you intend to connect wireless to your PS4, you should determine if it is actually supported by PS4 before you attempt to connect it. You can check with the speaker’s manual or just take your shot to see if it can pair with your PS.

If you know beforehand that it is supported by your console, put it in the pairing mode and search for it in your Bluetooth Devices in Settings. 

Upon successful pairing, you should be able to listen to your audio on the headphone without any complications.


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