How to Connect Bluetooth Speakers to PS4 ( 3 Methods)

Bluetooth speakers offer a different feeling to your listening experience, whether listening to music, watching a movie, or even playing a video game. They are portable and can be placed at every corner of your room provided the speakers are not out of reach of the Bluetooth device they are connected to. If you have a PS4 console and want to feel your video game’s audio effects, connecting your PS4 to a speaker may be a better option. 

But, can you connect your Bluetooth speakers to PS4? Well, that’s a tricky question. If you want a wireless connection between the Bluetooth speaker and the PS4 console, then that’s not possible. However, you can connect the Bluetooth speakers to your PS4 via an audio cable or an audio extractor. You can also connect the Bluetooth speakers PS4 controller using auxiliary cables after you’ve paired your controller to the console. 

Wireless connection between Bluetooth speakers and PS4 used to be possible some time back but Sony stopped that due to the connection’s interference with the overall game performance. Now, you need cables in order to connect the speakers to the console. If you want to learn how to connect Bluetooth speakers to PS4, then read on for all the information that I have to share with you. 

How to Connect Bluetooth Speakers to PS4

Does PS4 have Bluetooth?

PS4 supports Bluetooth connection. In fact, almost all wireless connections on the PS4 use Bluetooth connections. 

To use a Bluetooth device on the PS4, you first need to pair the device and the PS4. 

You can access the Bluetooth feature on the PS4 by going to Settings, then Devices, and then navigate to Bluetooth devices

Your PS4 will begin to search for available Bluetooth devices within its vicinity and then you can pair it with your device once it’s found. When pairing the devices, you will need to enter a passcode that will be displayed or simply follow the instructions on your screen. 

It is pretty interesting to know that you can not just connect your Bluetooth speaker directly to your PS4 console. 

Does PS4 have Speaker Output?

The PS4 console, by default, uses the HDMI port for its speaker output. When you connect your PS4 console to your TV via an HDMI cable, the sound from the console transmits out to the TV speakers via the HDMI cable. 

The PS4 console also has other ports to which you can connect your speakers to. You can use the optical cable port or the USB port. However, you will need to change your audio settings in the Settings menu on the PS in order to get the sound out via these ports. 

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How to Connect Bluetooth Speaker to PS4 Without Aux

What Speakers Work on PS4?

Almost all speakers work on PS4, whether they have Bluetooth or not. You only need to connect them to the console or PS4 controller with the right cables. 

Some will require you to use 3.5 mm audio cables or optical cables while others may use RCA cables. 

Below are some of the top-notch speakers that you can connect to your PS4 for a better audio experience: Logitech Z625 Speakers, Edifier PS4 Speakers, Bose Solo 5 Speakers, and Plugable Monitor Speakers. 

How Do I Connect Bluetooth Speakers to PS4?

You can connect your Bluetooth speakers to your PS4 console in a number of ways.

As I said earlier, due to the lagging effect that the Bluetooth speakers have on the console performance, you can not connect the speaker to the console via a direct Bluetooth connection. 

You will need some cables such as auxiliary cables, optical audio cable, or an audio extractor in order for you to successfully connect your Bluetooth speakers to the PS4 console. 

Connecting Bluetooth Speakers to PS4 Using the PS4 Controller 

Using the PS4 controller to connect the Bluetooth speakers to your PS4 is a simple and smart way of getting the audio of the console out through your speakers. 

To connect the speaker to the console using this method, you’ll need an auxiliary cable or what is popularly known as a 3.5 mm audio cable. 

You will connect the Bluetooth speaker to the controller using the 3.5 mm cable and then adjust the settings on the PS4 to route the audio to the controller and then to the Bluetooth speaker. 

Modern-day Bluetooth speakers have an input jack where you can hook this auxiliary cable so that should not be too much of a problem.

Below are the steps that you can use to connect the Bluetooth speaker to the PS4 via the controller: 

  1. Locate the headphone jack on the PS4 controller and then plug the end of the 3.5 mm audio cable into it. 
  2. Plug the other end of the same cable into the input jack of the Bluetooth speaker. 
  3. Turn on your PS4 console either by using the PS button on your controller or the power button on the console. 
  4. Choose your PS profile and sign in. 
  5. Go to Settings and select Devices.
  6. Choose Audio Devices and scroll down to Output Device
  7. Select Headset Connected Controller and then choose Output To Headphones.
  8. Now, choose All Audio to route all the audio on the PS4 console to your PS4 controller. 
  9. With audio settings set, turn on your Bluetooth device, and then you can begin to listen to the audio from the console on your Bluetooth speaker. 

Connecting Bluetooth Speakers to PS4 Using Optical Audio Cable

The optical audio port is another option you can explore to get audio from the PS4 console and the Bluetooth speaker.

However, PS4 slim consoles do not have an optical audio port so you may have to stay out of using this approach if you are using a PS4 slim. As a PS4 slim user, you can use a USB to optical cable connector for your speaker-to-console connection.

If you are using a different PS4 console other than the slim, then this is ideal for you. 

You can purchase an optical audio cable from an electronic shop and use it for your connection. The cable end of the cable has a small pin that is surrounded by a hexagonal mouth. 

If you want to connect your Bluetooth speakers to your PS4 console, you can follow these steps: 

  1. Locate the optical cable port at the back of your speaker and then plug one end of the audio cable into it. If the speaker did not come with optical audio ports, you can use an optical to RCA adapter and connect the audio cable to the analog ports via the adapter. 
  2. Identify the optical audio port on the PS4 console. This port is normally located on the left side of the console. Once you locate it, plug the other end of the cable into it. 
  3. Turn on your PS4 console using the PS button, the controller, and the sign in to your profile. 
  4. You should begin to hear the audio of your PS4 on the speaker. 

Connecting Bluetooth Speakers to PS4 Using Audio Extractor

An audio extractor is an important device that you can use to isolate audio from the video and audio signals from your PS4. 

However, the quality of the audio signals that you get from the audio may not be that good for your hearing. 

The audio extractor typically comes with two HDMI cables which are located at opposite sides of the device. You’ll therefore need two HDMI cables in order for you to connect the Bluetooth speakers to the TV. 

The audio extractor also has ports where you can connect either 3.5 mm cables,  RCA, or optical audio cables. When you use an audio extractor, double-check which type of input port your Bluetooth has so that you can use the appropriate cable for your connection. 

With that said, let’s take a look at the steps that you should follow in order to connect your Bluetooth speakers to the PS4 console via an audio extractor. 

  1. Locate an HDMI port on your PS4 console and plug one end of the HDMI cable into the port. Connect the other end of the cable to the audio input HDMI port on the audio extractor. 
  2. Connect another HDMI port between the TV’s HDMI port and the audio output HDMI port of the audio extractor.
  3. Depending on the input port of your Bluetooth speaker, connect either a 3.5 mm, RCA, or optical cable to the audio extractor and plug the end into the input of the Bluetooth speaker. 
  4. Turn on your PS4 console using the controller and sign in to your profile. 
  5. You should begin to hear the audio of your PS4 on the speaker. 

Can You Use an External Speaker With PS4? 

You can use an external speaker when you play games or watch movies on your PS4. 

The PS4 console automatically will play audio through your TV speakers when no external device is connected. 

However, you can connect an external speaker to the TV by plugging speaker cables into the auxiliary ports on your TV and the speaker. 

By doing this, you will basically connect a speaker to your TV just as you would have done if you wanted to watch movies or listen to music on your external speaker. 

You then have to connect the PS4 to your TV via HDMI as usual and you’ll be good to go. 

Final Thoughts 

It’s sad that PS4 consoles do not support direct Bluetooth speaker connections. The situation is not entirely bad since there are some workarounds that you can explore to get your Bluetooth speaker connected to the PS4 console. 

The easiest way is to use the PS4 controller as an intermediary between your Bluetooth speaker and the PS4 console. Connect the Bluetooth speaker controller using an auxiliary cable and then adjust your settings on the console to route the audio to your controller. 

You may as well use other cables like the optical audio cable and audio extractor to get the work done. 



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