How to Connect Alesis Nitro to Amp

Alesis Nitro is one of the cheapest electric drums on the market. It is of good quality and can be used for regular practice if you are new to drumming. Just like every other electric drum, you’ll either need an amplifier or headphones in order to hear the sounds of Alesis Nitro drum kits when you play. 

If you just got yourself Alesis Nitro drum kits and you wish to connect them to an amplifier, you have come to the right place. You can connect Alesis Nitro electric drums to an amp by connecting the output port of the Alesis Nitro drum module to the input jack of an amp with a quarter inch or XLR cable. Plug one end of the quarter inch cable into the drum’s module and then plug the other end into the amp. 

Using Alesis Nitro can be fun for your practice, especially when you connect it to an amplifier. The Alesis Nitro module allows you to do more stuff with the drum kits other than just hitting the drum pads. So, if you are ready to learn more about the Alesis Nitro and how to connect it to an amplifier, continue reading this article because that’s exactly what I am going to share with you next. 

What is Alesis Nitro?

Alesis Nitro is an electric drum set that is marketed by Alesis, an e-music company that is based in the USA. 

Alesis Nitro is just one of the products that are marketed by the company. 

The drums are quite cheap compared to other brands, hence most beginners often rely on the Alesis Nitro for practice. 

When you buy an Alesis Nitro drum set, the set should come along with the following kits: 

  • 5 drum pads which consist of 1 kick drum, 3 toms, and 1 snare drum. 
  • 3 cymbal pads consisting of 1 Ride cymbal, 1 Crash cymbal, and 1 Hi-Hat cymbal. 
  • A bass drum pedal
  • A Hi-hat controller
  • Alesis Nitro drum module 

You should set the drum kits up before you use them. Setting up the drum kits is very easy and you do that in a matter of minutes even if you are a novice drummer. 

You only need to know where to place the drum pads, cymbals, and pedals. At the end of the setup, the drum set up should look like that of a traditional acoustic drum set, only that the drums are electric this time around.

Do You Need an Amp for Alesis Drums?

Alesis Nitro is not different from other electric drums in the way they work. All electric drums need to be amplified otherwise you’ll not hear any drum sound.  

Alesis Nitro also requires some form of amplification before you can hear its sounds. You need to use either an amplifier or headphones whenever you use Alesis drums. 

As to which form of amplification you use will depend on who’s listening to the drums. 

If you are the only one listening to yourself play the electric drum, then the headphones will be a good fit. 

However, if you are drumming for a public audience, then using an amplifier will be the best. 

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Do You Need a Special Amp for Alesis Nitro?

When it comes to using amps for electric drums, you should only aim to use a drum amp for your electric drums. 

Any drum amp will be suitable for your electric drums, so you should not worry about a special amp that is required for your Alesis Nitro. 

However, because Alesis also markets other electronic products such as drum amps, you may decide to use any of Alesis drum amps for your Alesis Nitro.

The Alesis Strike 8 and Alesis Strike 12 amps are drum amps that you can use for your Alesis Nitro drums. 

If you do not want to use any of Alesis’ amps, you can use any order amp of your choice, but just make sure that it is a drum amp. 

Under certain circumstances, you can use amps like the bass guitar or piano amp for Alesis Nitro even though that’s not what I recommend, it can be done. 

You have to be extremely careful with your volume levels if you want to use the guitar or piano amp for any electric drum. 

How Do I Connect Alesis Nitro to an Amp? 

After setting up your Alesis Nitro drums, the next thing for you to do is to use an amplifier or headphones. 

With headphones, you just need to plug them into the drum’s module and you can listen to the drum sounds with the headphones as you play the drum.  

In the same way, connecting the drum kits to an amplifier shouldn’t be difficult. 

Two things should be of interest to you, which are the drum’s module and the input jack of your amp. 

The drum’s module is the hub of the whole electric drum set, so when you strike the drum pads of the Alesis Nitro the real drum sound actually exits the drum set through the module. 

With your bare ears, you’ll only hear the sound of a drumstick striking a book or hard surface if you do not capture the drum sound as it exits the drum set. 

The Alesis Nitro drum module has several ports, one of which is labeled Audio Out or Output. This port is located at the back of the module. 

You need to locate the output port and plug one end of a quarter inch cable or XLR cable in there, while you plug the other end of the cable into the input jack of the amp. 

Once those two ports are connected via the cable, you would have successfully connected the Alesis Nitro to your amp.

Can I Connect My Alesis Drum to My Speakers?

When you are through with connecting your Alesis Nitro to an amplifier, you can extend the connection to your speakers. 

By this I mean you connect the amp to your passive speakers via cables so that you listen to the amplified sounds of the drum through the speakers. 

However, if your amp has a speaker that has been installed in it, then there will be no need to connect the amp to external speakers. 

With this, you will be listening to the drums’ sounds on your amp.

What is the Difference Between Alesis Nitro And Alesis Nitro Mesh

Alesis Nitro Mesh is also an electric drum set that is marketed by Alesis. 

Both Alesis Nitro and Alesis Nitro Mesh look similar in various ways and what differentiates these two are a few. 

Both drum sets have the same number of components, that is the number of cymbals, drum pads, and pedals for each set is the same. The setups for the two are even the same. 

The only difference between the two is that the kits of Alesis Nitro Mesh have mesh heads while the kits of Alesis Nitro have rubber pads. 

The mesh heads make the Alesis Nitro Mesh a bit quieter than the Alesis Nitro which has rubber pads. 

What Can I Do With The Alesis Nitro Drum Module? 

The Alesis Drum Module is one of the most important features of the electric drum set. Without it, your drum kits are as good as dead. 

Besides allowing you to connect an amp to the Alesis drum set, the module offers you the opportunity to do so many things with it. 

First and foremost, the module has features that allow you to adjust the sounds of the drum pads. It has quite a number of preset kits involving different percussion and drums. 

You can even make changes to the preset kits to suit your needs. Not only that, you adjust the metronome of the drum and also record your drumming on the module. 

When it comes to recording, there are a few things you need to consider. 

You can easily hit the Record button on the Alesis Nitro’s module and listen to your recorded drum sessions via a speaker or headphones. 

When you do this type of recording, your recordings can only be played on the module and you will not be able to get it to your smartphone or computer. 

To get the recordings on your computer, you should use MIDI or an audio interface. 

You can connect your computer to the audio interface and then connect the interface to the module via a USB cable and you’ll be good to record on your computer.

Alternatively, if you have a computer with software that records, you can connect your computer to the module using the MIDI port and then record your drumming on the computer. 


Alesis Nitro drums are good for starters who are new to electric drumming. You’ll only need a headphone or an amp and you’ll be set to start your drumming journey. 

Whenever you want to use an amp for the electric drum, you should aim to get a drum amp like the Alesis Strike 8 which is suitably designed for the drum set. 

To connect the amp to the Alesis Nitro, you should have no problems after reading this article. Make sure to use a quarter inch cable or an XLR cable and you’ll be fine. 

After connecting Alesis Nitro to the amp, feel free to play around with the settings and the exciting features of the Alesis Nitro module.


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