How Do I Change the Resolution on My BenQ Projector?

Resolution is the number of pixels a projector displays in a single image. The resolution increases with the number of pixels in a picture. Sometimes you may notice that the projected images appear blurred or even too sharp and want to change it.

When changing the resolution on your computer, it’s crucial to consider the projector’s throw distance. The throw distance measures the separation between your projector and its screen. The throw distance influences the size and clarity of the projected image.

How Do I Change the Resolution on My BenQ Projector?. If the projected image is not what you desire, thus, if it is too blurred or too sharp, you can change the resolution of your BenQ projector by:

  • Opening the display properties and selecting settings
  • Looking for a slider bar in the window area from the display options
  • Sliding the bar to the left to decrease the resolution or right to increase the resolution. 

When changing the resolution on your computer, it is crucial to consider the projector’s throw distance. The projector’s throw distance can impact the quality of the projected image. The throw distance is the distance between your projector and the projector screen. This article will help and guide you to change the resolution of your BenQ projector to get the best display performance of the projected image.

How Do I Change the Resolution on My BenQ Projector

Is It Possible to Change the Resolution of My BenQ Projector?

You can change the resolution of your BenQ projector if the displayed or projected image is different from what you want. This step-by-step guide can help you change your BenQ projector’s resolution with a computer.

  • Launch “Display properties” and select “Settings”

By right-clicking on an empty space on your desktop, from the pop-up menu, click “Properties”.

  • In the screen area section, you will find a sliding arrow

You can use this slide bar to adjust the resolution. If you want a lower resolution, you can slide the bar to the left or slide it to the right if you want a higher resolution.

  • Once you have adjusted the resolution to your preferred choice, make sure to 

select apply. Then click “OK” and then “Yes.”

Your screen may show an image that is distorted or warped. This happens when your projector source does not support an image equal to the aspect ratio of your computer’s screen. This can be corrected to maintain the original aspect ratio in “Display mode.”

To do this, you must first ensure that your computer’s screen and the projector are connected. Then select the display icon for the projector. Selecting the projector’s display icon ensures that any changes made will automatically reflect on the projector:

  • Choose the display icon with the label “2”
  • For the ideal setting, select Resolution from the drop-down menu.

The actions listed above guarantee that the monitor’s resolution won’t change.

What Resolution Is Best for My BenQ Projector?

Due to the higher quality of the displayed images, higher resolutions like 1080p (full HD) and 4K are more appealing. Every BenQ projector has a real resolution higher than what it can display. With a native resolution of 1080p or 2,073,600 pixels, a Full HD BenQ projector like the HT2050A will have this resolution.

1920 horizontal and 1080 vertical pixels are present in a 1080p resolution. Images displayed by the highest resolution projector are clear and detailed. Even though a projector has a higher resolution, computers with a lower resolution, such as 720p, can reduce the quality of the image.

A 4K projector like the TK700STi is fantastic for gaming. You won’t see the 4K effect if you use a laptop with a lower resolution. Your BenQ’s model determines what resolution is best for it. However, it is better the higher the resolution.

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How do I Adjust My BenQ Projector Screen?

You can do this by adjusting the Lens Shift of your projector; this will readjust your projected image:

  • Press “Menu” on the projector or the remote control
  • Choose “Advanced Menu”
  • Select “Display tab”
  • Select “Digital Lens Shift”
  • Adjust the position vertically

How Do I Make the Image Bigger on My BenQ Projector?

If you want the projected image from your BenQ projector to appear bigger, you can use Digital Zoom. 

  • First, you need to activate the on-screen display (OSD) by pressing the “Menu” or “Exit” button. Press the “<” or “>” button until the right display menu appears.
  • Scroll down to choose the “Digital Zoom” option and press “OK” or “Enter.”
  • You can press the up key on the arrow keys to increase the image size.

Why is My BenQ Projector Blurry?

Images projected from your BenQ projector can appear blurred for several reasons:

  • The projection lens needs to be focused properly. You can fix this by adjusting the focus ring.
  • If the projector and the screen are not aligned well, the image can appear blurred. You can fix this by adjusting the angle of projection angle and direction and possibly the height.
  • Dust may have accumulated on the projection lens. You can check out a guide on how to clean a projector lens.
  • If the lens cap is still attached, the projected image will appear blurred. Remove the cap before use.

BenQ’s Super-Resolution Option

BenQ’s super-resolution settings can be used to improve dim, low-resolution images by increasing their resolutions for projection. To achieve this:

  • Switch on your projector and the image source you want to use
  • Press “Menu.” A pop-up menu will appear.
  • Select “Image Enhancement” and press “Enter.”
  • Select the Super-resolution setting, then press “Enter.”

Fine line adjustments and Soft-focus detail can be adjusted.

The image pattern and fine details, like the hair, can be improved with fine-line adjustments. Soft focus detail can enhance the foreground, background, and essential elements of an image.

  • When you are done, select “Menu” to exit.

What is the Difference Between Aspect Ratio and Resolution?

Aspect ratio is the predetermined proportion between a picture’s width and height, while a resolution is the number of pixels (or units) in the image. Both terms pertain to the size of the image; the resolution refers to the total number of pixels in the image, while the aspect ratio describes the width/height of the pixels.

Pixels will vary if the aspect ratio does, and the resolution will change. Alternately, altering the resolution by altering the number of pixels will result in a different proportion of horizontal to vertical lengths, altering the aspect ratio.

More so than aspect ratio, the resolution also significantly impacts image quality. While having a 4:3 ratio can make things appear different than having a 16:9 ratio, the quality is still quite equal; however, a different resolution can make things appear more or less clear. When resizing projections, consider the aspect ratio to prevent image distortion. 


BenQ is one of the top projector-selling brands worldwide, and they come in different resolution sizes. Depending on your budget, you must try to get a high-resolution projector to get the best image quality.

If your projector projects images that you think have a low resolution, following the guide I have provided will help you enhance the image quality. If something else is needed, you may have to get a high-end projector screen and a projector with a high resolution. Also, if your computer’s resolution is low, it can affect your projected image. Getting another computer with a better resolution can help.


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