Does PS4 Play 4K Blu Ray? What You Need Know!

Now that PS5 is here, a lot of gamers have begun questioning whether or not PS4 consoles can play 4K Blu-ray. Well, this is not surprising since PS5 actually supports 4K blu-ray and so if you’ve been playing 4K content on your PS5 for some time, you might just want to try if it works on your old PS4 console too. So, does PS4 Play 4K blu-ray? 

Unfortunately, PS4 does not play 4K blu-ray since PS4 does not have the drivers for such high quality video resolution. However, the PS4 pro console allows you to play games in 4K and also stream videos in 4K. All PS4 consoles support the standard HD gameplay of 1080p and 3D blu-ray, so you can still have some decent video quality with the PS4. 

The PS4 console was primarily designed for playing games, rather than being used as a media player. So when it comes to playing very high quality videos like that of 4K blu-ray, you should be moderate with your expectations. Below, I’ll explain to you why PS4 can not play 4K Blu-ray and give you some tips on how you can work around the situation. 

Does PS4 Play 4K Blu Ray

Which PS Consoles Play 4K? 

Before, I talk about the 4K Blu-ray discs and 4K resolution, let me explain to the different types of PS4 consoles. 

It is only natural for you to wish to watch clearer videos on TV or monitor everyday. After all, of what use will a video or movie be to you if the pics are blurred or unrecognizable? 

So, PlayStation consoles seek to offer the best of video quality. When it comes to PS4, you’ll not get anything less than the standard HD video resolution. 

But, there’s even more to the HD, the 4K. The 4K video resolution is far more clearer and crispier than the HD. It has about 3840 by 1269 pixels, so you are actually going to see everything clearly as you are actually close to the action.

Sony has the standard PS4 console, the PS4 slim and then the PS4 Pro consoles. Among these three consoles, the PS4 Pro console is the most expensive since it supports far more features than the other two. 

When it comes to video quality, it offers the best of video among them. Although all the three console types support standard HD video of 1080p, the PS4 Pro goes a step further to support 4K streaming and 4K gaming. 

So, among PS4 consoles, only the PS4 Pro consoles support 4K. 

Does PS4 Support 4K Blu-ray?

So, it is clear that only the PS4 Pro console comes close enough to PS5 in terms of playing content that are of 4K resolution. 

Even with that, the PS4 Pro can only play the 4K videos and 4K games, but it does not support 4K blu-ray playback. 

So, basically the PS4 does not play 4K blu-ray playback. This means that if you have a blu-ray disc and you insert it into your PS4 console, it can only play that blu-ray as long as it is 1080p. If the blu-ray disc is 4K UHD, the PS4 console will not be able  play it. 

The very high resolution of the 4K videos require that the PS4 console has some powerful drivers. However, like I said the primary aim of PS4 is not to become a  media player, so the console lacks the required drivers that play 4K UHD blu-ray. 

How to Play 4K Movies on PS4 Pro?

Well, now that you know what your PS4 console can do and can not do, you can now manage your expectations when it comes to 4K UHD. 

The good news is that you can still use PS4 Pro to play 4K movies. This is very simple to do, so I’m going to take you through the steps. After setting up your PS4 Pro to 4K, the console will display games and movies in 4K automatically for you.  

Before setting up the PS4 Pro for automatic 4K resolution, you need to ensure that the monitor or TV that you are connecting to the PS console is 4K compatible. If the TV is not compatible with a 4K display, you’ll not be able to play your games or watch movies in 4K. 

Also, check to see if your HDMI cable can transmit 4K signals. You’ll need very fast HDMI cables for this otherwise it won’t work on your TV.

So, if you’re ready, let’s get started. To play 4K movies on your PS4 Pro, follow these steps: 

  1. Turn on your PS4 Pro and TV and sign in into your PS profile.
  2. Go to Settings on the PS4 Pro using the controller.
  3. Navigate to the Sound and Screen option and select it. You can do this using the left analog controller or the arrow buttons on the D-pad. 
  4. Go to Video Output Settings and then select the Video Resolution option. By default, the resolution should be set as 4K. If it is not, select the 4K Automatic option. If your TV or cable is not compatible with 4K, you will see a message indicating that 4K is not compatible. In that case, you can choose the 1080p resolution. 

Once you are able to set the PS4 console up for 4K videos, your console will automatically play the movies for you in 4K. 

How to Play 4K Movies on PS4 Pro From a USB

PlayStation also allows you to play media via the USB. This is very convenient if you are not the CD type of person. 

Moreover, you can play the play also in 4K resolution just as what I talked about earlier. 

If you want to play 4K movies from your USB on the PS4 pro, you should put all the 4K Movies in a single folder on the USB to make things easier for you. 

Once you are done with that, follow the steps below to play the movies from your USB: 

  1. Turn the PS4 Pro on using either the power button or the PS button on the controller. 
  2. Plug your USB into the PS4 console and connect the USB to the same network that the PS4 console is connected to. 
  3. Go to the Content Area and select Media Player. Choose the USB device option after that.
  4. Open the USB device and go to your 4K Movie Folder. With these steps, you can now enjoy all your 4K movies on the PS4 Pro.

What are the PS4 Supported Formats?

There are a lot of video formats out there. Some are supported by almost all media players while the others are supported by a few. 

When it comes to PS4 the story is no different. The PS4 console supports quite a number of video and audio formats. 

If you want to play any content on PS4 Pro and the formats are not part of the PS4-supported formats, you’ll not be able to play them unless you convert them to the right formats. 

Some of the video and audio formats that PS4 supports include: MP4, MP3, WMV, AVI, XviD, MPEG-2, H.264/MPEG-4 AVC Main Profile, MPEG-4 SP (AAC LC), Motion JPEG, AAC LC,WAV and eAAC+ etc.

If the video or audio that you intend to play on your PS4 console is not in the formats, you’ll have to use a video converter to convert the media to any of the formats above before the video or audio will play. 

Final Thoughts

PlayStation simply put PS is one of the entertaining devices that you can have in your home. You can use it for your gameplays as well as watching movies. 

The PlayStation 4, undoubtedly is no match for the PS5, so most features on PS5 are not supported by the PS4. One such example is the blu-ray 4K UHD playback. 

Although the PS4 Pro does play movies and games in 4K, the PS4 Pro and all the other PS4 consoles do not play blu-ray 4K UHD playback. Simply put, if you insert a blu-ray 4K UHD disc into a PS4 console, the console will not be able to play. 

To play such UHD videos, you’ll need a PS5 console and a 4K TV with very fast HDMI cables. 

If you still want to use your PS4 console, you should be prepared for standard HD videos. However, with the PS4 Pro, you can step up your game by playing games and watching movies in 4K.


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