Can You Use Smart TV Without Internet? (Yes, But…)

Smart televisions have become popular in recent times with an estimation that one out of every three homes has a smart TV.

The problem however is that not every home has internet access or will always have internet access all the time.

If you have just recently bought a smart TV,  you may be wondering whether you can use smart TV without an internet connection?. Well, the short answer is:

You can use a smart TV without an internet connection but you will lose the very features that make it smart like streaming applications that won’t work without internet connectivity.

The smart TV will work alright like any standard TV but without the features that come with internet connectivity.

Can You Use Smart TV Without Internet

What is a Smart TV?

Basically, a smart TV is a computer with fewer features without a keyboard and mouse.

Today, every new appliance or tech is now smart. You will hardly see a device that is designed without the ability to work with the internet.

In short, smart TVs are TVs that have built-in internet connectivity that allows you access to the web either through your home Wi-Fi or an Ethernet cable.

In essence, smart TVs are hybrid devices that possess features of a computer, television, and digital media players.

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They serve the basic function of the TV, while also giving you access to added features like internet TV, video streaming, web browsing, and gaming.

What can a Smart TV Do?

These days, almost all TV brands have a smart TV. Different brands and their smart platform. You will find some smart TVs are built with proprietary platforms and some use Android or webOS.

However, they are all built with advanced features more than the standard TVs. Here are some of the notable features that will find come with smart TVs.

1). Stream Online Content

There are smart TVs that support several streaming apps. Most even come with pre-installed streaming apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Youtube.

They also enable you to watch over-the-top content shows or videos that are distributed over the internet.

2). Surf the Internet

Most smart TVs are made with built-in web browsers that you can you to browse the internet.

You can read news, browse your favorite social media platforms, etc.

3).  Video Calls and Conferencing

If your laptop screen is small for your video conference, then your large screen smart TV will do the trick.

Smart TVs are designed to be capable of allowing you to do video calls and conferencing.

They either come with a built-in webcam or support an external webcam.

4). Play Games

For game lovers, this would excite you. There are gaming apps that are optimized for smart TVs. This enables you to play your favorite games on the TV for the kids or entertain your guests.

5). Sync and Control Other Smart Devices

You can connect your smart TV to your other smart devices, like Alexa, Google Nest, or Ring. With this, you can control your house or office lighting, temperature, and sound system through your TV.

6). Voice Control

The voice control feature allows you to remotely control the TV volume, rewind, and even switch it off with just words.

This is because they have a voice assistant feature that enables you to control the TV with words.

Using a Smart TV Without WiFi or Internet

It may look as if it isn’t much you can do with a smart TV with WiFi, but that isn’t true.

There are other things you get with a smart TV like impressive picture quality that is noticeably different from a basic television.

Basically, smart TV also comes with plenty of ports so you can connect most of your external devices.

Here are some things you can do with smart TV without the internet.

1). Stream Content

With connected external devices like the DVD player Blu-ray player and gaming console, you can watch the latest movies on disc and play games.

Also, you can also use a hotspot to connect the TV to the internet if you have enough data.

It may not be possible to download streaming apps without WiFi but you can enjoy your TV by making use of other devices and also stream limited content.

Stream Content

Even though you can’t download streaming apps without Wi-Fi, it doesn’t mean that you’re stuck with only local television stations.

Take a look at the devices you have connected to the TV, you probably can still stream limited content.


PlayOnPlus is another convenient feature that lets smart TV owners enjoy Netflix and other streaming content without an internet connection.

Select the show or movies you want to watch with your WiFi-connected device and if it’s possible to connect the device to an HDMI port, you can watch it on your smart TV.

This is similar to mirroring content from your mobile phone to another device.

How to Mirror a Phone to a Smart TV

Mirroring your phone to a smart TV is possible provided both devices are compatible. You can stream the content from your smartphone and mirror it to the TV.

First, you need to check if the phone and the TV have settings that can allow you to sync both devices.

If your device doesn’t support this feature, then you may be only limited to local stations and DVDs.

Not all Android phones allow mirror casting so check your devices first. If the television does recognize your phone’s internet signal, connect the HDMI cable to both devices.

The downside of using an HDMI cable is that you will have a cord extending across the room from your phone to the TV. But you will be able to watch your mirror content.

screen mirror tv

Smart TV Features that Won’t Without WiFi

There are features that won’t work with a smart TV with an internet connection. Here are some of them.

Download Apps and Streaming Content

Without internet access, you cant take full advantage of smart TV features. One of those features is the ability to stream videos on  Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, or Youtube TV. All these require internet access.

Even online streaming providers like Roku or Fire Stick both still will require you to have internet access to download the apps.

A Smart TV without internet access is basically like a normal TV.

And with many people not having access to regular internet, manufacturers are now making smart TVs more affordable.

Account Setup

Account setup for smart TVs has become increasingly common though not all require that you set up an account.

Those that require account setup usually require an internet connection to do so otherwise you can complete the setup.

Chances are you may be able to perform a few functionalities without an account set up but often there are issues you may encounter with performance.

Receive Firmware Updates

A smart TV is just like a computer that will require you to update firmware regularly to prevent potential virus harm.

Mostly, there are some new features added or some bugs to fix when it comes to firmware.

Some of the reasons a firmware update is needed are to:

  • Improve the television’s performance.
  • Prevent the TV from automatically restarting when the “home” key is pressed on the remote.
  • Improve the home screen for easier navigation.

With a WiFi connection, these updates are usually installed automatically. But without the internet, you will be missing out on some important bug corrections or new functions.

Direct Connection

Let’s say you want to watch some content from your phone on the TV, without an internet connection, the video quality will be compromised.

You can do things like Apple’s peer-to-peer airplay or another type of direct connection. But you won’t get the best video quality.

Final Thoughts

Without an internet connection, you can still watch your smart TV but the features that you get with a WiFi connection like live streaming, video conferencing, and more will be compromised.

Smart TVs offer a high-quality viewing experience that can be appreciated regardless of whether you have an internet connection or not.

If you what to use the enhanced features of smart TV, then you must make sure there is an internet connection.


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