Can You Pair Headphones to a Soundbar?

With a lot of distractions around us every day, it is very reasonable to create your own privacy. This way, you get to have your own me time. The use of a soundbar provides you with beautiful sounds.

However, you may not always have the absolute privacy and clarity you desire. This is where pairing your headphones with a soundbar becomes such a blessing. Now, the question here is, can it be done? Unfortunately, it is not possible to pair headphones to a soundbar.

Why? Well, the soundbar is made to receive audio signals and not to transmit audio signals. Some televisions support the simultaneous connection of headphones and soundbars, but they may fail to support the simultaneous output of two audio devices.

Fortunately, you can still connect your headphones and soundbar to your TV all at once. You will need a Bluetooth-enabled headphone and soundbar to be able to receive audio. Next, you insert the cords for each device’s audio in, right behind your TV.

Afterward, you can start operating these devices in a wireless state by switching from your TV settings to theirs.

How Can You Pair Headphones to a Soundbar

The Purpose of a Soundbar

The Soundbar is identified as the icing on the cake when dealing with setup for entertainment systems. Aside from its well-structured appearance and in-built speakers, its main purpose is to boost the quality of audio signals or sound. Soundbars come in both wired and wireless forms.

Using Bluetooth Headsets and Soundbars at the Same Time

Most smart TVs today only accept both wired headphones and soundbars at the same time. This means wireless headphones and soundbars would have to go through a different procedure. This procedure works with only one device at a time due to Bluetooth connectivity.

Since they are both operating as transmitters, they can’t run at the same time. Using both devices will mean connecting them separately.

It doesn’t matter how technologically improved a soundbar or headphones are, some basic functionalities will still operate as they always have been.

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How to Get Sound from Your TV to Wireless Headphones

Amongst the various options available for this process, the most commonly used one now is the wireless or Bluetooth connection. For TV sets that lack this functionality, you can instead leverage the devices you connect to your TV that have Bluetooth to get going.

Fire and Android TVs have been identified to have a lot of features in common. Thanks to both having Bluetooth connectivity, you can connect any of them together with your headset.

How to listen to your TV through headphones and the TV’s Speakers, Soundbar, or Other Audio Device at the Same Time

 The details below are effective for some electronic devices only. If you want to transfer sound from the speaker of your TV to any audio device you have available, do this.

  • Connect the cord of your audio device to the “digital audio out” port only. Plugging your device’s cord into the wrong port will prevent audio sounds from coming from the TV speakers and audio devices all at once.

If you want to play sounds from your headphones and soundbars, do the following.

  • Connect the cord of your soundbar to the “digital audio out” port. Then connect your headphones’ cord to the headphone jack of our TV (for TVs with headphone jacks only). Connecting through Bluetooth will not always send the TV output audio signals to the headphone and soundbar at once.

How to Wirelessly Connect Bluetooth Headphones to Your System Using the Bose Music App

There is a sync functionality in the Bose Music Apps that allows you to link both your Bluetooth headphones and soundbar. This makes it possible for you to hear the same sounds from both devices at the same time.

The amazing part is that you get to regulate the volume levels for both devices too. So you can have them both playing in the same range or change the volume of one of them.

Can You Connect Bluetooth Headphones to a Samsung Soundbar?

The settings on the soundbar should be tuned to Bluetooth mode. On the soundbar, you can identify the source button. As soon as you see the Bluetooth pairing displayed, keep on holding on to the button. Check that your pairings are to the correct device.

How Do I Connect My Bluetooth Headphones To My Sonos Soundbar?

  • Begin by connecting your headphones (Bluetooth) to the soundbar (Sonos) in order to set up your device.
  • On your Sonos App, change the “Line-Out” to “Auto”.
  • Connect Use the wireless transmitter to connect the headphones to the “Audio Out” port.
  • Choose “Speaker” from the “Headphones” settings.
  • Now, you select from a long list of audio tunes to play.

Can I Connect My Bose Headphones to My Soundbar?

You can pair Bluetooth headphones to your system using Bose Music. It comes with a feature that enables Bluetooth connection from headphones to the soundbar. Final syncing will be done with the Bose Music app.

How Can I Use Bluetooth Headphones and TV Speakers Simultaneously?

  • Select “Settings” and go to the “Display and Sound” section.
  • You now choose the “Audio output” option, then the “Audio to both TV speakers and other devices” option.
  • Finally, pair your Bluetooth headphones to the speaker on the TV.

Can You Use A Soundbar And Bluetooth Headphones at The Same Time?

You can connect only one Bluetooth device at a time and not more Bluetooth devices. That will definitely not work out well.

Can You Use a Soundbar and Headphones at the Same Time? Related questions

Start by connecting the cord of your headphones to the headphone jack of your TV. Also, connect your soundbar to the “digital audio out” port. Finally, go to your TV settings and check if they are in sync with both devices.

Can You Use Bluetooth Headphones and TV Speakers at the Same Time on Samsung?

The only way to make this possible is by adjusting the volume level on your Bluetooth audio device. Then you separately regulate that of the TV speakers using the “Multi-Output Audio”.

Does the Samsung Soundbar have Bluetooth?

You can play sounds with devices that have Bluetooth connectivity using a Samsung Soundbar. However, devices that are wireless are closely connected using Bluetooth.

Your wireless headphones still work after connecting your soundbar using your preferred port. So you get to use it with no interruptions. If your soundbar is connected via HDMI ports, you must change the audio output on your TV’s settings.

Does the Sonos Soundbar Support Bluetooth Headphones?

At the moment, the Sonos Soundbar doesn’t support Bluetooth connection. You would have to use other methods in order to merge the two separately. As an example, you could connect your soundbar to a Bluetooth device that plays sounds (such as a TV or phone).

Unfortunately, soundbars do not accept connections from other headphones, soundbars, or Bluetooth speakers.

Is It Possible to Connect Headphones to a Soundbar?

Soundbars are generally designed to receive audio sounds and not to send them. Hence, you cannot connect your headphones to them. Your soundbar can be joined with a Bluetooth device that plays audio. 

Some examples of devices include your laptop, mobile phone, television, etc. Though there are TVs that pair both a soundbar and headphones, the devices would have to be used interchangeably, not at the same time.

How Do I Use Headphones and TV Speakers at the Same Time on My Samsung Smart TV?

  1. Click the Home button (which can be seen on the remote control) and go to “Settings“.
  2. Click on “General“, then choose “Accessibility”.
  3. Select “Multi-output Audio” (TV will start to search around for Bluetooth devices nearby).
  4. Choose the name of your Bluetooth device from the list.
  5. Select the “pair” device and “Connect“.

Can You Connect a Samsung TV to Bluetooth Headphones?

There are some Samsung brands that are manufactured with Bluetooth functionality. This makes it possible to connect them to other devices that operate as transmitters. Connect a Bluetooth soundbar to your TV to get the most from your preferred movie.

You can also choose to wear headphones so that you can have a non-public screening. If you need to find out whether or not your Samsung TV has integrated Bluetooth functionalities, do the following: A Samsung TV with a Smart Remote is constructed to robotically pair with Bluetooth because the remote works with the TV.

You can also view the settings on your Samsung TV menu by scrolling to “Sound”, and then “Sound Output”. This way, you can be certain.

Does the Samsung Soundbar have a Headphone Jack?

The ports of the Samsung soundbar are made up of a single digital optical and analog audio. These can be found in the jack, making it two (2) possible modes of pairing with other devices. You can choose to work with an auxiliary audio cable to connect an external device to the Samsung soundbar.

How Do I Connect Wireless Headphones to My Samsung TV?

This option is for TVs with in-built Bluetooth only:

  1. Tune Bluetooth Headphones to Bluetooth Pairing Mode.
  2. Go to the menu of your Samsung TV Settings (seen on the remote).
  3. Choose the “SOUND OUTPUT” option and scroll through the “SPEAKER LIST“.
  4. You can now search for and select your own headphones.
  5. Now, click on “Pair” and connect.

How Do I Connect Bose Headphones to My Samsung TV? Related Questions

This process is as simple as the one above. You should be done in no time.

  1. Click on your Samsung smart TV’s Home Button.
  2. Go to the
  3. Choose “General,” then select
  4. Click on Multi-Output Audio.
  5. Pick the Bose headphones of your choice and select “Pair“.


The only way to pair headphones to a soundbar is by connecting both devices to a TV set or any external device that sends audio. This is due to the functional default of the soundbar to operate as a transmitter.

However, you would definitely not get both devices working at the same pace. You can receive sounds by connecting a Bluetooth headphone and soundbar to your TV’s ports.


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