9 Best Projectors Under $1000 in 2023

When setting up a theatre for your home, a projector is a major addition; hence I researched those under $1000 to give you a head start and some ideas when purchasing yours.

A projector under $1,000 is the best investment since it satisfies your study, work, and enjoyment demands. However, it may also provide a screen size several times bigger than a smart TV. Then, assist you in having more interesting and worthwhile encounters.

Today, many different types of projectors are available at various price points. Every gadget has a unique design and set of functions. Most projectors in this price range are designed with a purpose and won’t be the best choice for every user. Nevertheless, you will be assured of quality features to perform specific tasks.

During the testing, I rated ViewSonic PX701-4K Home Projector the best overall. The list is subjective, and you may decide to rate other projectors below the list higher. However, ViewSonic PX701-4K Home Projector was top because of its 4K compatibility and superior display. This projector will give you an ultimate viewing experience thanks to its high resolution of 3840X2160 and 3000L brightness.

It is also a versatile device that can meet your needs whether you are going to use it for gaming or watching movies. Its high brightness makes it a good fit in classrooms or business settings.

I have categorized the list into categories, with each projector being the best fit for a specific purpose. As quoted earlier, projectors in this price list were built for a specific purpose.

I compiled this list to help you decide which projector to buy. Also, I have provided you with certain factors you must consider when buying a projector for under $1,000.

Quick Preview of Our Best Projectors Under $1000

  1. ViewSonic PX701-4K Home Projector  (Best Overall)
  2. Optoma HD146X High-Performance (Best for gaming)
  3. EPSON Home Cinema 2250  (Best for home entertainment)
  4. EPSON Home Cinema 2200  (Best for home theatre)
  5. EPSON Pro EX9240  (Best for presentations)
  6.  BIGASUO 3-LCD Business Projector (Best for Business and office use)
  7. NEBULA Anker Capsule  (Best Portable Projector)
  8.  EPSON EpiqVision EF12 Laser Projector  (Projector with best in-built speaker)

 Best Projectors Under $1000

1). Overall Best: ViewSonic PX701-4K Home Projector

The ViewSonic PX701-4K projector is a home projector that creates amazing 4K pictures. It has a 3840 x 2160 native resolution, 3000 lumens, and HDR10 support. Its HDMI 2.0 input makes connecting to your preferred Blu-ray player or 4K streaming device simple. An in-built 10W stereo speaker lets you enjoy your movies and television shows with full, immersive sound. The ViewSonic PX701-4K is certain to provide an amazing 4K viewing experience.

For those looking for a durable product that will provide great image quality, this 4K projector is perfect. Your projector will ensure flexibility that no other model for under $1,000 can match.

ViewSonic PX701-4K Home Projector 

The versatile design of this projector makes it simple to deploy in various locations. The projector can be put up quickly and without concern for warping on curved surfaces because of the automated vertical and horizontal keystoning. With this projector’s compatibility with HDR/HGL and SuperColour technology, viewers may easily experience the thrill of superior color.

It is simple to connect to many streaming services like Netflix or Disney+, making it simple to live stream various types of entertainment. It features a 4.2ms reaction time and a 24Hz refresh rate, ensuring flawless gaming performance.

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The ViewSonic 4K projector features a high contrast ratio and over 3200 ANSI lumens of brightness for the best possible gaming and watching experience. With a lifespan of 20,000 hours, you are ensured to use it for quite a long time. The projector provides outstanding connectivity through Dual HDMI, USB ports, and an audio connection for various media.

Key Features

Resolution: 3840X2160

Brightness: 3000L

In-built speakers: Yes (10W Stereo speakers)

4K compatibility: Yes

Lag rate: 4.2ms


  • Simple 4K streaming setup for various material
  • Super clear and bright display


  • Has a basic design
  • Limited connectivity

With a special lag rate and picture quality, this 4K projector can make your home theatre and gaming nights come alive.

2). Best for gaming: Optoma HD146X High-Performance Projector

The Optoma HD146X stands out in terms of adaptability at an excellent price compared to the projectors priced under $1,000. The product being examined is currently affordable for the majority of consumers. The features it offers are remarkable and pricey, despite the low price.

First, the product’s design comes into play. The Optoma HD146X has a nice appearance and is easy to use thanks to its medium construction and closely and securely coupled elements. In addition, the HD146X boasts great adaptability and weighs only 6.2 pounds.

Optoma HD146X High-Performance Projector

It has a native 1080p (1920 x 1080) resolution and high brightness of up to 3600 lumens, allowing customers to experience clear, high-definition images. Your photo frames’ excellent color reproduction is further enhanced by the presence of DLP display technology. Even if the colors are vivid and finely blended, this tool can precisely convey them.

The machine’s HDMI-CEC technology enables remote control operation of the projector and any connected devices through an HDMI connection to the projector’s HDMI-Link function. While commercials and popular games may be compatible in theory, this is not the case in practice. Some customers did complain of awful experiences when playing shooting and adventure games.

Key Features

Resolution: 1920X1080

Brightness: 3600L

Display technology: DLP

Contrast ratio: 500000:1

In-built speaker: Yes (5W)

3D compatibility: Yes

Lag rate: 16ms


  • It provides a clear and sharp picture


  • Unfit for quality games

The Optoma HD146X is the best option if your budget is secure. You won’t be able to find comparable goods if you miss them.

3). Best for home entertainment: EPSON Home Cinema 2250 

If you’re on a tight budget yet want to set up a multipurpose home entertainment system, the Epson Home Cinema 2250 is an excellent option. It can process 4K content and accepts all forms of video content. It also fully supports 3D. With a measured input latency of roughly 28ms, which is low enough to prevent lag and other annoyances, you may even use it for gaming.

For the price, the Epson 2250 offers remarkable picture quality. The 3LCD display offers accurate and brilliant colors without the chance of flickering or rainbowing that can be brought on by color wheels. At the same time, dynamic iris technology enhances the contrast ratio.

EPSON Home Cinema 2250 

The Epson 2250’s throw distance is its sole possible drawback, so if you want a large screen, you’ll need a roomy place. Though it does feature adjustment options like lens shift and keystone correction, aligning the image is quite quick and simple as long as you have room for it.

Due to the lack of more than one HDMI input, connectivity might be an issue. Although many people can watch a video without an external device thanks to the built-in streaming interface, this may still be a problem for gamers or those who intend to use numerous content sources.

Key Features

Resolution: 1080p (FHD)

Contrast ratio: 70000:1

Display technology: LCD

In-built speaker: Yes (10W)

4K and 3D compatibility: Yes

Lag rate: 28ms


  • No rainbow effect due to the 3LCD display for vibrant color
  • Accepts 4K content
  • Built-in Android TV interface with Google Assistant
  • High dynamic iris contrast


  • Short throw range 
  • Limited connectivity options

4). Best for home theatre: EPSON Home Cinema 2200 

With the EPSON Home Cinema 2200 in your possession, your experience will be optimized. The functional replica of this item is the most remarkable in my collection. Everything, whether the design, image quality, sound, or durability, is ideal for offering you the most value and meaningful experience.

Regarding design, the product has a strong, cutting-edge, and long-lasting foundation. The body’s details were added to lighten the machine up. With a weight of roughly 10.5 pounds, the Epson is lightweight and portable to carry to any location you choose.

EPSON Home Cinema 2200 

I was astounded by the visual quality as I learned more about how the projector worked. With its 2700 lumens of brightness and 1080p resolution, it helps to produce clear and crisp frames. In addition to that, it would be hard to overlook the LCD display technology.

Every frame of a modern 3LCD panel uses all RGB color information. As a result, it offers exceptional color accuracy and good color brightness without any “rain phenomenon” or color brightness problems that can annoy or disturb working professionals. I was disappointed by its zoom feature, though.

Key Features

Resolution: 1080p (FHD)

Brightness: 2700L

Contrast ratio: 35000:1

Display technology: LCD

In-built speaker: Yes (10W)

3D Compatibility: Yes


  • It produces superior image quality
  • It has an astonishing dynamic contrast ratio
  • The projector produces a distinct color representation


  • It has a single HDMI port

This projector type is highly recommended since it will meet all user needs to the furthest degree.

5). Best for presentations: EPSON Pro EX9240 

The Epson Pro EX9240 Projector is a fantastic presentation projector if you are about to give an effective presentation. Anyone seeking a high-quality projector to deliver a clean and bright image should consider the Epson Pro EX9240. The Epson Pro EX9240 projector has several characteristics that make it a great option for your upcoming presentation.

The Epson Pro EX9240 projector provides 4000 lumens of color brightness and 4000 lumens of white brightness, producing a bright and clear image. This implies that you can obtain a clear and vivid image even in brightly illuminated spaces.

EPSON Pro EX9240 

With a native resolution of 1920 x 1080, the Epson Pro EX9240 projector can easily project HD material. The Epson Pro EX9240 is a fantastic option if you’re searching for a high-quality projector to deliver a bright and clear image. You can start your presentation fast and without fuss with the Epson Pro EX9240 projector’s simple setup and operation. 

It uses 3LCD display technology, which helps preserve color accuracy for all users and viewers. The projector has full HD quality, which makes it excellent for your eyes. It uses a dynamic contrast ratio of 16,000:1 to provide presenters with good graphics and text.

Thanks to the 4,000 lumens that keep it lively at any ambient light level, it ensures exceptional brightness. The projector is simple to install since it provides intuitive control with a 1.6x optical zoom, simple picture adjustment, and auto vertical correction.

The 16 W internal speaker in this Epson projector provides unrivaled sound quality. It ensures excellent audio and a fantastic audiovisual experience. Wireless connectivity is provided via the projector. This makes it a fantastic option for live streaming and Wi-Fi watching during conferences. It has an integrated picture skew sensor for automatically evaluating images and removing vertical keystones.

Key Features

Resolution: 1080p (FHD)

Brightness: 4000L

Display technology: LCD

Contrast ratio: 16000:1

In-built speakers: Yes (16W)

Wireless connectivity: Miracast, Wi-Fi


  • Screen mirroring and unmatched connection
  • Colors that match accurately for improved picture and video presentation


  • The device is incompatible with 4K content.

6). Best for Business and office use: BIGASUO 3-LCD Business

The BIGASUO 3-LCD projector is a great automated 6D and 4P correction device. In addition to the horizontal or vertical orientation automatically adjusting with the 6d correction, the 4P keystone also recognizes that the movie projector adjusts each of the four corners individually, which is more useful, more spacious, and more user-friendly.

With the zoom capability, the image size may be decreased remotely by -50% without moving the projector. The gadget offers numerous notable benefits over conventional goods for corporate use. Usually, the capacity to sustain the use of or the ability to switch on lights during the day.

BIGASUO 3-LCD Business Projector

This projector has 3500 ANSI lumens of brightness and is equipped with precise 3-LCD technology. This office projector delivers a sizable bright screen with sharp image clarity, whether in the dark or in the light. Utilizing the most recent SmartEco technology, the lamp’s 225W power usage can be reduced, increasing the LED’s lifespan to 60000 hours.

BIGASUO provides a 3-year, 3-month complete replacement guarantee and lifelong expert technical support for corporate projectors. Any issue you have will have a suitable resolution within 24 hours. However, in my opinion, they are very pricey. Some people find the price now to be excessive.

Key Features

Resolution: 1920X1080

Brightness: 3500 ANSI Lumens

Contrast ratio: 15000:1

In-built speakers: Yes

EcoSmart technology


  • Peculiarities of keystone editing
  • It can be used with the lights on or during the day.
  • Stunning color
  • Ideal HD image
  • It has an EcoSmart technology


  • It has a limited warranty

The 3-LCD Business Projector possesses modernity, innovation, and adaptability. Additionally, each of them is crucial to achieving your goals.

7). Best Portable Projector: NEBULA Anker Capsule 

Anker Nebula Capsule is a compact, portable projector that gives you access to a huge screen wherever you are. It sets up quickly and is ideal for road trips, camping, or tailgating. You can start streaming movies, TV episodes, games, and more by connecting your phone or tablet via HDMI.

The Anker Nebula Capsule boasts a built-in speaker for an immersive listening experience and a built-in battery that can last up to 4 hours on a single charge. It also incorporates a tripod mount to put it up on any surface. The Anker Nebula Capsule is ideal if you’re searching for a compact projector that delivers a big-screen experience.

Due to its exceptional contrast and clarity, this projector stands out as a top pick and is a great option for darker spaces. It produces pictures with an unparalleled brightness of 100 ANSI lumens using the DLP’s cutting-edge IntelliBright algorithms. You may install it for excellent home entertainment, even in cramped spaces with poor lighting.

Best Portable Projector

For the best pleasure, this projector ensures a screen size of up to 100 inches wherever you are in the room. A projector is a portable option for watching a favorite movie from any location, thanks to its soda-can-sized design.

Because it works with Android 7.1, it’s simple to seamlessly stream from several platforms. You can have access to Netflix and YouTube for nonstop entertainment. A 360-degree or omnidirectional speaker is built into this projector to deliver appropriate sound anywhere for nonstop pleasure.

Key Features

Resolution: 854X480

Display technology: DLP

Brightness: 100 ANSI Lumens

In-built speaker: Yes

Wireless connectivity: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi


  • It has satisfactory latency performance
  • The speaker is omnidirectional
  • Effective and portable for presentations
  • Ambient lighting for compact areas


  • It does not offer an HD display

The NEBULA Anker Capsule should be your first choice if you are looking for the perfect portable projector for under $1000.

8). Projector with best in-built speaker: EPSON EpiqVision EF12 Smart Streaming Laser Projector

The Epson EpiqVision Mini EF12 has a nice aesthetic. It is straightforward, tidy, and small enough to blend in wonderfully with any environment.

Products are made from environmentally friendly materials and painted a premium shade of black. As a result, it helps to raise the product’s perceived aesthetic value in customers’ eyes. It has a unique machine design with easily identifiable setting controls for user-friendly adjustment and operation. Putting the benefits of design aside for the moment, the sound mode will be the next feature I want to cover with you.

EPSON EpiqVision EF12 Smart Streaming Laser Projector

Custom audiophile speaker systems compete with soundbars in terms of their intensity and emotional impact. It may be used as a standalone speaker by connecting over Bluetooth. As a result, it will make the process simpler for you.

Discussing the product without mentioning the sound and visual quality is hard. It offers immersive watching for TV shows, sporting events, games, and movies by accepting up to 4K video – for an immersive viewing experience. It has 1000 lumens of brightness and LCD technology. You should avoid projecting in a well-lit area since your picture won’t be clear and exact.

Key Features

Resolution: 1920X1080

Brightness: 1000L

Contrast ratio: 200000:1

Display technology: LCD

In-built speakers: Yes (Stereo speaker)


  • It has a modern and beautiful style
  • It produces modern color-correcting techniques
  • Long-lasting, exclusive speakers
  • Produces clear image


  • It cannot be used in highly lit situations.

If you opt to go with the Epson EpiqVision Mini EF12, that’s fantastic. This clever device can accommodate many demands from you at once.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Projector?

Display technology

Your projector should have one of the following bulbs: LED, LCD, DLP, or LCoS.

The earliest of the three is DLP, which physically reflects the image through the lens and onto the screen using mirrors and light. The next technology is LED projectors and LCD, which merge three distinct RGB pictures sent by LED diodes to create a complete image with true color.

When researching and making your purchases, remember that there are certain similarities and differences between an LCD projector, a projector using digital light processing, etc. Additionally, you might want to think about a projector with at least 15,000 lumens.

The term “liquid crystal on silicon,” or LCoS, refers to a technology that combines mirrors and RGB-separated display components to produce the final image.

No one form of display technology is fully superior to the others in all aspects of what makes a projector suitable for your specific needs. Each has advantages and disadvantages in areas like brightness or contrast ratio.

Most projectors priced under $1,000 use 3LCD or DLP display technology. Both provide the highest contrast ratio and superior image quality. Better image quality is correlated with a higher contrast ratio.

Throw Distance

This is one of the most crucial elements that individuals overlook when looking for their first projector to start. The throw distance describes how near the screen or wall the projector may be to produce a specific size image.

For instance, a conventional HD projector without a “short-throw” lens needs at least 6 feet of space to display an image more than 80 inches wide; however, how these measurements line up will unavoidably rely on the projector type you choose. Use a calculator, please. Both ultra-short-throw and leading short-throw projectors are excellent for small spaces.


The number of pixels on your screen depends in part on the resolution of your projector. More pixels will create crisper graphics or text when playing games or watching your favorite films.

Examine the specs before purchasing because many less expensive projectors will only offer 720p. You can experience input latency when viewing high-quality material if you don’t check into this.

As an alternative, you should think about a better quality model, especially the finest 4k projector for a golf simulator, if you need to “interact” with your projected picture, such as gaming or engaging in simulated sports.

To get the most out of your movies and TV shows, consider investing in a 4K projector for about $1,000. Watching your favorite movie or playing sports games will be incredibly clear and detailed because of the four times the resolution of 1080p. There is a 4K projector under $1000 for everyone with various features.


Your projector’s brightness is quite important. Although a decent projector will provide superior illumination, you may pick a particular model based on how comfortable it is. Choose a design with a brightness rating of at least 3,000 for presentational purposes. Up to 2200 lumens can be an option if you enjoy gaming, watching movies, and viewing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does a Projector Consume Much Power?

The answer is no; a projector does not consume much power. When it comes to energy usage, projectors are quite effective. Even though projectors require light bulbs, which use quite a bit of electricity, a projector often uses less power than a television. Therefore, utilizing a projector rather than a TV is one alternative if you’re searching for a strategy to reduce your power cost.

Can I Use My Projector Outdoors?

It is possible to utilize a projector outside. There are a few considerations, like the kind of projector you have and the weather outdoors.

Ensure your LCD or DLP projector is approved for outdoor usage if you own one. Despite being more expensive than their indoor counterparts, these projectors are made to endure the environment. Before using your projector outside, review the manufacturer’s specifications.

The outside environment should also be considered. Windy conditions may cause dust and other particles to enter the projector and harm it. Additionally, it’s crucial to guarantee that the surface you’re projecting onto is spotless and level. The image may be affected if there are any lumps or unevenness.

Final thoughts

The ViewSonic PX701-4K projector is an excellent device that meets all your needs. Its 4K compatibility and picture quality are great for a projector in this price range. Whether you are using it for gaming, movie, or office use, it is guaranteed to give you the ultimate experience.

The other projectors on the list will give you give similar experience based on the purpose they were built for. One projector that astonished me EPSON EpiqVision EF12 Laser Projector. The fact that this projector can serve as an external speaker makes it great. When you use this device, you will not need to get an external speaker.

Overall, the projectors here are great. With a budget of up to $1000, you can get a variety of projectors with quality features. You can buy projectors from some leading projector brands worldwide in this range.


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