8 Best Projectors For iPad in 2023

The LG PF50KA Projector is a top choice for iPad users who wish to use their smart devices with a projector.

The Apple iPad is a fantastic gadget for numerous uses, but watching movies and videos is one of the most crucial. A projector is a terrific option for watching movies in the dark or playing games in a bigger space.

The LG PF50KA is one of the best projectors to use for your iPad. It boasts a crisp, brilliant display and is smaller and lighter than you may anticipate. From a close distance, the short-throw lens produces a huge picture. You may perceive dimension and perspective with the help of the XPAND 3D glasses. Even a video gaming system or camera can be connected.

This device also has an in-built battery, making it suitable for outdoors or camping. It also offers various input connections that are compatible with iPad and other Apple devices.

I searched the internet for incredible options to help you pick the projector for your iPad that is perfect for you. To help you decide what to look for when purchasing your new projector, I have gathered eight of the top projectors for iPad in this article.

Our Best Projectors for iPad

  1.  LG PF50KA Projector  ( Best Overall)
  2. CiBest 7500L Mini Projector  (Best for Outdoors)
  3. ViewSonic M2 Portable Projector (Best Premium)
  4.  HOMPOW 5500L Movie Mini Projector ( Best Low Noise)
  5. ELEPHAS W13 2022 Projector  (Best for Budget)
  6. ViewSonic M1+  (Best for Portability)
  7. Wemx DICE Portable Mini Projector
  8. POYANK 5500 Wi-Fi Projector

Best Projectors for iPad Reviewed

1). Best Overall: LG PF50KA Projector

The best projector for iPad right now is the LG PF50KA. It is one of the most compatible devices on the market now. Without having to struggle with shifting the cords or wire bundles, you can effortlessly connect it over Wi-Fi so that you may move it about your home.

It has a 1920 x 1080p full HD resolution, which may be the greatest resolution for producing crisp, sharp images. This projector stands out because of its high contrast ratio of 100,000:1, which is much higher than the majority of other projectors now on the market.

Overall Best: LG PF50KA Projector

The LG PF50KA also features a higher brightness for more adaptability in various lighting situations. When all things are considered, the LG PF50KA is the projector that is best overall.

There are two speakers incorporated into this projector, each with a unique purpose. Music is played back via one speaker while sound effects are played back through the other. It stands out from other gadgets because of its special feature of two speakers. That solves your issue with adding any more speakers to the system to enhance the sound.

Below is a video review of this projector.

Key Features

Resolution: 1080p

Contrast ratio: 100,000:1

Battery runtime: 2.5 hours


  • It offers a Wi-Fi connection.
  • It has two quality in-built speakers.


  • Some users may find the projection too small.

2). Best for outdoors: CiBest 7500L Mini Portable Projector

You may have everything you need to get started with the projector already. You will need a composite video cable, power cord, HDMI cable, and remote control. Moreover, the projector contains a small SD card slot and two USB connections. Here’s a great little hint; You may use a Roku stick or Google Chromecast to stream a wide variety of TV shows and movies over your HDMI connection while being powered by the USB port.

The projector is easy to set up and simple; you could probably do it all without consulting the handbook. A tripod may be attached to the device’s base for further mobility. The image quality is excellent enough to be used on any white wall without a screen.

Best for outdoors: CiBest 7500L Mini Projector

In addition to the iPad, the projector can connect to a variety of other devices, such as any smartphone, media player, PC, laptop, Mac, DVD player, and game console. The projector’s screen may be adjusted to any size between 30 and 200 inches. The throw distance ranges from 2.6 to 14.8 feet, but for the clearest images, place a 60 to 80-inch screen between 4 and 8 feet away from the projector.

Although the built-in speakers are adequate, you should connect your home theatre system so everyone can hear the soundtrack well. You may accomplish this via the 3.5mm audio output. The CiBest is a small, lightweight projector with 7.87 x 5.5 x 2.7 inches dimensions.

The projector boasts the newest cooling system, which minimizes fan noise, and a customizable +/- the 15-degree keystone to aid in getting the correct alignment. The CiBest 7500L is a fantastic outdoor portable small projector that produces a sharp image even in dim settings.

Key Features

Resolution: 1080p

Contrast ratio: 2000:1

Lamp brightness: 7500L


  • It is lightweight and portable.
  • It is a great short-throw device.
  • It is very affordable.


  • The projector’s sound is not loud enough.

3). Best premium: ViewSonic M2 Portable Projector

I chose the ViewSonic M2 as the best premium projector for iPad because it gives great value for the money. Remember that being a “Premium” projector for iPad entails a higher price. But the ViewSonic M2 will serve you well if you can afford it.

The M2 is still a far superior option when compared to the more recent ViewSonic M2e model because of its higher brightness, auto-focus, and capability for Frame Interpolation. The M2, although a little more expensive, offers superior performance and a more robust feature set, which demonstrate its usefulness as a projector for the Apple iPad.

It is approximately 500 ANSI Lumens bright, or 1200 LED Lumens bright. Nothing is frightening about this brightness because it is common for projectors of this size and type.

ViewSonic M2 Portable Projector

Also, it offers native 1080p resolution and, according to ViewSonic, a contrast ratio of 3,000,000:1. This claim has some validity because the projector supports HDR and Supercolor+ technology. On the M2, the colors are vivid and excellent, making it worth every cent. Also, the projector boasts a 125% Rec. 709 rating, which is excellent given its small size.

The Aptoide UI is supported by the M2 for downloading and controlling media players, streaming applications, etc. You can also connect it to Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa for hands-free operation.

The ViewSonic M2 is expensive overall, but what it gives in return makes the cost worthwhile. The M2 is the best option for you if you want to spend a little more on your iPad projector.

Below is a video review of the ViewSonic projector.

Key Features

Lamp brightness: 1200 LED Lumens

Contrast Ratio: 3,000,000:1

Native Resolution: 1080p


  • This device uses SuperColor+ innovation.
  • It supports HDR.


  • It is expensive.

4). Best Low Noise (Quiet): HOMPOW 5500L Movie Mini Projector

The Hompow 5500L could be what you’re looking for if you’re put off by projectors because of the noise they generate while watching movies or other media. I have to admit that it is particularly bothersome to hear a loud cooling fan when trying to hear a movie dialogue. Nonetheless, the Hompow manages the noise level rather well by incorporating improved noise reduction technology in its models starting in 2020.

Maintaining a screen display between 50 and 176 inches, appropriate for movies and games, will ensure an HD display. Although there are clear instructions, you’ll discover that setting up the projector is easy. The in-built speakers produce quality sound, but I recommend connecting it to a surround system.

Best for reduced fan sound: HOMPOW 5500L Movie Mini Projector

The image is bright enough to obtain a good picture with a 3000:1 contrast, which aids clarity, even with some ambient light. Remember that you will need to purchase an Amazon Fire Stick separately from the projector if you want to view episodes from services like Netflix. You may even keep the projector plugged in. However, I don’t advise it because it could cause it to overheat.

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The inclusion of the HDMI cable and other necessary cords for connecting the projector is a thoughtful touch by the producers. But you’ll need to buy the remote’s triple-A batteries. The HOMPOW makes a great effort to reduce noise levels down to bearable levels when viewing movies and television shows, thanks to an updated noiseless design that uses 2020 noise reduction technology.

Key Features

Resolution: 1080p

Contrast ratio: 3000:1

Lamp brightness: 5500 lumens


  • It uses noise reduction technology to reduce fan noise.
  • It is affordable.
  • The in-built speakers are of high quality.


  • This projector heats up occasionally, especially when the power cable is plugged in.

5). Best for budget: ELEPHAS W13 Projector

The ELEPHAS W13 2022 projector offers many amazing features at an affordable cost. It is a perfect companion for iPad owners because it also supports Wi-Fi networking and is compatible with Android, Windows, and iOS. You don’t need to bother about wired connections.

The brightness and resolution of the most recent W13 is its most notable attribute. This is a significant improvement over the earlier model, the ELEPHAS Mini projector2020, which is still offered for the same price.

The version from 2022 is brighter, and thanks to the original resolution, graphics leap off the screen without being washed away by outside light. While they are almost identical, it is crucial to be aware of these significant distinctions to choose the appropriate projector for iPad viewing.

Best for budget: ELEPHAS W13 2022 Projector

Yet, despite the update, contrast still falls short, with a 3500:1 contrast ratio. The ELEPHAS W13 makes up for it by supporting 24-bit True Colour, which enables it to present rich visuals despite the poor contrast.

The projector can produce pictures up to 200′′, which should be sufficient for most users. Another noteworthy feature is the built-in speaker system, which consists of Hi-Fi stereo speakers and fills the space with excellent sound.

A remote control is also included with the W13 for simpler access to menus, volume, inputs, etc. Last but not least, the W13 features a 50,000-hour lamp life for prolonged, uninterrupted use without needing maintenance.

Overall, the most recent ELEPHAS W13 update is worth the (reasonable) cost. The W13 is a fantastic choice if you need a reliable entry-level projector for iPad with a powerful sound system.

Key Features

Resolution: 640p 

Contrast ratio: 3500:1

Lamp brightness: 7500 lumens


  • It supports 24-bit True Colour.
  • It supports Wi-Fi connections.


  • The resolution of this projector is too low.

6). Best for Portability: ViewSonic M1+

One of the best portable projectors on the market is the ViewSonic M1+. An ultra-portable WGVA (854 X 480P) LED projector like this can project a 100-inch screen at a distance of fewer than 9 feet.

The projector comes with a USB-C to USB-C cord if you want to use your MacBook. However, you must purchase the Apple Lightning to HDMI adaptor separately to connect your iPad.

Best for Portability: ViewSonic M1+

The Cinema SuperColor+ technology in the M1+ produces stunning images with exceptional color accuracy. The LED technology will operate for up to 30,000 hours. You could anticipate superb sound quality given the name Harmon Kardon. You won’t be let down by the M1+; the projector’s audio will marvel you with its theatre-like quality.

Innovative design extends to the stand, enabling the M1+ to project images at virtually any angle. The Aptoide Interface and an integrated app center make finding your way around simple. Copyrighted content cannot be mirrored from an iPad or smartphone; the applications must be downloaded to the projector.

The device features a built-in battery that can run on full power for 2.5 hours, enough time to view most movies. A fantastic portable projector with auto keystone and integrated Harmon Kardon Bluetooth speakers is the ViewSonic M1+.

Key Features

Resolution: 480p 

Contrast ratio: 120000:1

Lamp brightness: 250 ANSI lumens


  • It supports Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections.
  • The in-built speakers are loud and crisp.


  • The resolution is too low.

7). Wemx DICE Portable Mini Projector

The Wemax Dice 700 is a big projector that is compact but heavier than anticipated. Despite its size, it is still extremely portable and has one of the best physical designs I’ve ever seen.

Apart from its attractive appearance, this device offers excellent performance, full HD video, amazing sound, Dolby Digital Plus audio, and lots of power. The DICE also has the finest auto keystone and focusing, which is great for watching films and movies and a great feature for doing art-related jobs like sketching and tracing, painting murals, and many other things.

Wemx DICE Portable Mini Projector

The Wemax DICE is a genuinely cutting-edge projector that performs superbly and is almost a perfect art tool. It is similar to many full-sized projectors, even ones that cost much more. It is undoubtedly one of the best projectors for iPhone and iPad because of its stunning performance, full connection, and premium material and construction quality.

Get the Belcompany Lightning to HDMI Cable or the uni USB C to HDMI Cable if you want to connect your Apple iPhone or iPad to a wired HDMI display.

Key Features

Resolution: 1080p 

Lamp brightness: 700 ANSI lumens

Battery runtime: 3 hours


  • The projector supports Wi-Fi.
  • It has an in-built Android TV (v. 9.0).


  • It costs a bit high.

8). POYANK 5500 Wi-Fi Projector

The finest iPad projector on a tight budget is the Poyank 5500 Wi-Fi. You’ll receive greater picture quality with the 1080p resolution support and can even project in spaces with ambient light thanks to the 5500 lumens.

You may effortlessly project movies or business videos from your iPad. You only need to connect your iPad to the Poyank 5500 Wi-Fi projector, and then you can relax and just watch the movie.

POYANK 5500 Wi-Fi Projector

The key factor driving this device’s high demand is its inexpensive pricing of less than $100. As a result, your wallet won’t be overly burdened, and you’ll receive all the features you want.

Full HD 1920x1080p resolution is provided by the Poyank 5500 Wi-Fi projector, providing sharp, high-quality pictures. Even while the high contrast ratio of 2,000:1 on this projector falls short of industry standards, it is still acceptable, given the price tag.

Its huge screen size, which ranges from 32″ to 176″, allows it to cover a wider and broader area than usual. It stands out from its rivals thanks to its 5500 lumens.

Key Features

Resolution: 1080p 

Contrast ratio: 2000:1

Lamp brightness: 5500 lumens


  • It is affordable.
  • The projector’s brightness is bright enough to be used in daylight.


  • The contrast ratio of this projector is low.

Factors to Consider When Choosing  the Best Projector for iPad

You should remember that the projector you purchase for an iPad must be compatible with most Apple products. The iPad, iPhones, and iPods are included in this.

The projector’s quality is another thing to consider. You might want to consider if you’re searching for a projector that the whole family can use. But you might want to spend more money on a better projector if you need one for work or school.

Option for iPad connectivity

You may connect your iPad or another device in a variety of ways. The kind of material you want to display and the state of the technology in the space where you’ll utilize it, though, will determine how it works. Your iPad has several connecting choices, including a USB connector, an HDMI port, wireless connectivity, and Airplay mirroring.

For the best projector connection choices, see an iPad buying guide. To determine how dependable the connection with the iPad is, you may also study goods that provide connection choices comparable to those of a projector.


The maximum brightness of many projectors is rated. You must consider both the brightness of the projector and the brightness of the room you are in to ensure that the projected picture is visible and well-lit in to produce a satisfying watching experience. Your image will be of higher quality the more lumens you have. Lower maximum brightness ratings may work just well if you use the projector in spaces with plenty of natural light.

Depending on the quality of the construction and the operating system, you will have a variety of light sources available to you. One light bulb source LED projectors are available using light-emitting diodes or LEDs. Projectors that employ liquid crystal displays, or LCDs, demand a strong light. Furthermore, digital micromirrors are used by DLP projectors to project digital light.

Contrast Ratio

The contrast ratio measures the projector’s ability to display various color tones and dark, neutrally lit areas on the screen. Contrast is important; your image must display fine details like skin tone gradients and the hues of a sunset or dawn. Even if the contrast ratio always looks better in a dark environment, ambient light still requires high-quality color accuracy. A decent contrast ratio for an iPad projector should be between 1500:1 and 2000:1. No matter the size of the screen, good video projectors must be able to be crisp and visible.


A resolution is the total number of distinct dots (pixels) displayed on the screen. Better understanding depends greatly on the display resolution. It is preferable to get a 1080p projector for an immersive viewing experience. Get a less expensive 720p projector if you can’t afford a model that supports high resolution due to a low budget. Nonetheless, employing such models while illuminating a tiny space with graphics is preferable. High-resolution projectors are often expensive.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Required for an iPhone and iPad Compatible Small Portable Projector?

Bluetooth is one way to ensure a device is fully compatible with Apple. Therefore, it would be great if all top projectors had Bluetooth functionality, but oddly, that isn’t the case with many of them. The Apple Lightning or USB-C converter and the appropriate cable to connect with the projector’s HDMI connection are far more straightforward and dependable options than Bluetooth, which guarantees full compatibility with iPhone and iPad and is very slick to go. Please be aware that an HDMI to Lightning connection is required for iPhones. Belcompany’s Lightning to HDMI Cable is reasonably priced, has a beautiful 2-meter length, and performs admirably.

Will an iPad Work With a Projector?

An iPad may be used in a variety of ways with projectors. Several companies include wireless connection options, HDMI and USB connections, and other connectors.

How Can I Project My iPad Using a Mirror?

Connect your iPad’s HDMI cord straight to the projector from the iPad to mirror the iPad to the projector. The input should read the iPad and be reflected after the projector and the iPad are switched on.

Can I Use My iPad and Projector to Play Netflix?

With an iPad and a projector, you may stream from any platform. Once the iPad is correctly linked to the projector, you may stream any service and play any game you choose.

Final Thoughts

It is not difficult to get a projector compatible with an iPad. Most projectors are compatible with Apple devices via several connection inputs. I will recommend the LG PF50KA to you. It offers several connection options as well as a Wi-Fi connection.

The ViewSonic M1+ is a great portable projector for an iPad. It is lightweight and offers enough battery runtime. Most of the projectors on this list are lightweight and can be used as portable projectors.


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