8 Best Projectors in Daylight in 2023

I tried a number of projectors that are great for daylight viewing, and I found the YABER Y30 to be the overall best.

Daylight includes both the outside and abundant inside light that comes through your windows. In both situations, you will require a projector with a high brightness output of at least 3000 lumens. 

The brightest pictures possible are projected by the finest projector for outdoor use to effectively cut through ambient light. This is crucial during workplace meetings, courses, and other gatherings where it’s difficult to entirely decrease the lights or darken the space.

You occasionally have to have meetings and presentations in broad daylight without any chance to set up the proper lighting conditions in a world of fast-moving individuals with frequently changing schedules.

The YABER Y30 projector is at the top of the list because of its moderate price and the number of features it comes with. It has an amazing 9500L for bright projections. Despite the high lamp lumens, the color contrast and accuracy are great. Also, it is 4K compatibility and can produce crisp and vibrant images during daylight.

A projector for daylight use is a great option whether you intend to use it inside or outside or in a bright space, whether you want it for gaming or movies. These selections will also function in dimly light spaces, but you might find them too bright.

Read on to learn more about the best projector for daylight viewing, how it differs from conventional projectors, and how to choose the ideal one for your requirements.

Our Best Projectors for Daylight Use

  1. YABER Y30 Projector (Best Overall)
  2. Optoma HZ39HDR Laser Projector  (Best for Gaming)
  3. Optoma GT1090HDR  Projector (Best Short Throw)
  4. RAYDEM Video Projector  ( Best for HomeTheater)
  5. BenQ TK800M (Best Ambient Light Projector)
  6. LG HU810PW 4K UHD (Best Laser 4K Projector for Daylight)
  7.  Veemi Wi-Fi Projector  (Best Portable Projector for Daylight Viewing)
  8.  BenQ TH685 Gaming Projector (Best for Outdoors Viewing)

The Top-Rated Projectors for Daylight Reviewed

1). Best overall: YABER Y30 Projector

One of the best projectors on the market for customers looking for a projector for daytime viewing is the YABER Y30. This model provides superior daylight projection quality at a reasonable price. It boasts a clear, bright display.

The VGA video output on this device is one of its better features. Since analog video cannot provide crisp, clean images for outdoor viewing, several models only provide analog video. You may achieve a high-quality projection that can compete with more costly models using a VGA connection. A rich and broad color spectrum is provided by the Yaber Y30.

This model is compatible with 4K viewing. Also, the setup procedure is simple and comes with a 4D Keystone and digital zoom to adjust the projected image to your liking without moving the projector.

YABER Y30 Projector

The advanced cooling system built into this device helps maintain internal temperature to prevent overheating and damage to the internal components.

Key Features

Resolution:1920 x 1080

Contrast Ratio:10,000:1

Brightness:9500 lumens


  • It has an advanced cooling system.
  • Lamp life of 100,000 hours.
  • It has a broad range of compatibility with other devices.


  • Most people who have used this product for a while have complained about its durability.

This device produces bright images due to its 9500L without sacrificing image quality. This makes it an ideal device to use in a space where there is a lot of ambient light.

2). Best for gaming: Optoma HZ39HDR Laser Projector

The Optoma HZ39HDR Laser projector has a maximum brightness of 4000 lumens and boasts a 30,000-hour lifespan thanks to the lamp-free laser technology it uses.

Even though the Optoma HZ39HDR is a 1080p projector, one of its attractions is its ability to play HDR 4K material. In addition, the HZ39HDR utilizes HDR10 & HLG technologies to improve the viewing experience by delivering brighter whites and blacks that are deeper.

Optoma HZ39HDR Laser Projector 

Another noteworthy feature is the projector’s 120Hz refresh rate and 8.3ms reaction time, which are perfect for streaming and gaming. By using the video source to feed it 4K HDR material, you may improve your viewing experience.

Key Features

Resolution: 1920 x 1080 (4K compatible)

Contrast Ratio: 10,000:1

Brightness:  4000 lumens

Display technology: Laser


  • The laser light source makes the image bright in daylight.
  • It has a rapid refresh rate (120Hz) and an input latency (8.3ms), making it ideal for gaming.
  • It is compatible to view 3D and 4K videos.


  • This device does not include a horizontal keystone.
  • Due to the laser light source, it is expensive.

The projector excels in well-lit environments thanks to its 4,000 ANSI lumens. It works well indoors where there is a lot of ambient light; you may use it outside if the sun has set. Overall, the Optoma HZ39HDR is a great outdoor gaming projector.

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3). Best short throw: Optoma GT1090HDR  Projector

The GT1090HDR is an excellent projector for bright room viewing because of its high 4,200 lumens of brightness and a 4K HDR input. 

The GT1090HDR’s laser light source enables it to produce up to 30,000 lamp hours and is dependable and low-maintenance. Because of its short-throw lens, the GT1090HDR can project a 120-inch image from just four feet, four inches away.

Optoma GT1090HDR  Projector

The OptomaGT1090HDR can output video in 1080p even though it can receive a 4K HDR feed and has HDR10 and HLG built-in. Nevertheless, the 300,000:1 contrast ratio ensures that the visual quality is astounding. Installation and setup are streamlined by auto keystone and four-corner correction. The GT1090HDR has a very low 16ms input latency of up to 120Hz in its enhanced gaming mode.

Key Features

Resolution:1920 x 1080 (4K compatible)

Contrast Ratio: 300,000:1

Brightness:4000 lumens

Display technology: Laser


  • It has an input lag of 16ms and a refresh rate of 120Hz, making it ideal for gaming.
  • It has an auto-keystone correction.
  • Its 4K compatibility makes it produce clear images in daylight.
  • It is dust resistant.


  • Just like its counterpart, the HZ39HDR, it is high-priced.

The Optoma GT1090HDR is a great short-throw projector with a stable light source thanks to its IPX6 dust-resistant classification. The GT1090HDR produces excellent brightness, little input latency, and a rapid refresh rate that more than compensate for this.

4). Best for Home Theatre: RAYDEM Video Projector

Almost anyone will be impressed by the native 1080P resolution, especially when paired with the projector’s brightness of 9.500 lumens. Additionally, you’ll have access to HiFi audio, so your content’s audio quality won’t suffer. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to attach this projector to the ceiling. Most people won’t have a problem with this, but this isn’t the best option if you want a mountable model.

RAYDEM Video Projector 

Both 2.4G and 5G wireless networks may be used to connect to this projector. Bluetooth 5.0 will also be accessible to you. Its wireless connection makes it a very user-friendly model.

These connections are quite useful, especially if you want to display material or presentations directly from your smartphone. You may pick between an AV connector, two USB ports, two HDMI ports, a headphone jack, and more for other connections.

Key Features

Resolution:1920 x 1080 (4K compatible)

Contrast Ratio: 300,000:1

Brightness: 4000 lumens

Display technology: LED

Wireless connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0, 5G Wi-Fi


  • This projector’s Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections are reliable.
  • It is compatible with many devices, including smartphones and TV sticks.
  • The in-built Hi-Fi stereo speakers produce a great and loud sound.


  • It is not compatible with ceiling mounts.

Depending on how far away from the screen it is situated, you’ll appreciate the big screen size of this model. This multipurpose design is compatible with smart devices and may be used for various purposes.

5). Best Ambient Light Projector: BenQ TK800M

The BenQ TK800M is an Ultra HD 4K projector with 3000 lumens. It is a true 4K projector with distinct 8.3 million pixels, unlike most projectors making this claim. The TK800M uses DLP display technology, which produces detailed and pixelated image quality and supports 3D, to attain this 4K resolution.

Best Ambient Light Projector BenQ TK800M 

The BenQ TK800M has enough lumens to combat ambient light in brightness. You also have various brightness options, so you may select one based on the type of content, such as movies, games, sports, etc.

Key Features

Resolution: 4096 x 2160 (4K compatible, FHD)

Brightness: 3000 lumens

Display technology: DLP


  • It comes with many brightness options and is really bright.
  • The setup is simple due to the auto keystone correction.


  • Most people complained about too much black hue during some scenes when watching movies.

The BenQ TK800M is a fantastic choice for daytime, and with 3000 ANSI lumens, it will easily outshine the ambient light in your space. Additionally, it offers a fantastic combination of brightness and color. You could need a projector with more lumens if it’s daylight outside.

6). Best Laser Projector for Daylight: LG HU810PW 4K UHD

Another advanced projector for daytime viewing is the LG HU810PW. It uses Smart Dual Laser CineBeam technology and boasts 2700 ANSI lumens for an excellent viewing experience. With the projector, you can display a sizable 4K image up to 300 inches on the screen.

Best Laser Projector for Daylight LG HU810PW 4K UHD 

The LG HU810PW has Dynamic Tone Mapping technology, a rarity in laser projectors because it allows for frame-by-frame signal range.

There isn’t a single justification for not classifying this projector as a daylight projector. It has features and technologies that can withstand any climate or lighting situation.

Key Features

Resolution: 3840 x 2160

Brightness: 2700 ANSI lumens

Display technology: Laser

Wireless connectivity: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi

Contrast ratio: 2,000,000:1


  • The laser light source and 4K UHD produce quality images in daylight.


  • Despite its price, it is not compatible with 3D materials. 

An ALR projection screen will allow this projector to show its full potential and capabilities. For optimum visibility in the daytime, I thus strongly advise that you purchase a suitable ALR projector screen for the projector.

7). Best Portable Projector for Daylight Viewing: Veemi Wi-Fi Projector

This projector is perfect for anyone looking for a portable model with the utmost convenience. 

It offers a variety of connection options, expanding your knowledge of the available content. To connect media to your projector, you can use a streaming stick, your phone, a laptop, a tablet, and more. You should be aware that some customers have complained that their remote controls malfunction. This is not a big problem and does not impact the projector itself.

Best Portable Projector for Daylight Viewing: Veemi Wi-Fi Projector 

9,000 lumens of brightness and a 16:9 widescreen format are also available. This projector is ideal for use outside, especially considering its portability. The ports on this model will astound you with their versatile adaptability. Two HDMI ports, one AV connector, WiFi, Bluetooth, and a 3.5 mm headphone connection are all accessible. There are several ways to connect using the system of your choosing.

Key Features

Resolution: 1920 x 1080

Brightness: 9000 lumens

Wireless connectivity: 5G Wi-Fi


  • It is very affordable.


  • Users complain a lot about the device’s remote control.

This will be a perfect fit for your demands if you’re searching for a model that swiftly and effortlessly connects to your phone. A wireless connection is available. This is a fantastic design for a backyard cinema.

8). Best for outdoors: BenQ TH685 Gaming Projector

The BenQ TH685 is a fantastic solution for outdoor use. This projector has a Full HD (1920x1080p) resolution with a brightness of 3,500 lumens. The TH685 guarantees a 30″ to 380″screen size, 15,000 lamp hours, and a 10,000:1 contrast ratio. These features make this projector ideal for home entertainment; you can also play games on it because of its respectably low input lag (8ms) for typical gaming.

Best for outdoors BenQ TH685 Gaming Projector


The BenQ TH685 has built-in speakers that can provide powerful sound for a small gathering of people. Additionally, you may choose between various sound settings. The TH685 is a 1920x1080p projector by default; however, it also partially supports 4K resolution.

Key Features

Resolution: 1920 x 1080 (4K compatible)

Brightness: 3500 lumens

Wireless connectivity: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi

Contrast ratio: 10000:1


  • It comes with a 3-year warranty.
  • It has an enhanced gaming mode.
  • It has great sound quality.
  • TV OS built on Android.
  • It is compatible with 3D
  • It has dedicated sound and display modes.


  • It does not have horizontal keystone support.

Amazingly, it can give a vivid image on a big screen. No other projector I saw with the same price tag had as many features, including sound or reduced input latency. This projector is a great alternative for outdoor usage due to its overall performance and design, in my opinion.

What to Look Out For When Buying a Projector For Daylight Usage

Before picking a projector to buy, you’ll need to consider a few important aspects and make some crucial considerations for your needs when shopping for a new projector for daylight viewing.

Lamp Brightness

You must select the projector with the most lumens when picking one for outdoor use since more lumens equals higher brightness.

You must be surprised to learn that the brightness of direct sunlight is around 120,000 lux. As a result, projecting a picture in daylight is practically impossible for any projector, and even costly TVs with backlighting technology have difficulty making an image visible.

Direct Sunlight: I will advise against using a projector in direct sunlight. No matter how many lumens your projector has, the sun will always be brighter. I advise mounting a projector in a shaded place, such as behind a patio cover or a tree with foliage if you intend to use it on a sunny day.

Bright Indoor Space: I suggest investing in a projector with at least 4,000 lumens if your space has a lot of natural light. However, you should get more lumens if your bright space is brighter.

Normal Indoor Room: If the ambient light in your room is normal, a projector with at least 3,000 lumens of brightness should be enough.

Indoor Dark Room: 1,500 to 3,000 lumens of brightness should be more than adequate to produce a good image if your projector is installed in a dark room.

In summary, you’ll need a projector with at least 4,000 to 6000 lumens for outdoor or daytime viewing. It’s OK to use a projector with a minimum brightness of 3000 lumens for ambient illumination.

Refresh Rate and Frame Rate

While refresh rate is measured in hertz (Hz) and frame rate is measured in frames per second (FPS), both are essentially the same. A projector running at 120Hz or 240Hz may show images at 120 FPS or 240 FPS. Although reduced input latency is necessary for gaming, a high refresh rate is preferred.


A low-resolution projector used on a big screen might degrade the output image in addition to direct sunshine and ambient lighting. The colors will become darker and more washed out as you raise the size of the image on the screen. Using a projector in broad daylight with low resolution and bright flux will be disastrous. Only projectors with a 1080 HD or 4K Ultra HD resolution should be considered if you want to see the complete image on any size screen.

Lag Input

Input latency is essential if you’re going to game on your projector. Casual gamers may tolerate input latency of up to 50 milliseconds. Still, serious players need an input lag of no more than 20 milliseconds. For some casual players, an input latency of 100ms or more could still be acceptable. Still, it will be obvious to the untrained eye.

Contrast Ratio

Since contrast ratios enable you to distinguish between the dark and bright areas presented on the screen, this attribute is particularly crucial. The ability to impart depth to the projected pictures is made possible by a higher contrast ratio, which causes the brighter parts to be highlighted more and vice versa.

The finest projector for daylight viewing must have a high contrast ratio to clearly display highlights and shadows. Otherwise, your screen would be too bright and completely lacking in depth.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Lumens Is Required For Daylight Viewing?

Understanding that a projector with a high-lumen output would provide a bright image is not difficult. Simple: the brightness of the picture increases with lumen count. If there is no ambient light, I may suggest 2,000 lumens for a 100- to 120-inch panel. In any other case, a projector with more than 2,500 lumens for outdoor viewing is suitable.

Should I Use My Projector In Direct Sunlight?

Using your projector in direct sunlight is generally not a good idea. For starters, viewing conditions are bad in direct sunlight since you won’t receive very bright visuals. However, running your projector in the sun’s heat might make it overheat too rapidly and permanently harm it.

Why Projectors Cannot Produce Bright Images In Direct Sunlight?

No projector can match the brightness of the sun, which has a brightness of about 100,000 lux. It could seem absurd to even consider it, much less imagine a cheerful picture. If you could manage this sunshine, you might be able to project sufficiently brilliant pictures onto the screen. Additionally, ensure your projector is strong and has at least 3000 lumens.

Benefits Of Using a Laser Projector?

Laser projectors are more energy-efficient than regular LCD projectors and have a longer lifespan. They are superior daylight projectors because they provide far greater brightness than lamp-based projectors. However, laser projectors are significantly more costly compared to other solutions.

How Many Lumens Are Required to Use Projector Outdoors?

Your outdoor daylight projector has to be brighter, with clearer colors and higher contrast. Therefore, choose a projector that produces at least 4000 lumens for daytime outside viewing.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for the best projector to use during daylight, the YABER Y30 is the best option. This projector is less expensive compared to the others on this list. However, if you want to make a big investment, the LG HU810PW laser projector is also another great choice.

Generally, laser projectors work best in daylight settings and rooms with a lot of ambient light. Also, suppose the device is not 4K compatible or HD. In that case, the pictures or videos will not appear well, and the color contrast will be bad. You will notice that most of the projectors in the list are 4K compatible.


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