13 Best Projectors For Artists (Drawing & Tracing) in 2023

Tracing an image from a projector is an efficient way of doing art. If you are an artist looking for a projector to make art, then I recommend the ViewSonic PX700HD.

Your creative potential may be unleashed with the right projector. You may use a projector to make your drawings larger and transfer them to a larger work surface. A projector can help you sketch your future project on the wall if you enjoy painting murals. This device is also useful for displaying your portfolio and creating video art.

The ViewSonic PX700HD is my top choice for the best projector for artists. It blends HD resolution with SuperColour technology and a 12,000:1 contrast ratio to produce vivid, colorful images. It can also construct screens up to 300 inches for large-scale presentations. 

To learn more about the finest projectors currently available, read about the ViewSonic PX700HD and other top recommendations that offer excellent performance for your regular creative chores in our evaluation.

Our List of Best Projectors for Artists (Drawing & Tracing)

  1. ViewSonic PX700HD Projector  (Best Overall)
  2. BenQ MH733 Business Projector  (Best for Outdoor)
  3. ViewSonic 3800 SVGA High Brightness Projector  (Best for Professionals)
  4. Kodak RODPJS75  (Best Portable Projector for Artists)
  5. EPSON 1060 Projector  (Best Compatibility)
  6. Living Enrichment Mini Projector  (Best for Tracing)
  7. Anker Nebula Capsule Max  (Best Smart Projector for Artists)
  8. Artograph EZ Tracer Projector  (Best for Budget)
  9. PVO YG300 Mini Projector
  10. ViewSonic PX703HDH 1080p Projector
  11. Sovboi 5G Wifi Outdoor Bluetooth Projector
  12. Elephas Mini Projector for iPhone
  13. BenQ TK700 4K HDR  Projector

Best Projectors for Artists

1). Best Overall: ViewSonic PX700HD Projector

This projector for artists offers the best picture quality and adaptability with full HD resolution on screens up to 300 inches. Additionally, this choice has an amazingly accurate color presentation and a large color spectrum.

My best option is the ViewSonic PX700HD for a multitude of reasons. First off, this projector boasts native full HD quality, elevating your artwork and serving as a media player for games and movies. In addition to 1080p resolution, ViewSonic’s proprietary SuperColour technology offers a broader color spectrum than competing displays and deep blacks with a 12,000:1 contrast ratio.

ViewSonic PX700HD Projector 

The ViewSonic mural projector is difficult to beat in terms of general usefulness. If you’re working on larger artwork, the ease of setup and the ability to generate screens up to 300 total inches are major advantages. Due to its simple setup and user-friendly interface, this projector can be ideal for novices or skilled artists who don’t want something difficult.

Despite not being as portable as other projectors with simple portable designs, you can still bring it along without too much trouble. The projector’s HDMI, VGA, USB, Mini USB, and audio connectors enable it to connect to many external devices.

The bulb has a brightness rating of 3500 lumens and a lifespan of about 15,000 hours. Along with the ViewSonic, you’ll also receive a remote control, which, although having distinct on and off buttons, is a little perplexing. It serves its function effectively and gives you more freedom to make adjustments without needing to be close to the device.

Key Features

Resolution: 1080p (HD)

Contrast ratio: 12,000:1

Lamp brightness: 3500 lumens


  • You can paint large images due to the 300-inch maximum screen size
  • A larger color spectrum is produced with SuperColour technology.
  • A contrast ratio of 12,000:1 produces deeper blacks.


  • The user interface is quite perplexing.
  • The on/off buttons on the remote control are distinct buttons.

2). Best For Outdoors: BenQ MH733 Business Projector

The BenQ MH733 projector will make you happy with its smooth performance whether it’s day or night, indoors or outside. Unlike many analogs, the item in my evaluation will display a clean image even in a bright setting, and the 4,000 lumens are to thank for it.

The BenQ MH733’s factory settings are fairly bright. Making the picture brighter or darker is one of the many customization choices I appreciate having. Full HD (1920 x 1080) native resolution because it brings out fine details and reproduces images with extreme sharpness.

BenQ MH733 Business Projector

This projector can produce images as large as 300 inches. Still, for the best visual clarity, keep it at 60 to 180 inches. With a 1.15–1.5 throw ratio, you must ensure your studio has adequate room for optimum setup.

The BenQ MH733 supports up to 4 devices for streaming multimedia. A laptop, PC, or other devices can be connected through USB, RS232, or HDMI connections (there are two ports available). Although Chromecast is absent, the option for wireless streaming is available.

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On the loading screen, the graphics might occasionally freeze. The projector won’t start on the first reboot; thus, the only option to repair the problem is to restart it again. This might not frequently happen, though. My overall impressions of this device were favorable despite this minor flaw.

Key Features

Resolution: 1080p (FHD)

Contrast ratio: 16,000:1

Lamp brightness: 4000 lumens

Display technology: DLP.


  • The projector is bright enough to function in many lighting situations.
  • Up to four devices can be connected simultaneously, and a wireless connection is also an option.
  • The wide variety of picture sizes ranges from 30 to 300 inches.


  • Sometimes the projected image freezes, requiring a double restart.

The BenQ MH733 makes the ideal projector for artists who want to work outdoors since it can display a variety of picture formats and is quite bright.

3). Best for Professionals: ViewSonic 3800 SVGA High Brightness Projector

The Viewsonic 3800 is the ideal projector to utilize in a professional setting. The construction of this projector is strong, despite its little weight. It performs admirably in my selection criteria, making it a fantastic option for hectic workplaces.

Due to its simplicity in throw distance, the Viewsonic 3800 is excellent in professional settings. Although some could say it’s a little less than some other projectors, it still displays in FHD at a 120″ distance. Many projectors are unable to achieve that.

ViewSonic 3800 SVGA High Brightness Projector

The brightness level is higher than what is advised for artists’ projectors. Thanks to the various HDMI and VGA connectors, it can connect to just about any device. Additionally, it has a super eco mode that permanently extends light life.

Key Features

Resolution: 800p (HD)

Display technology: DLP


  • FHD resolution is maintained even at the maximum throwing distance.
  • The user may connect to any device thanks to various connectivity options.
  • The user won’t need to change the light every few months because of the eco mode option.


  • It does not project images at full HD.

4). Best Portable Projector for Artists: Kodak RODPJS75

If your creative juices flow better in a different environment, Kodak RODPJS75 is the way to go. This projector may capture your heart owing to its small size. You are prepared to make art wherever you are if you simply tuck the projector into your pocket and gather your materials.

The 80-inch screen can display an image of 1080p quality thanks to the projector’s strength. RODPJS75 has a built-in battery, so you may use it without having to tether it to a power source.

Best portable projector for artists

However, remember that the battery runs out of power rapidly, and the charging wire is absurdly short. As a result, extra positioning considerations could be necessary. It’s helpful to know that this model works with a tripod so you can set the projection height to the proper level and work on your creative project without having to lean down.

You may utilize a range of portable media because it supports USB and HDMI drives, increasing your adaptability and making your job easier. I wish the brightness and clarity of the thrown pictures were a little better.

Key Features

Resolution: 1080p

Contrast ratio: 1300:1

Lamp brightness: 74 ANSI lumens

Display technology: DLP


  • It is extremely portable and convenient to carry along.
  • It produces high-quality pictures for an 80-screen.
  • It comes with a built-in battery to provide you with additional flexibility.


  • The charging cord is too short, and the battery runs out quickly
  • This projector’s brightness and clarity are not the best.

A fantastic portable projector for artists is the Kodak RODPJS75. It does its primary functions effectively, is portable, and is adaptable.

5). Best for Compatibility: EPSON 1060 Projector

Because of its advantages, the Epson Home Cinema 1060 projector for artists received a very good rating in my review. 

The projector’s unique 3LCD lighting technology for the bulb, which prevents rainbow effects even during frantic action sequences, is a major advantage here.

This also helps the projector produce a stunning image with realistic colors and full HD (1920 x 1080) quality. You’ll be able to trace your artwork wonderfully with such a high image quality. Additionally, you can utilize the Epson as a home entertainment system while not creating art.

Best for Compatibility: EPSON 1060 Projector

Additionally outstanding is the build quality and connection of the Epson 1060 projector. It has USB-A and USB-B connections, a VGA port, two HDMI cable connectors, and composite audio ports. Due to the MHL compatibility of one of the HDMI ports, you may connect mobile devices like smartphones and tablets without using an additional adapter.

Additionally, you’ll have everything you need to produce art of any scale thanks to the 3100 lumens of light brightness on a bulb that can project up to 300 inches.

A standard-size projector like the Epson isn’t as portable as a small projector, so keep that in mind. You may need to make more space if you intend to take the projector with you. However, you may also consider getting the best portable projector, the Kodak RODPJS75.

Key Features

Resolution: 1080p

Lamp brightness: 3100 lumens

Display technology: LCD


  • Rainbow effects are eliminated by its modern bulbs.
  • MHL port for mobile device connection.
  • In Eco Mode, the fan operates silently.


  • It may not be portable for some users.

Because of its 1080p resolution, compatibility with mobile devices, and general picture quality, this projector is excellent. With screen sizes up to 300 inches at maximum throw distance, it is extremely simple to operate and set up.

6). Best for tracing: Living Enrichment Mini Projector

The Living Enrichment Mini Projector is next in line. This projector is ideal for tracing because it is reasonably portable and has a high brightness level. The ratings for the selection criterion are likewise excellent.

Best for tracing: Living Enrichment Mini Projector

There are several connection possibilities with the live enrichment projector. It is simple for users to connect it to any gadget they choose. Despite being a tiny projector, it boasts one of the highest brightness levels among all the projectors on our list.

This projector operates on direct power rather than batteries. Even though that might sound bad, it works reasonably well for showing artwork during live events.

Key Features

Lamp brightness: 7000 lumens

Display technology: LED


  • It projects a superb full-HD resolution that guarantees a fluid and clear image.
  • The throw distance is ideal for tracing artwork.


  • The user interface is quite awkward.

7). Best Smart Projector For Artists: Anker Nebula Capsule Max

With a weight of just over a pound, this digital projector is very small and portable, like a soda can. It is a fantastic option for digital artists searching for a projector that is affordable in terms of both price and size.

With its cutting-edge DLP technology, the Anker Nebula Capsule Max can project a brilliantly detailed 720p, 200-ANSI-lumen picture up to 100 inches in size and operate for up to 4 hours on a single charge. It works best in areas with little ambient light.

Best Smart Projector For Artists Anker Nebula Capsule Max

Additionally, the projector incorporates automatic vertical keystone correction to eliminate any distortion when angled toward a wall or screen.

The main feature of this projector is that it runs on Android 8.1, which enables you to download and binge-watch your preferred TV series and movies from services like YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, and more using the Nebula Connect app on your smartphone. Along with HDMI and USB, the gadget also supports Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Key Features

Resolution: 720p

Contrast ratio: 600:1

Lamp brightness: 200 ANSI lumens

Display technology: DLP


  • It is portable and small.
  • The speakers are superb.


  • The resolution could be better.

8). Best for budget: Artograph EZ Tracer Projector

One of the finest opaque art projectors available today is the Artograph EZ Tracer, which is the ideal instrument to use since it has the outstanding ability to enlarge pictures so that you may trace and paint without having to buy a costly projector.

You must get this projector if you paint on huge canvases. It magnifies small pictures and projects them onto your wall or canvas using its bulb and several lenses. One of the most approachable projectors for artists is this one, thanks to its highly user-friendly design. Like other opaque projectors, there is almost any learning curve, so you can begin to work immediately. 

Artograph EZ Tracer Projector

Remember that the Artograph EZ Tracer projector can only be utilized in dimly lit spaces and that you will need to buy your own bulb.

The device can be used on both carpet and hard floors because it is sufficiently sturdy. Additionally, it has an extra-durable build, so you know it will serve you well for a long time. It also offers Sports and Game modes that provide smooth visuals for a more immersive experience, which will interest gamers.


  • It is very durable.


  • You have to buy your own bulb.
  • It works well in dim areas.

You’ve found the correct device if you seek a dependable sketching and tracing projector. This projector is ideal for large-scale artistic endeavors since it is steady, incredibly user-friendly, and long-lasting.

9). PVO YG300 Mini Projector

The PVO YG300 Tiny Projector is only 5.6 inches wide, 3.7 inches deep, and 2.1 inches thick. That’s roughly the size of a paperback book, which is pretty amazing for a projector that can do everything. You won’t even know you are carrying it if you toss it in your backpack or laptop bag. This means you can take it anywhere your inspirations take you, whether the mountainside or the seaside.

The lens is contained in the case’s gold portion and doesn’t stick out all that much. The lens is somewhat recessed, and the black lens housing barely protrudes by approximately a quarter inch. This maintains the glass well-guarded from knocks and scratches. A series of plastic buttons make up the controls, which are positioned on the upper left of the casing. They are soft-touch controls and robust buttons that offer good tactile feedback.

PVO YG300 Mini Projector

You receive a few starter items in addition to the projector itself. An infrared remote is the first, and it performs all of the primary controller’s functions. The package also comes with an RCA converter, an HDMI cord, and a power cord for your older gadgets. This truly covers most of your accessory needs and is rather thorough, making it possible to display an image you want to draw from any device.

The native resolution of the YG300 is 800 x 480, with a supported resolution of 1080p. Indeed, the light is only bright enough to use in a completely dark space. The picture is likely to seem dark if there is ambient light, whether natural or artificial. Hence, it would be wise to use them in dim studios. 

You may alter the screen size, like with most projectors, by varying the distance from the screen because it does not have a zoom function. You have a total range of adjustment from 25 inches to 152 inches. It measures more than 12 feet diagonally! This is equivalent to being between 50 and 150 inches from your screen.

Your image will become hazy if you go outside of those parameters. You must use the projector with a power adapter or portable battery because it lacks a built-in battery and automatic vertical keystone adjustment. You must position it exactly perpendicular to your projection surface. Suppose you can do without those two features. In that case, the PVO is a space-efficient, no-frills option that is generally dependable.

The PVO YG300 Mini Projector is a bit of a mixed bag all around. Its biggest advantage is mobility; you can bring it anywhere, including on an airline. It is almost unmatched in that way. The quality isn’t as good as expected from a contemporary projector, which is a drawback. Even a 720p resolution would be a significant improvement.

Key Features

Resolution: 480p

Contrast ratio: 800:1

Lamp brightness: 400-800 lumens


  • It is very portable and lightweight.


  • The projector’s resolution is poor.

10). ViewSonic PX703HDH 1080p Projector

The PX703HD has a native 1080p resolution for video sources thanks to 1,920 X 1,080 pixels on a 1,920 X 1,200 DLP chip. To easily align the image with your screen during setup, the additional pixels on the chip allow you to move the image up or down by 10% of the image height. A Computer that accepts WUXGA input may utilize a 1,920 by 1,200-pixel resolution. This ensures better picture quality so you can see every detail and paint them accordingly.

ViewSonic PX703HDH 1080p Projector

The cyan and yellow panels help make up for the white panel on its red-blue-green-cyan-yellow-white (RBGCYW) color wheel, which can reduce color fidelity compared to projectors without a white segment. The six-segment wheel is intended for use in open spaces with lots of natural light, such as a family room with many windows. Hence, you don’t have to worry if your studio has a lot of ambient light.

The official size limit for outdoor murals is 300 inches, which is enough for most projects but can be stretched further. The ViewSonic PX can project larger images even in confined spaces because it is a short-throw projector.

Key Features

Lamp brightness: 3500 ANSI lumens

Resolution: 1920 by 1080


  • Bright enough to create a substantial picture that can withstand natural light.
  • Easy setup with 1.3x zoom lens and picture shift.
  • It supports 3D in full HD.


  • Only 1080p is supported for video sources, and PC connections have the highest input resolution.
  • It has no support for HDR.

The ViewSonic PX703HD is an upgrade from entry-level 1080p projectors. It is a simple to set up, color-accurate image that is bright enough to withstand ambient light.

11). Sovboi 5G Wifi Outdoor Bluetooth Projector

Artists frequently overestimate their needs when looking for a projector and end up overspending. Only after a few months do they realize that a less complicated projector would have been adequate.

Many accessible projectors can handle your workload. Having said that, you must exercise extreme caution because not all inexpensive projectors are high-quality. I concluded that the projector by Sovboi is pretty much the best projector available after sorting through dozens of models in the affordable category.

Sovboi 5G Wifi Outdoor Bluetooth Projector

For the price it is offered at, the package is quite nice. It features a 12000:1 contrast ratio and a native 1920 x 1080 p resolution. While tracing your artwork, the deeper the black colors produced, the stronger contrast is helpful. Moreover, the Sovboi projector features a 4-point keystone correction, automatically centering the pictures within your frame.

The optical system of this projector is completely sealed and shielded from dust, in contrast to other less expensive projectors that are susceptible to dust. Although many projectors in this price range (including this one) have 460 ANSI lumens, I suggest this one for artists who mostly work indoors or feel comfortable working in dim light.

This brightness is adequate for indoor lighting conditions. You can enlarge your images with this projector up to 400 inches (official figures). If you frequently create huge murals, this is ideal. The projector features a top-notch speaker for amusement after the day is over.

It has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities, which let you mirror photos from your smartphone. This is a fantastic alternative for artists who prefer a plug-and-play solution and do not wish to bother with set-up procedures and technological issues.

Key Features

Resolution: 1080p

Lamp brightness: 460 ANSI lumens


  • It has a 4-keystone adjustment point.
  • It has a sealed optical system that resists dust.


  • Long-term use causes the cooling fan to run louder.

There isn’t really anything to complain about, especially at this pricing, since you are getting a lot of value for your money.

12). Elephas Mini Projector for iPhone

The Elephas small Projector is your best option if you want a working projector that is portable, light, and powerful. Its size is significantly decreased by the element system modification. Moreover, it makes it one of the least expensive 1080p projectors available.

Given its size and affordability, you would be impressed by the projection quality. The projector has various practical extras, including a carrying case and a tripod stand. It is incredibly practical because of its small size and accompanying stand. It can be quickly supported so that you can get to work.

Elephas Mini Projector for iPhone

The only drawback is how bright it is. It’s obvious from the size that this projector may not be the brightest one available. As the light source, it is 8000 Lumens bright, which equates to around (270 ANSI). Using this brightness level outside or when working in bright lights is not recommended.

This projector’s clarity, color, mobility, and all other aspects are excellent. This projector is ideal if you have control over the lighting in the room. This is a reasonable compromise at this pricing. The projector includes several connectivity connectors that enable connected connections to Windows, iOS/Mac, and smartphone devices. You have several alternatives for protecting your artwork, including sticking to a USB flash drive.

Key Features

Resolution: 1080p

Lamp brightness: 8000 lumens


  • It comes with a free tripod stand and a packaging case.
  • It supports flash drives, Windows, Mac, and Android/IOS.


  • The brightness of this projector is not good for daylight usage.

Overall, I think this purchase would make you extremely pleased. The Elephas projector is the best option if you’re looking for a reasonably priced, useful, and dependable projector.

13). BenQ TK700 4K HDR  Projector

You deserve a projector that can keep up with your work if you often create murals (both large and tiny). In the same working space, a 4k projector has four times as many pixels as a 1080p projector.

You can scale your images at absurdly high levels while still being able to distinguish finer details thanks to this dense mesh of pixels. However, you can still create intricate design patterns with closely spaced lines and draw them on a wall. BenQ is one of the more established projector brands, and their products are well-designed and supported after purchase.

BenQ TK700 4K HDR  Projector

This projector’s color reproduction is far better than the other projectors on the list, which might be useful if you’re working on projected augmented reality mural projects. This projector offers good networking options and is compatible with your game consoles and computers. The BenQ TK 700 really has extremely low latency for gaming.

You also get all the extras, like zoom, 2D and 3D keystone correction, and exceptionally superb sound that supports Dolby Atmos and 7.1-Channel Audio pass-through. Its 3200 (ANSI) lumens brightness, which enables you to comfortably work even in difficult lighting situations, is something you will definitely appreciate as an artist.

Key Features

Resolution: 1080p (Up to 4K)

Lamp brightness: 3200 lumens


  • It offers the capacity to scale without compromising brightness and clarity.
  • It offers the capacity to work in difficult lighting situations.
  • It has a high-quality color reproduction in deeper black tones.


  • A wireless connection is absent.
  • It runs heated after extended use.
  • The fan makes a lot of noise.

Overall, this may seem more pricey than other projectors on our list. Still, for serious artists, the 4k resolution, superb brightness, and BenQ quality make it an investment that is well worth it.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Projector for Artists (Drawing & Tracing)

Type Of Projector

Several different projector types are available, each with a unique purpose. Since its creation more than a century ago, projectors have advanced significantly, from the cinema projectors of the past to the overhead projectors that decorated classrooms. Here are the two projector kinds that are appropriate for digital art:

Opaque projector: If you wish to extend a drawing or a photo onto a canvas or wall, an opaque projector is useful since it casts light onto a real-world image. It can use mirrors and prisms to project a tiny piece (5-7 inches) of paper, canvas, or fabric into a dark space so you can work more closely. Although an opaque projector is frequently inexpensive, it may not be extremely precise or powerful.

Digital projector: A digital projector takes a digital picture or computer file and projects it onto a work surface instead of using a sketch or a printed image. It costs a little bit more than opaque projectors. However, it is adaptable and simple because it can be used with a computer, graphic tablet, or any other device. If you’re a digital artist, this projector is definitely something you should have.


Artists prefer to work in diverse environments to keep their creative juices flowing. Finding a projector that is portable and simple to move about is therefore crucial. While some projectors run on batteries, most require a direct power connection to the wall. Further mobility factors to consider are tripods, light bodies, and remote controllers.


The number of pixels seen inside a specific region is referred to as display resolution. For artists, the resolution is crucial since poor-quality projectors will display hazy and distorted images if the resolution is low. The ideal projector would show full HD images. 1920 x 1080 is the resolution of a full HD image. Anything lower will make the images appear less distinct and fuzzy.

Lamp Brightness

Brightness is vital whether you intend to use the projector inside or outside. Projectors perform best indoors, like in a studio, but brighter projectors allow you to use them in settings with better lighting. The best projectors use LED bulbs since they are brighter, more energy-efficient, and last longer than normal ones. Laser projectors are superior, but they cost more.

Throw Distance

Throw distance describes the distance required for a projector and display screen to be apart to produce a clear image. Projectors come in both short-throw and long-throw varieties. While long-throw choices sometimes require 10+ feet to produce big pictures, short-throw projectors require a few inches to produce a clear image. Short-throw projectors are sometimes more adaptable since they require less area to operate.

Projection Size

The size of the projected picture is unrestricted. The projector will display larger pictures the farther it is from the screen. Yet as size increases, brightness decreases. Moreover, the lens has a maximum distance to concentrate light. The majority of projectors can readily produce images that are around 100 inches across. Still, some can also produce images that are twice or three times that big. Consider the size of the paintings you typically create before choosing the projector.


You should purchase a projector with at least a 1080p resolution if you intend to use it for drawing and tracing. To create artwork larger than 150 to 200 inches (diagonally), choose a 4K projector like the Benq TK700. You need to be near a projection screen to trace another picture.

The pixels on a projector with poor resolution will be large. A projector with a greater resolution has more pixels per square inch. Even when observing closely, it produces a crisp image. Most projectors offer a resolution of 480p or 720p if you buy them for less than $100. Several companies market these projectors under the impression that they offer 1080p video.

The quality of the projector you purchase is mostly influenced by how much money you are prepared to invest. Some extremely affordable projectors on the market offer characteristics on par with considerably more costly projectors.

But, after using these counterfeit projectors for some time, you will notice the poor image quality and odd artifacts like the rainbow effect. These inexpensive projectors also have serious flaws, including poor image focusing.

Connectivity Options

Several connecting options are available for most of the digital projectors on the list. They may be connected through display ports, HDMI, or even USB. The ability to show both pictures and video straight from a flash drive is supported by all projectors. You get wireless connectivity in projectors from more recent generations. Your devices, such as smartphones, can easily connect to these projectors. Without needing a file transfer, they can mirror your screen and display smartphone images and videos.

Frequently Asked Question

How are Projectors Used by Artists?

For artists, projectors may be quite useful. Tracing is the process of, for example, projecting the picture onto the canvas and duplicating the figure’s outline. Additionally, displaying the painted image on a wide screen can provide additional information, enabling you to distinguish between the drawing’s finer points and those that require polish.

Projectors will be useful for mural painters since they can provide enormous pictures. After all, when you demonstrate your professional abilities to a new customer, you may utilize this device to display your portfolio.

How to Project Canvas Art?

The same techniques you use to project other sorts of art apply to canvas art. Obtain the desired picture, then use your artist’s projector to display it on your canvas. Then you can easily start finishing your artwork!

Can Tracing be Useful When Drawing?

Drawing involves a lot of repetition, practice, and understanding of how to handle forms on the canvas. One technique for improving your painting abilities is tracing. Naturally, it won’t make you an expert artist overnight, but it will help you develop the hand-eye coordination and muscle memory needed to manage the forms you draw. You may become acquainted with many forms and approaches in this way. When sketching a certain item, you learn the appropriate strokes to use.

How to Draw on a Projector?

You only need to discover or create your own image to draw on a projector, then use the device to project it where you want it to be. You can project the image with your smartphone, a USB stick, or just the product alone if it’s a projector for painting and tracing, depending on the sort of projector you have.

What is the Best Resolution for an Art Projector?

You should purchase a projector with at least a 1080p resolution if you intend to use it for drawing and tracing. To create artwork larger than 150 to 200 inches (diagonally), choose a 4K projector like the Benq TK700 (Amazon). You need to be near a projection screen to trace another picture. The pixels on a projector with poor resolution will be large. A projector with a greater resolution has more pixels per square inch.

Final Thoughts on The Best Projectors for Artists

The ViewSonic PX700HD is the no.1 choice projector for artists. This device can display bright and crisp images as large as 300 inches. With this projector’s contrast ratio, you can get deeper blacks. The incorporated SuperColour technology enables the projector to produce colorful images.

Other projectors are available; if you want an opaque projector that will cost you a few bucks, the Artograph EZ Tracer projector is the top choice. Although affordable, you must purchase a separate bulb for this projector. Also, you will only be able to utilize it efficiently in your studio with less ambient lighting.

Suppose you are on the go and want something portable with enough battery runtime. In that case, the Anker Nebula Capsule Max and the Kodak RODPJS75 are the way to go.


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