7 Best LED Bulbs For Projector Headlights in 2023

After deep research and using a few of the best LED bulbs for projector headlights and I found the Fahren H11/H8/H9 LED Headlight kit to be the overall best.

It is vital to have efficient headlight bulbs, especially if you drive at night or for a long period. Many incidents may be prevented if one has bright lights that make it easier to navigate in the dark. 

Best LED Bulbs For Projector Headlights

With the Fahren H11/H8/H9, each of the 60-watt LED headlight bulbs emits an amazing 6,000 Lumens. They are roughly three times as bright as standard halogen lamps. They have a razor-sharp beam pattern with no black patches. These bulbs feature an effective and dependable cooling system. They are manufactured with an aircraft aluminum body, a hollow-carved heat sink, and a 12,000 RPM turbofan. They may be installed in as little as 10 minutes since they require no specific sockets.

Since many options are available, it might be challenging to distinguish between good projector headlight bulbs and bad light kits. This post is for you if you’re looking around and unsure of which bulbs will suit yours needs the best.

Our Best LED Bulbs For Projector Headlights

  1. Fahren H11/H8/H9 LED Headlight Kit  (Best Overall)
  2. SEALIGHT 9005/HB3 H11/H9/H8 LED Bulbs 
  3. SEALIGHT Scoparc 9005/HB3 LED Bulbs 4 Pack 
  4. Auxbeam LED Headlights 9006 
  5. Philips Automotive Lighting H11 X-tremeVision 
  6. Cougar Motor LED Headlight Bulbs 
  7. Glowteck LED Headlight Bulbs Conversion Kit 

Best LED Bulbs For Projector Headlights

1). Overall Best Fahren H11/H8/H9 LED Headlight Kit 

The Fahren H11/H9/H8 is one of the industry’s top-rated bulbs. These incredibly brilliant LED headlights have some unmatched, extremely inexpensive characteristics.

With a more than 50,000 hours lifespan, it should continue to produce high-quality light for a long time, even under regular use. These 5,000-lumen LED headlight bulbs also give the ideal beam pattern and color temperature.

Overall Best Fahren H11/H8/H9 LED Headlight Kit 


The aviation-grade aluminum housing of the Fahren H11/H9/H8 LED headlights makes them sturdy and long-lasting. It is designed to last a long time and provides superb cooling thanks to its hollow-carved heat sink and 12,000RPM turbo cool fan.

Key Features

Light source: LED

Color Temperature: 6500 K

Wattage: 36 W

Color: White

Brightness: 5000 lumens


  • It is waterproof and weatherproof.
  • It has the characteristics for the best heat dissipation.


  • The internal system seems complicated.
  • The light flickers occasionally.

These LED bulb projector headlights are the best option for your call and come at a reasonable cost.

2). SEALIGHT 9005/HB3 H11/H9/H8 LED Bulbs 

Thanks to these LED lamps, you will have the extra assurance you need when driving at night. They are 1.5 times greater than typical traditional headlight bulbs.

The installation of the lights is quite simple; no extra tools are required to install these bulbs. It has a sealed dust cover, but removing it won’t take more than ten minutes if you ever need to.

SEALIGHT 9005/HB3 H11/H9/H8 LED Bulbs 

Suppose you commute for six hours each night for the next 20 years. These bulbs will be there for you at that moment. Additionally, it incorporates a clever heat dispersion system for the cooling process. Therefore, you can be confident that extreme temperatures won’t harm them.

Key Features

Light source: LED

Color Temperature: 6000 K

Wattage: 40 W


  • It is 1.5 times as bright as standard projector headlights
  • It has a maximum 20-year lifespan when used for six hours a day.
  • The installation procedure is simple due to the small fanless heatsink.
  • If you use a modern external drive, it can prevent radio interference.


  • It flashes a DRL warning occasionally even when the lights are off.

These bulbs are a great option next to the Fahren H11/H8/H9 bulbs, providing high wattage power and a slightly reduced color temperature.

3). SEALIGHT Scoparc 9005/HB3 LED Bulbs 4 Pack

A pair of SEALIGHT 9005/HB3 LED bulbs has a whopping 14000 Lumens. In comparison to typical halogen headlights, that is 400% brighter. These high-power bulbs provide the ideal beam pattern to provide you with 100% visibility while not blinding other drivers, making them ideal for any circumstance.

SEALIGHT Scoparc 9005/HB3 LED Bulbs 4 Pack 

The external driver in these bulbs aids in dissipating the heat produced by the LED light bulbs. These lights’ brightness enables you to see farther ahead, lets you to respond more quickly, and ultimately makes driving safer. You get two high-beam lights and two low-beam lights in this four-pack, which is ideal because some older vehicles need both sets of lights.

Key Features

Light source: LED

Color Temperature: 6000 K

Wattage: 36 W

Brightness: 14000 (One pair)


  • A good heat dissipation mechanism is offered.
  • Headlight assembly is simple as it is plug-and-play.
  • It does not interfere with others’ visibility.
  • Two years or more of warranty.


  • It is not suitable for all cars.
  • It does not require all four bulbs.

Since they are CANbus-ready, these lights work with 99% of automobiles. Just make sure to double-check the sizes before you buy them! If they do not fit, they are useless.

4). Auxbeam LED Headlights 9006 

The Auxbeam LED Headlights are up next. You receive 2 units of 9006 HB4 HB4U single-beam headlight bulbs out of the box. Additionally, each component features two potent CREE chips.

Even though the LED lamps are rated at 6000 lumens and 6000K, they won’t impair other drivers’ vision. You see, the two most typical problems—dark patches and glares—were avoided while designing these LED lights. You can see quite a distance thanks to the angled lights.

Key Features

Light source: LED

Color Temperature: 6000 K

Wattage: 30 W

Brightness: 6000 lumens


  • It has a cooling turbofan.
  • It safeguards against low voltage.
  • It includes a clever constant current IC for temperature control.


  • For some vehicles, the decoding feature might not be functional.

These bulbs are built from aircraft-grade, luxurious gold aluminum, and the design is aesthetic. This is for you if you want something that will give your headlight area a luxurious look.

5). Philips Automotive Lighting H11 X-tremeVision

The Philips XtremeVision H11 may be the right headlight for you if you’re searching for one that performs at an exceptional level while remaining reasonably priced and available. Halogen technology, used in its durable construction, produces more light with the least amount of energy. The H11 is given a bluecoat treatment to provide better lighting at 6000K output while remaining reasonably priced. 

Philips Automotive Lighting H11 X-tremeVision 

Key Features

Light source: LED

Color Temperature: 6000K

Wattage: 55W

Color: White


  • It has optimal patterns for high and low beams.
  • It is ideal for driving at night or in poor visibility.
  • It has a reflector that is functional even during the day.
  • It has technology for efficient cooling systems.


  • Not the best for sustained performance.

The durability of this bulb is not a concern because it is made by a reputable manufacturer using original equipment quality materials. The H11 is also DOT-compliant, so there is no need to be concerned about its legality on public roads.

6). Cougar Motor LED Headlight Bulbs

With a combined 120 watts of power, each light is equipped with its own CREE LED chip. At a 6500 Kelvin rating, the 12000L lamps emit light. So, while you’re driving at night, you’ll have that ideal white light. Additionally, the lighting is designed such that there would be no glare.

Cougar Motor LED Headlight Bulbs 

No matter how you look at it, having a light that is so bright that it causes others to go blind is never worthwhile. And Cougar Motor discovered the ideal compromise between brightness and a large viewing angle. Apart from that, the LEDs have 7,000 RPM turbofans of their own. The lights’ sophisticated cooling system will guarantee a minimum lifespan of 50,000 hours.

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Key Features

Light source: LED

Color Temperature: 6500K

Wattage: 120W (combined power)

Brightness: 12,000 lumens

Color: White


  • Turbofans spinning at 7,000 RPM cool the LEDs.
  • The manufacturer provides lifetime assistance.


  • Compared to halogen lamps, the unit is substantially bigger.

7). Glowteck LED Headlight Bulbs Conversion Kit 

These bulbs will catch your attention at first glance due to their design. The heatsinks’ distinctive design enables them to dissipate heat very effectively. Turbofans are also included to guarantee ideal cooling.

The LEDs are equipped with the modern CREE XHP50 LED chip in addition to the design. Each LED had a rating of 6000L at 6500 Kelvin. With the most recent technology available, they provide excellent consistency, which is now extremely uncommon.

Glowteck LED Headlight Bulbs Conversion Kit 

All types of glare are eliminated by the crystal-white beams. And it should go without saying that this product never had a blinding problem. Additionally, anyone would be impressed by this product’s build quality. It has everything, including a copper thermal heatsink and AirFLUX dual cooling.

Key Features

Light source: LED

Color Temperature: 6500K

Wattage: 68W

Brightness: 6000 lumens (each bulb)

Color: White


  • It has the most recent CREE XHP50 LED chip.
  • Installation is simpler than light bulb replacement.
  • It comes with dual cooling from AirFLUX.
  • The thermal heatsink is made of copper.


  • The price is a little bit pricier than rivals.

This is a terrific option if you seek high-quality, top-of-the-line headlight bulbs.

Factors to Consider When Buying LED Bulbs For Projector Headlights

Before deciding which kind of bulb would meet your demands the best, there are several factors to take into account. For instance, cooling system, brightness, build quality, color temperature, wattage, and voltage.

Cooling System

Heat will be present wherever there is light. The same holds true with LED lighting. No matter how amazing the product is, some heat will still be generated. That does not exclude it from having a cooling system, though. Cooling mechanisms in LED bulbs is a heat dissipation process.

This bulb is fantastic for those who must use lights for a prolonged time. A LED bulb should have one or more cooling mechanisms.

Build Quality

Although these bulbs are not exposed to the weather, they require high-quality construction since they are heavy-duty lights.

Color Temperature

A projector headlight bulb’s color temperature is identified by its Kelvin rating. Lower Kelvin ratings, between 2,500 and 3,500 K, will seem yellow, middle Kelvin ratings, between 3,800 and 4,000 K, will emit patterns of visible white light; and higher Kelvin ratings, between 6,000 and 10,000 K, will emit blue/purple light.

Keep in mind that the Kelvin rating does not affect your projector headlight bulb’s brightness. However, the higher-wattage cold-color bulbs may not be as bright as mid-wattage warm-colour lights due to the color change.

I recommend that the average projector headlight bulb has a street legality range of 3,400K to 5,000K, which is more than useful if you drive in the dark for hours.


It is best to check the lumens of your headlight bulb, which is the unit of measurement used to describe the quantity of visible light emitted by a source (bulb) per unit of time.

Because of their distinct features, only a few bulbs work with projector headlights. The projector headlight’s several bulbs each have a unique method of creating and emitting light.

For instance, there is essentially no relationship between the wattage of an LED bulb and its light output. Focusing on its lumens will allow you to determine how bright or dark it is. The best LED bulb has a high lumen rating while maintaining a low wattage, suggesting a significant reduction in energy use.

Wattage and Voltage

The optimum bulbs for projector headlights are heavily influenced by voltage and wattage. Remember that a headlight bulb will produce more lumens the greater its wattage. Halogen bulbs typically need 55 watts, whereas HID bulbs use about 35 watts.

While it’s simple to believe every car requires a bright reflector headlight, an uncontrolled high beam may quickly dazzle oncoming vehicles and result in accidents. As a result, several jurisdictions put a cap on the wattage that a projector headlamp may have.

For incandescent and halogen lights, we rely on their wattage to judge how bright they are—the greater, the brighter. It’s also crucial to remember that certain bulbs are more reflective than others. Depending on one’s needs and preferences, the bulbs’ hue may impact how effective their white light or light beam is.

It’s also crucial to keep in mind that as your bulb’s wattage rises, the more strain it puts on your car’s electrical system. If used continuously for a long time, this can cause the bulbs to dim or the wires to overheat.

To make the most of your headlight bulb’s capabilities, never exceed the specified wattage for your vehicle. It should be noted that only incandescent and halogen bulbs’ brightness is compromised when choosing a lower-wattage bulb.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Projector Headlights?

They are high-performance headlights, to put it simply. They are designed to work with light-emitting diode (LED), halogen, and high-intensity discharge (HID) bulbs.

How to Install Projector Headlights?

Get the car ready for installation: parking your car in a secure location can help you get ready for installation. Unpack your new headlight bulbs after that. Ensure a wiring kit was included with your lights. If not, one of those is required for installation.

Remove the existing headlight: Your vehicle’s model may determine how simple or difficult it is to remove your present headlights. For earlier models, you might need to remove the entire headlight assembly to get to the bulb. Fortunately, the owner’s handbook for your car generally contains this information. After removing the bolts, advance the headlamp assembly unit. Twist the bulb until it is loose, then unplug the writing harness. Carefully remove it, taking care not to contact the hot glass bulb.

Attach the new bulbs: Twist the replacement bulb into position after placing it. If the replacement bulb is the correct size, it should fit snuggly. When it is secure, reconnect the electrical harness.

Test the bulbs: Before changing the headlight assembly harness kit, ensure the lights are functional. If they don’t work, the headlights may be the issue, or the cables may still be loose. Before changing the entire unit, ensure you like the visibility.

Which Bulbs are Best for Headlights?

Undoubtedly, LED headlights are preferable to HID ones since they are brighter, suitable for both high and low beams, provide superior vision, and last up to ten times longer. An LED bulb generally dissipates heat more quickly than an HID bulb.

The primary benefit of using LED headlight bulbs is the instantaneous, full-power light production; there is no warm-up period. Not to add, LED lights typically have a superior aesthetic to HID ones!

What is the difference Between Projector and Reflector Headlights?

Projector headlights: they are a more contemporary and effective replacement for reflector headlights. Like previous headlight versions, a reflector bowl is used in projector headlights. Since the built-in lens directs the light away from other road users’ direct lines of sight, these headlights provide significantly greater light performance than regular headlights.

They are also wonderful since they don’t blind other cars. You get a better light pattern with projector lights, with little to no wavy or flickering light. Unfortunately, projector headlights are not trouble-free. They can be more expensive and difficult to install than ordinary headlights. If they are not done properly, they can be quite dangerous.

Reflector headlights: At least until recently, headlights with reflectors were the norm, but projector headlights are starting to take over. The headlight housing used to be difficult to remove to replace a burned-out bulb; thus, the lens in front of the headlight was utilized to regulate the light beam.

But as time passed, headlights improved and became more affordable, smaller, and brighter. Most importantly, manufacturers began designing them so that the headlight housing could be accessed to replace burned-out bulbs. Reflector headlights are still used in certain new cars, although their use is dwindling as projector headlights take their place.

Can I Use LED for My Headlight?

Yes, projector headlights can employ LED bulbs. However, following the purchase, more adjustments would be needed. Aside from being affordable and energy-efficient, choosing LED for your LED headlight bulbs means you won’t have to worry about a replacement for years.

Which LED Bulb Is Brighter, 6000K Or 8000K?

8000K is brighter than 6000K bulbs. You see, 8000K lights display a somewhat less brilliant hue than 6000K lights, which generate a pure white color. Less visibility will be present the higher the Kelvin grade.

Final Thoughts

The H11/H9/H8 LED bulbs from Fahren easily produce strong illumination output 300 times more than that of standard halogen lamps while using less electricity. These bulbs are practical and simple to install and ergonomically designed for extended hours. It is the best bulb for projector headlights and the ideal addition to your car since it has the optimal balance of cost-effective features and high-performance specs.

If you are not satisfied with the bulbs in this article, the buying guide will guide you in making the right purchase to get something to suit your needs.


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